Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Sustainability in Schools: Why Green Buildings Have Become a Catalyst Green school design is quickly becoming standard practice, yet there are still mountains to climb to achieve holistic sustainability in schools. This explores how to shift students from simply... 05/31/2012
Sustainability Innovation in United Kingdom Schools. Recommends approaches to take in designing sustainable educational environments. The authors present recent examples of British school buildings that reduce carbon emissions and capitalize on... 12/31/2008
Sustainability Theory and Educational Facilities. The focus of this comparative case study was to test, discern, and document whether the theory of the construct of sustainability, specifically in the area of renewable energy systems, could be... 12/31/2001
Sustainability with a Sane Tack. Describes the Minnetonka School District's sustainability efforts, under the UPonGREEN program. Replacement and retrofit of lighting and HVAC systems are described, as is increased recycling,... 07/31/2010
Sustainability: A New Educational Focal Point Innovative school design is no longer soley concerned with developing conducive learning environments. It has taken on the higher reponsibility for environmental sensitivity. The primary goal of... 08/31/1998
Sustainability: Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate. Outlines princples and processes for achieving a sustainable school, covering issues that should be considered throughout the design and construction process. The individual elements of sustainable... 12/31/2003
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council. SBIC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the design, affordability, energy performance, and environmental soundness of residential, institutional, and commercial buildings...
Sustainable Classroom Design Captures San Francisco Bay Breezes and Sunlight. Profiles the Windrush School in El Cerrito, California, which uses clerestory windows to capture natural ventialation and daylight. The school aslo features radiant heating, a photovoltaic system,... 10/04/2007
Sustainable Delivery. Discusses pre-construction modeling, integrated project delivery, and building commissioning as three components of successful green building. 09/30/2010
Sustainable Design Guidelines for the Construction of New Facilities and the Renovation of Existing Structures. This guide summarizes research conducted at Colorado's Poudre School District (PSD) to develop guidelines for the desired performance outcomes from employing sustainable educational facility... 05/31/2000
Sustainable Education Campus in Spain: Nature and Architecture for Training. Profiles a Spanish campus for education in sustainability, with campus design and landscaping as participants in the educational program. 06/30/2008
Sustainable IT: 30 Tips for Going Green with IT Operations and Equipment. Discusses sustainable practices for information technology, addressing reduction of power consumption, proper use, virtualization, and procurement. 05/31/2010
Sustainable Learning. Shows how architectural design can merge ecological living and learning as illustrated by the Wolf Ridge's new Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota. It showcases such renewable-... 02/28/2001
Sustainable Masonry Solutions: The Envelope Please. Discusses the benefits of masonry construction to building performance, sustainability, and LEED certification. Yale University's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is cited as an... 10/31/2009
Sustainable Modular Classrooms. Discusses the green virtues of modular school construction, with less site disturbance and more efficient use of materials. Advantages to construction scheduling, indoor air quality, and flexible... 03/31/2011
Sustainable Outdoor Lighting. Details elements of sustainable outdoor lighting, including efficient sources of light, energy-effective light application, and environmentally responsible suppliers. Types of bulbs, price... 05/31/2008
Sustainable School Architecture: Design for Primary and Secondary Schools. Offers guidance on the planning, architecture, and design of schools that are healthy, stimulating, and will conserve energy and resources. The book emphasizes how eco-friendly practices for school... 12/31/2009
Sustainable School Campus. Present a computer-generated unannotated tour of a sustainable school campus. The green design is further intended to be a “living classroom” for instruction in environmental stewardship. 02/28/2007
Sustainable School Design Demonstration Program. The intention of this program is to demonstrate the multiple benefits of natural daylighting, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency on the students and teachers in Texas public schools.... 12/31/1998
Sustainable School Design. Reviews the economic and health benefits of sustainable school buildings, enumerating typical features of a sustainable school, highlighted with examples from across the country. 08/31/2007
Sustainable School Design. Provides examples of varying sustainable school design and operation strategies from various locations around the U.S. These examples from Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, and Washington... 11/30/2009
Sustainable Schools Minnesota: High Performance Schools for Higher Performing Students. A Pre-Design Guide on School Design, Construction and Operation for School Board Members. This manual focuses on pre-design concepts, and it provides guidelines for improving students' learning experience through high-performance school design. The manual presents a brief overview of... 02/28/2001
Sustainable Schools Program and Practice: Partnership Building With the Tempe Union HIgh School District Provides an overview of the Sustainable Schools program and a discussion of the relationships developed during this period between Arizona State University and Tempe, Arizona high schools. 05/31/2012
Sustainable Schools. Examines how an integrated design of the educational program and a school facility that responds to the economic, environmental, and social needs of a community creates sustainable schools. Explores... 07/31/2000
Sustainable Schools: Getting It Right. Discusses features of sustainable schools in the light of their practicality. Basics are emphasized, such as passive design features, and fit and forget technologies like rainwater harvesting.... 12/31/2005