Green Schools

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Green School Initiatives. Statements from Hearing of the U.S. Senate, Environment and Public Works Committee, 107th Congress, Second Session. The Senate's Environmental and Public Works Committee conducted a hearing in October 2002 to assess green school initiatives: environmental standards for schools, school siting in relation to... 09/30/2002
Green School Is a Good Neighbor. Describes the construction techniques and building materials used in a Pennsylvania school, yielding an environmentally friendly facility at a lower than average construction cost. 04/30/2005
Green School Primer: Lessons in Sustainability. Discusses green school planning and design principles and strategies, the benefits of green schools, facts about the costs associated with green school, current green school rating programs, and... 12/31/2008
Green School Steps Describes top ten ways to transform an existing school into a more green facility: start where you are; ready set start; benchmark energy use; change the culture; signs are a must; go behind the... 02/29/2012
Green Schoolhouse Series Breaks Ground on First Project The Green Schoolhouse Series, a an effort to construct green schoolhouses across the country, kicked off with the groundbreaking of the Roadrunner Elementary School in the Washington Elementary... 11/15/2011
Green Schools 411. Briefly outlines features of green schools, why they are growing in number, their costs, their effect on student health and achievement, current legislation on green schools, and how to get started... 12/31/2007
Green Schools as High Performance Learning Facilities. Defines a “green” school and its benefits to operational savings, health, pedagogy, and the environment. Planning, design, and operations considerations are detailed, while addressing site selection... 08/31/2010
Green Schools Building Boom. Describes how education administrators across the country are making their buildings more environmentally friendly. The green schools building boom has been driven by federal stimulus spending, local... 03/02/2011
Green Schools Checklist: Environmental Actions for Schools to Consider. This checklist offers tips and resources to help schools identify opportunities to green their buildings and operations, focusing on common-sense improvements that schools can make in their daily... 12/31/2002
Green Schools Cost a Little More...But Return Much More. Briefly reviews the threat that non-green school buildings might pose to occupants, the cost of green construction versus the savings, green cleaning, and benefits to learning that green buildings... 08/31/2007
Green Schools Create Learning Tools. Illustrates design for passive seasonal heating, cooling, and daylighting that students can monitor as part of the learning program. 12/31/2004
Green Schools Funding Waiting for Takers: A Conversation with Rob Cook. Discusses California's designated green or high performance school construction funding that remains untapped. 12/31/2007
Green Schools in Australia. Describes current Australian initiatives in green school design, including the development of the Green Star-Education rating tool by the Green Building Council of Australia and particular state... 12/31/2007
Green Schools in the United States and Germany. Compares school building siting, design, and construction in Germany and the United States, citing differences in cost, sustainability, design, life expectancy, grade configuration, scheduling, and... 12/31/2007
Green Schools Initiative Details the elements of four pillars for sustainable, healthy schools, advises on how to take action to create them, and provides a list of related online resources for additional guidance.
Green Schools Initiative: A Summary of Studies related to Student Health and Productivity. Summarizes seven studies on the effect of green school initiatives on student health and productivity. For each study, the following characteristics are identified: study type, the research question/... 07/31/2003
Green Schools Ireland Offers advice on environmentally conscious school operations, as well as case studies and research.
Green Schools Leadership Center
Green Schools New Orleans Initiative In New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, schools became a critical component of its rebuilding efforts there. The goal of this initiative is to create healthier classrooms and more... 12/31/2009
Green Schools on Ordinary Budgets. Describes how two green Wisconsin schools were built at costs below that of the regional average. The author then describes a variety of techniques that enabled the schools to beat the notion that... 07/31/2010
Green Schools Pay Dividends Beyond the Bottom Line. Describes the benefits of a healthy school environment to occupant health and academic achievement, as well as the reduced operational costs of a high performance school. 06/30/2007
Green Schools Program (Alliance to Save Energy) The Green Schools program helps schools use energy efficiently through building retrofits, changes in operational and maintenance routines, and changes in the behavior of building users. Students,...
Green Schools Save Money A common misperception about green building is that it will cost more than traditional facilities. As sustainability continues to move into the mainstream, the cost of premium green educational... 06/30/2008
Green Schools That Don't Cost Too Much. Describes the U.S. Green Building Council program, Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, that has helped school districts around the country apply comprehensive environmental techniques to... 04/30/2003
Green Schools That Teach: Identifying Attributes of Whole-School Sustainability. The combination of green school design, green organizational behavior, and aligned educational goals sets the stage for the attributes of green schools to become teaching tools. School facilities,... 06/30/2011