Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Smart Approach.(Energy Smart Schools Save Money.) Reviews the benefits of building high performance schools, emphasizing justification of the up-front-costs through a life-cycle cost analysis. Enabling incentive programs and creative financing are... 06/30/2008
The Stevenson Green Roof: A Living Laboratory. Presents a proposal by a consortium to construct a green roof on a Bronx high school. The proposal points out the benefits to student achievement and local environment, as well as opportunities for... 12/31/2006
The Sustainability and Innovation Awards. Profiles 14 schools honored in this program for their sustainability, maintainability, innovation, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness. 09/30/2010
The Sustainable Answer Key: A Guide to Building a Sustainable, High-Performance Charter School Facility. Provides a step-by-step guide for integrating sustainable building features into a charter school facility. The guides includes an overview of the benefits of green schools, worksheets, advice on... 12/31/2009
The Sustainable Building Technical Manual: Green Building Design, Construction, and Operations. Manual to help architects, developers, building owners, government officials, and others implement sustainable development practices. Practical, step-by-step advice on sustainable buildings written... 12/31/1995
The Sustainable Entrance. Discusses the durability of door types, with particular attention to high-traffic areas such as school entrances. The types of environmental and human abuse that a door should be able to withstand... 06/30/2008
The True Costs of Building Green. Discusses recent data indicating that green buildings can cost from less than 1 to 6.5 per cent more to build, depending on the quantity and sophistication of sustainability features included.... 03/31/2006
The True Value of Green. Analyzes costs for building certifiably green schools at every level and in several states. Tables for cost per square foot, cost per student, and square feet per student compare costs of non-LEED to... 09/30/2010
The USGBC's LEED Version 3.0 2009 Building Rating System. Discusses modular construction and sustainability as it relates to LEED prerequisites for the categories Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor... 06/30/2009
The Very Best of the 2009 Green Education Design Showcase. Profiles six educational facilities that feature innovative green building design features. The buildings were judged according to their use of the building as a teaching tool, energy efficiency,... 10/31/2009
Theory vs. Bricks and Mortar-Forming, Norming, Storming, and Performing. Reviews a 2009 design charette that examined three Florida schools in need of rebuilding, remodeling, or expansion. The elements of the design exercise are described, and the participants left with... 12/31/2008
Thermal Comparison between Ceiling Diffusers and Fabric Ductwork Diffusers for Green Buildings. Compares the performance of conventional ductwork with recent advancements in fabric-based ductwork. The article focuses on the transient behavior of an on/off control system, as well as the steady... 07/11/2011
Think Green! Think Sustainable Design! Turn Yours Into a High-Performance School Sustainable design in school facilities can result in improved student achievement, reduced absences, lower operating expenses, and a more pleasant environment. A high-performance school is... 09/30/2000
Thinking Green. Discusses a proactive approach to maintaining and improving the indoor environment through proper purchasing, maintaining, and recycling of carpeting. Considerations regarding vinyl asbestos tile... 03/31/1997
Thirteen Components of Sustainable School Design. Short descriptions of site planning and landscape design, daylighting, energy efficient building shell, solar systems, energy efficient lighting and electrical systems, energy efficient mechanical... 09/30/1998
Tired of Expensive School Buildings? Try Sustainable Design. Explains how LEED-based projects can cost no more than non-LEED, or only marginally more if the highest LEED rating is sought. This is due to deeper design and construction industry experience with... 10/31/2005
Title 15, Chapter 53, Subchapter V - Healthy High-Performance Schools. Provides federal legislation for high performance schools. Sections cover grants for healthy school environments, model guidelines for siting of school facilities, public outreach, environmental... 12/31/2009
Topical Reports: Sustainable Design for Schools. This presents several reports on the practical applications of sustainable design and schools; it includes information about student performance and sustainable design features involving lighting,... 12/31/2000
Transparency in the Green Building Process. Advises on how to promote “green” schools by organizing a case that describes the business case for building green, engaging support from school facilities staff, finding a champion on the school... 06/30/2009
U.S. Green Building Council USGBC is a national organization devoted to green and sustainable buildings. Members include building owners and managers, product manufacturers, architects/engineers and others with vested interests...
UK School Carbon Footprint Scoping Study. Reviews the current state of carbon emissions from British schools, their sources, and trends that will both increase and decrease carbon emissions in the near future. A variety of practices are... 02/28/2006
Using Minimum Energy in Ireland's Schools. Explains how Ireland has incorporated low energy design into primary and post-primary schools and gives an overview of projects that have helped inform this approach. Techniques include passive solar... 09/30/2007
Utility Vehicles: Driving Toward Sustainability. Reviews options for campus grounds maintenance vehicles, with particular attention to the limitations and opportunities with electric vehicles, opportunities for bio-diesel and propane vehicles, and... 11/30/2007
Virginia CHPS Criteria for New Construction, Major Modernizations: Assessment Tool. Offers a Virginia-specific benchmark system for the design and construction of high performance school buildings in Virginia. The guide contains prerequisites and credits that reflect the changing... 12/31/2010
Walk the Walk: Architects Leading the Sustainable Evolution. Provides architects and clients with online resources and referrals to help them engage in environmentally conscious design and construction.