Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Sustainable Schools: Renovating Educational Processes. [Australia] This article discusses findings from a recent evaluation of the experiences of six Sustainable Schools in Australia engaged in Stormwater Action Project in terms of their achievement of educational,... 09/30/2005
Sustainable Solutions At a time when many districts are tightening their belts, the green schools movement is gaining steam. Interviews with administrators and architects, along with nonprofit groups (USGBC Center for... 01/03/2012
Sustained Applause. Discusses sustainable design of athletic facilities, citing projects that are using passive cooling, solar hot water, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and rainwater capture. The particular problems of... 06/30/2009
Sustaining Green School Momentum Although economic recovery is slow in coming, education institutions continue to lead the way in green facility design and construction. Discusses CHPS, LEED, Center for Green Schools, state mandates... 01/31/2012
Sweetwater Union High School District Leading the Way in Green School Building Describes how Sweetwater Union High School District in San Diego County is leading the way in building sustainable educational institutions, creating state-of-the-art environments for students to... 11/28/2011
Take a Districtwide Approach with Sustainability. Describes three school districts that have taken a district-wide approach to sustainability through design standards, cooperation with energy managers, and long-term commitment. 12/31/2009
Taking a Holistic Approach to Sustainability A holistic approach to facility sustainability considers healthy, productive environments; capital costs; sustainable design and delivery; and life-cycle cost savings. 10/31/2011
Taking Stock. Discusses why school and university officials need to make sure their buildings are in harmony with their environment in order to support educational programs while avoiding costly facility problems. 07/31/2001
Teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design in Schools. Explores three ways students are taught environmentally- sustainable design within an eco-school system: the passive example of the present school premises; the use of architects-in- schools schemes... 09/30/1998
Teaching Green. (Green Schools Teach Green Lessons.) Discusses how school building features are being used to teach sustainability within the curriculum. Examples include photovoltaic systems, collection and re-use of stormwater, retention ponds... 09/30/2008
Techniques: Going Green. This issue of Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers covers the growing role that career and technical education plays in efforts to increase energy and environmental sustainability. Article... 03/31/2009
Ten Paths to Green. Discusses steps toward greener campuses, including alternative fuels, biking, walking, water conservation, education tools, paper reduction, recycling, recognition programs, carbon neutrality, local... 11/30/2008
Ten Ways to Retrofit Green. Advises on sustainable renovation of buildings, encouraging retention of as much structure as possible, using energy-efficient replacements, energy modeling, careful attention to the space between... 10/31/2010
Testimony of E. Ramona Trovato, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Environmental Information, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before the Committee on Environment and Public Works, United States Senate. This testimony provides an overview of health and environmental issues in U.S. schools and describes efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in concert with other federal agencies, to... 09/30/2002
Texas Architect Has a Passion for Sustainable Schools. Presents an interview with architect Brad Pfluger that discusses current and future sustainability initiatives in school design, typical features clients like, and financing for green amenities. 12/31/2010
Texas Sustainable School Design Guideline. This guide offers a detailed listing of the key practices and technologies that can help create a sustainable school. The document includes hundreds of cost-effective recommendations that can improve... 12/31/1998
The Big Picture. Describes how sustainable educational facility design, resulting from a holistic approach to architectural design, engineering, and construction, can generate capital, operational, and maintenance... 10/31/2002
The Boston Schoolyard Initiative: An American City's Approach to Sustainable Schoolyard Development. This presentation describes the development process behind the Boston Schoolyard Initiative: a 5-year, inner city, community-driven initiative to transform neglected and unwelcome schoolyards into... 09/20/1997
The Building as the Teacher. Profiles Pioneer Middle School in DuPont, Washington. Through collaboration with administration and teachers, the building became a learning tool stressing environmental stewardship. Signage... 12/31/2008
The Business Case for Green Buildings 2008. This articles lays out the business case for green buildings, focusing on the life-cycle cost impact of energy conservation; the increase in property values; the risk mitigation of green buildings;... 12/13/2007
The Case for High-Performance, Healthy Green Schools Describes sustainability efforts in Georgia and Kentucky school districts, including building renewal and facility retrofits, conservation occupant programs, and LEED certification. 10/31/2011
The Case for Modular. Describes how modular buildings can play a significant role in sustainable building, as the modular building industry includes more environmentally conscious design, materials, and construction... 10/31/2008
The Charge for Change. Discusses low- or no-cost methods of achieving sustainable design, such as proper building orientation, rainwater capture, and native plantings. 09/30/2006
The Collaborative for High Performance Schools. Describes the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), its 6-volume CHPS Manual, and the Manual's adaptation and adoption by eight states. 12/31/2007
The Components of Good Acoustics in a High Performance School. Discusses the limitation of outside noise intrusion, minimization of HVAC noise, and reduction of sound reverberation within classrooms. Sources of sound, acceptable levels, mitigation techniques,... 12/31/2008