Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Cost of Going Green. Briefly evaluates the cost savings and payback time of energy audits, duct sealing, insulation, storm windows, tankless water heaters, compact fluorescent bulbs, water-saving toilets, ceiling fans,... 02/28/2010
The Cost of Green Revisited. Considers the cost of incorporating sustainable design features into projects, building on the work undertaken in the earlier paper Costing Green: A Comprehensive Cost Database and Budget Methodology... 06/30/2007
The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings. Presents a detailed analysis of costs and financial benefits of environmentally sensitive building design and occupancy practices. The study concludes that an upfront investment of about two percent... 09/30/2003
The Ecologisation of Schools in Austria. Describes what the Ecologisation of Schools project in Austria is, what is innovative about the project, and what its framework is for becoming part of the educational system. How the project blends... 05/31/1998
The Good Green Reviews the conservation and environmental efforts of the Briarcliff Manor (New York) School District. These include development of an integrated sustainability curriculum, changes in school lighting... 09/30/2007
The Grass is Greener on This Side. Highlights practices within the five most popular ways to create a green school: lighting, indoor air quality, minimizing waste, HVAC systems, and water conservation. 07/31/2006
The Green Hire. Discusses how to use the school facility to teach sustainability. Special emphasis is placed on how to adapt and change behaviors within existing schools, versus those that were built green from the... 03/31/2010
The Green Movement Schools and colleges and universities are examining every element of a construction project or maintenance program with an eye toward making school facilities operate more efficiently over their... 05/31/2012
The Green Revolution. Profiles two Colorado high schools, describing the building design, and key sustainable features of each. These include daylighting, material selection, ventilation, and flexibility. 03/31/2008
The Green School. Advises on creating sustainable schools, with suggestions for enhancing sustainability, examples of sustainable schools, ways of integrating concepts of sustainability into the curriculum, and ideas... 12/31/2007
The Green School: Not a Dream Anymore. Profiles The Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The idea behind the conceptualized school is that the students would learn in the open air surrounded by nature that they feed and care for. They learn... 12/31/2009
The Healthy and High-Performance School: A Two-Part Report Regarding the Scientific Findings and Policy Implications of School Environmental Health. Part one presents results of a literature review related to school indoor environmental quality and, in the context of limited resources facing American schools, practical science-based... 12/31/2003
The High Performance School, Sustainable, Obtainable and Cost-Effective. Describes what high performance school design includes, how a high performance school design can be accomplished on time and on budget, and provides several case studies. 12/31/2002
The Impact of 'Green' Initiatives on Student Learning: Non-Financial Reasons for Going 'Green.' Briefly describes the benefits of green schools to the educational program and to occupant health. 04/30/2009
The Incremental Costs and Benefits of Green Schools in Massachusetts. This study of eight school projects revealed that total features that enhanced sustainability added from 1.83% to 5.06% to project cost, with an average of 3.19%. However, significant incentives from... 12/18/2005
The Journey of Sustainable Schools: Developing and Embedding Sustainability. This report is for school leaders who are leading and developing sustainable schools. It summarizes the findings from Forum for the Future and the Institute of Education's 2009-10 research for... 09/30/2011
The Lean, Green Schoolhouse. [Students Learn Environmental Lessons from a Green School Renovation.] Profiles Massachusetts' Atrium School, a K-6 private institution housed in a reclaimed warehouse and office facility. The high performance building offers daylighting, rainwater reclamation, and... 02/28/2009
The Overlooked Half of a Large Whole: The Role of Environmental Quality Management in Supporting the Educational Environment. This paper examines the changing role of environmental quality management from its traditional operationally-based role, to an expanded, more dynamic role in strategic educational planning activities... 05/31/1997
The Paid-from-Savings Guide to Green Existing Buildings: Executive Summary. Provides basic information to help building owners understand the paid-from-savings approach and decide if it is a viable option for greening their existing buildings. This approach is a financing... 12/31/2009
The Pennsylvania Green Building Operations and Maintenance Manual. Provides guidance for environmentally preferable maintenance and operation practices in buildings, including landscaping, snow removal and de-icing, cleaning practices and product selection, and... 12/31/2004
The Road to a Green District. Describes ten steps that outline a path toward greening a school district. These incremental steps begin with organizing the stakeholders, assessing and prioritizing needs and opportunities,... 07/31/2010
The Role of Physical Environment on Student Health and Education in Green Schools The role of physical school environment on student health and education is becoming better understood. A growing body of literature indicates that improved physical environments in schools (e.g.,... 09/12/2011
The School as a Unique Habitat. Profiles Australia's Burgmann Anglican School, emphasizing it's planning around environmental education, the townlike arrangement of its buildings, and sustainability features. 12/31/2007
The Science of Green. Discusses sustainability issues and higher education science facilities. Site selection and preparation, flexible laboratories, natural lighting, and energy conservation and recovery are addressed. 07/31/2009
The Shape of Things. Discusses current building performance simulation, daylighting, and ventilation opportunities for school buildings. 01/31/2008