Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Another First for California: State Adopts a Green Building Code. Lists the background and sources used by the California State and Consumer Services Agency in preparing to adopt the state's green building codes, the first enacted by a state. 12/31/2007
Applying Green Roofs to Schools. Article discusses how green roofs, elevated roof surfaces covered entirely by a thin soil and vegetation layer, can provide benefits to schools. First, green roofs improve the built environment by... 06/30/2001
Architects Collaborating for Green Schools. Discusses the benefits of green schools and the way school designers, owners, and occupants are collaborating to build them. 03/31/2008
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Children's Environmental Health: Green Schools Provides explanations of what constitutes a green school, the benefits of a green school, the governor's executive order concerning LEED certified construction, a list of green educational...
ASHRAE GreenGuide. Provides reference and guidance to HVAC system designers involved in green or sustainable building design. The Green Guide is a step-by-step manual for the entire building lifecycle, from the... 11/30/2003
Assessment Tool: 2009 Edition, Criteria for New Construction, Major Modernizations. Provides an update to Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Criteria, a green building rating system designed specifically for Bay State schools. The update reflects a move... 12/31/2008
At the Top of the Class. Outlines necessary steps for building net-zero energy schools, i.e., those that produce the same amount of energy as they consumes over a year's time. While each building must be planned... 01/31/2011
Audiovisual Technology and Sustainable Design. Advises on environmentally conscious audiovisual technology installations, including plasma and LCD screens which save energy and can be viewed in daylit rooms, use of lead-free or recycled content,... 05/31/2007
Be Green with Less Green. Discusses the significant contribution of buildings to greenhouse gas emissions and how a great deal can be done at little cost to make a building more “green.” Typical payback from upgrades and... 06/30/2009
Best Practices Manual and Assessment Tool: Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools, 2009 edition. Advises school designers and builders on how to adjust their high-performance strategies to account for the differences found in a typical relocatable classroom. Issues involved with site preparation... 12/31/2008
Best Practices Manual Volume V: Commissioning. Provides information on commissioning high performance schools, a critical step in ensuring that the technologies and high performance elements are actually built and tested to meet specifications.... 12/31/2005
Better Learning in Better Buildings: Sustainable Design of School Facilities Helps Educational Mission Schools can better fulfill their educational mission if they design and construct buildings on sustainability principals, including energy efficiency. This is the belief of Bill Dierdorff, the... 07/29/1999
Better Places to Learn: Building Green in Pennsylvania Schools. [Video CD] This 20-minute video CD outlines for schools in Pennsylvania why it makes sense to build or renovate educational facilities in a green, or environmentally friendly, way. It asserts that contrary to... 12/31/2001
Betterbricks. Betterbricks, an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is dedicated to raising awareness and demand for energy efficiency in buildings by sharing information and resources with the...
Blazing a Green Trail Case study of Stanton Academy in the Buffalo School District, the first public school district in the nation to turn an older facility into a certified green building as part of the U.S. Green...
Blueprint for a Green School. The 20 chapters in this book focus on the creation of environmentally safe and healthy school buildings and grounds and on what school administrators, teachers, maintenance staff, students, community... 12/31/1994
Blueprints for Learning. Profiles sustainable features of two Indiana educational facilities. 12/31/2007
Bridge Builder. Profiles New York City's Division of School Facilities executive officer John Shea. Beginning with compliance with the city's recycling rules, Shea has gone on to implement energy-saving... 09/30/2010
Building a Better Facility by Going Green. Explains the benefits of designing for LEED certification and describes aspects of sustainable site design, waste management, material selection, and indoor environmental quality that add little or... 12/31/2005
Building a Better Learning Environment. Explains how an environmentally friendly educational facilities can be cost effective and enhance student performance. The concepts behind a Green Building, the areas where cost savings are possible... 09/30/2000
Building Better Schools. Offers ten ideas for schools and universities before embarking on a new construction project: defining a school, shared space, sustainability, outdoor landscape, geoexchange, a variety of spaces,... 12/31/2002
Building Better Schools. Cites statistics on the condition of America's schools and the benefits of high-performance schools to students, teachers, the environment, the school owner, and the community. The top design... 06/30/2005
Building Ecology and Partition Design. Technical Bulletin. Ways in which decision makers can incorporate environmental concerns in the design of school buildings are detailed in this bulletin. It focuses on the design of interior partition systems and is... 12/31/1995
Building Ecology and School Design. Technical Bulletin. All aspects of construction have environmental consequences. To better understand construction's impact, an overview of building ecology as a concept and as a decision-making model for school... 10/31/1995
Building Energy- Efficient Schools in New Orleans This case study presents the lessons learned from incorporating energy efficiency in the rebuilding and renovating of New Orleans K-12 schools after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The experiences of... 11/30/2011