Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Small Steps toward a Brighter Future. The director of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) discusses the formation and California work of CHPS, how other states have taken their example, and the multi-volume Best... 12/31/2004
Smart by Nature: Schooling for Sustainability Documents the schooling for sustainability movement across the U.S. and describes strategies for greening the campus and the curriculum, conducting environmental audits, rethinking school food, and... 12/31/2008
Smart Design. Describes Lakes Community High School of Lake Village, Illinois, and Hassan Elementary School of Rogers, Minnesota. These two high performance, community use schools feature energy efficiency,... 04/30/2006
Smart Energy Choices Free Up Dollars for Capital Improvements. Describes several ways to design or renovate school building to save thousand of dollars of energy costs. Considers site design, energy-efficient building envelope, renewable energy systems, lighting... 12/31/2002
Smart Schools Mean Healthy Students. Describes the elements of a high performance school, along with its positive impact on health, learning, and the environment. The formation and work of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools... 12/31/2007
Solar Heads to School For many schools, a solar power installation or solar energy system can provide long-term budget relief. Ample land, unobstructed expanses of roof space, parking lots and/or lunch quads can make... 12/27/2011
Solar Heating Considerations for Green Schools Understanding the process of installing solar thermal systems can help schools determine whether it will meet needs now and into the future. Includes a solar checklist of Issues to consider when... 03/31/2012
Solar Schools Assessment and Implementation Project: Financing Options for Solar Installations on K-12 Schools. Details best practices for financing and installing photovoltaic (PV) systems on school buildings. The report focuses on financial options developed specifically for renewable energy and energy... 09/30/2011
Some Buildings Not Living Up to Green Label. Reports that many buildings receiving LEED certification do not save as much energy as predicted, that many owners of LEED-certified buildings do not track energy consumption, that there is no third-... 08/30/2009
Some Children Are Still Left Behind: Planning, Designing and Financing Schools for the 21st Century. Advises in effort of deciding when and how to replace aging, deteriorating K-12 public school buildings. The author addresses the conditions in many of today's schools and poses high-performance...
Something New Under the Sun: Lagunitas School District's Fast and Cheap Solar Program. Documents the very intricate steps towards obtaining financing for sustainable energy in Marin County, California. Income from community foundations, construction financing lines of credit, and... 12/31/2007
Special Report: Green Restrooms. Rising Water Awareness. Studies of facilities have shown that 30-50 percent of the total, non-process water use in a typical facility flows through restrooms. So the restroom is an excellent place to examine first when... 10/31/2004
Special Section: Concrete. Provides three articles describing the use of concrete in sustainable school building. Precast systems, modular units, and autoclaved aerated concrete are discussed. 08/31/2009
Sports Facilities, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Highlights a new K-12 school gymnasium in Mexico that changes and reacts to weather conditions, requires no air conditioning, and, on typical days, uses sunlight filtering through its ample... 05/31/2001
Staley High School. Profiles this Kansas City, Missouri, facility that earned LEED Silver certification largely through its retention and expansion of wetlands on the site, daylighting, locally sourced sustainable... 10/31/2008
State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines. Assists with creating high performance structures for Minnesota, as required by the state legislature. The guidelines are organized into the following categories: performance management, site and... 06/30/2007
Staying Green. Describes the adoption of green behavior in schools and society in general. Efforts in Tennessee's Knox County schools are highlighted. 03/31/2010
Strategies in Sustainability. Provides examples of energy-saving strategies from a variety of school districts, including school occupant behavior modification, energy performance contracts, wireless monitoring of consumption,... 03/31/2011
Student-Centered Sustainable Design. Discusses the prioritization of school sustainable design features that most directly impact occupant health and morale. These include indoor air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort, daylighting,... 12/31/2007
Subpart 18 - Healthy, High-Performance Schools. This portion of federal legislation outlines terms of federal grants to states that can be used to develop healthy, high performance schools. 12/31/2006
Sunny Future. Discusses incentives for schools to incorporate solar and other forms of renewable energy into their facilities. These include energy savings, grants, and other forms of financial assistance. Two... 03/31/2008
Sustainability Actions in Australia. Presents case studies of two sustainably designed high schools, highlighting extensive use of natural and recycled materials, rainwater collection, and natural ventilation. 09/30/2007
Sustainability Dashboards Provide Roadmap to Success. Describes sustainability dashboards that display and interpret data from various building systems, facilitating observation of energy and water use, as well as systems conditions. Advice on selecting... 08/31/2009
Sustainability Education Summit: Citizenship and Pathways for a Green Economy Proceedings Report The Sustainability Education Summit brought together leaders from higher education, business and industry, labor, government, and non-governmental organizations to build shared visions and strategies... 10/31/2011
Sustainability in Public Facilities: Analysis of Guidance Documents. Presents a critical analysis of nine guidance documents intended to educate facility decision makers on sustainability. The analysis revealed that these documents, with some exceptions, do not... 01/31/2003