Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Savvy Schools Are Going Green. This article describes how the green phenomenon is spreading, especially among schools, which have found that not only are they being environmentally friendly, they are also saving big money. Green... 12/31/2007
School and Community Participation in the Design, Construction, and Stewardship of Green School Grounds. This is a list of resources providing information about increasing participation on green school ground projects. Many schools successfully involve students, teachers, school administrators,... 12/31/2003
School Buildings in Greece: The Bioclimatic Challenge and a Photovoltaic Pilot Project. Briefly reviews projects to provide photovoltaic power, carbon dioxide controls, green roofs, solar heat, and occupancy sensing in various Greek schools. A more detailed report on the photovoltaic... 09/30/2007
School Construction Handbook. Advises school board members on a variety of school condition and construction issues, including the impact of facilities on student achievement, how to get started with capital improvements, new... 12/31/2003
School Districts Building Healthy, High Performance Schools: Summaries of Selected Initiatives Profiles nine school districts that have developed formal high performance school building initiatives aimed at integrating a broad range of environmental and health goals into their building...
School for The Millenium: New Suburban Seattle Elementary School Features Many Green Elements, Illustrates Green Building Challenges Millenium Elementary School in suburban Seattle features a geothermal heating/cooling system, stormwater reuse, solar-energy panels, a small wind turbine, waterless urinals and assorted other... 11/29/2000
School Ground Greening Guide. Guides in selection, funding, purchase, placement, and planting of trees to create school ground shade for health and energy conservation. Presented in curriculum format, the guide explains the... 03/31/2005
School Recycling Programs: A Handbook for Educators. This brochure describes some of the many recycling program options that schools can implement in their communities. It emphasizes how a school recycling program can impart valuable hands-on... 07/31/1990
School Science Laboratories: Planning for Sustainability. School science laboratory planning and building are being required to address long-term educational and structural implications, e.g. the linking of school instruction concerning testing of chemicals... 12/31/1998
Schools and Climate Change. Discuses major sources of greenhouse gasses generated by schools and advises on achieving reductions in them. 12/31/2007
Schools for the Future. Design of Sustainable Schools. Case Studies. These twelve case studies of primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom provide schools and design teams with real-world examples of places that have addressed sustainability challenges. The... 08/31/2006
Schools Going Solar [Interstate Renewable Energy Council] The purpose of this project and website is to build a network of people who can share experiences with solar energy in schools, including teachers, students, community officials, and the general...
Schools Going Solar. A Guide to Schools Enjoying the Power of Solar Energy. Volume 2. This companion document updates an April 1998 volume on designing schools to use solar energy as a power source. Volume 2 presents numerous case studies of solar installations in new and existing... 09/30/1999
Schools of the Future and Sustainable Design. This thesis examines what practices schools and school districts need to adopt if they want to apply sustainable design principles to their new schools and the benefits these design practices offer... 01/05/2000
Schools of Tomorrow. Presents the opinions expressed at a roundtable of five education architects on school facilities and the issues of technology integration, community use, flexibility, sustainability, indoor... 12/31/2003
Schools Rapidly Turning Green Across America. Reports that nearly 1,000 school buildings will have met or are seeking LEED certification, with applications growing at a rate of more than one per day. The total number of square feet of LEED... 08/27/2008
Schools Reference Guide, First Edition 2007. This regularly updated guide offers advice and information on using the LEED for Schools Green Building Rating System for K-12 school projects. The reference guide provides crucial information for... 12/31/2006
Schools Seek Formula for High Performance. Discusses the benefits to education and community of better ventilation, acoustics, sustainable design, and energy savings. Building features from Missouri's Hazelwood School District are... 08/31/2005
Schools That Sustain: Lessening the Environmental Impact of New Construction. Discusses sustainable school design and its benefits to the environment, offering examples of illustrative schools. Provides suggestions on site selection (such as using smaller sites and recycling... 12/31/2001
Security vs. Sustainability. Discusses the potential competition between building sustainability and security issues. Preferences for lighting, landscaping, and opening control by one interest may inhibit success in the other.... 11/30/2009
Seeing Green. [Is Green in Your District's Future?] Reviews efforts to create sustainable school facilities in a number of districts, citing successful programs, LEED certification, and increased recycling. 03/31/2009
Sensitive Issues. Case study of Roy Lee Walker Elementary in McKinney, Texas, one of the country's most environmentally-friendly schools. The sustainable features of the school are described. 02/28/2002
Shades of Green. Discusses key design elements for green school construction: site selection, building orientation, energy performance, indoor air, and water conservation. 12/31/2004
Sidwell Friends Middle School. Profiles this Washington, DC, school that features a reconstructed wetland that treats wastewater, passive solar heating, daylighting, and recycled building content. 12/31/2006
Simple Strategies. Briefly reviews the current popularity of green building and highlights simple and inexpensive lighting, roofing, and materials choices for sustainable building. 05/31/2008