Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Building Green. Briefly reviews the benefits of building green schools, and describes recent advocacy and legislative efforts to promote their creation. 02/29/2008
Building on the Art of the Possible: The Politics of Green Building. Describes Massachusetts state and municipal efforts to encourage sustainable development in schools and other public facilities through zoning and requirements attached to school building assistance... 06/30/2004
Building Schools in NH: Getting to Integrated Design and High Performance. Reports on research conducted to understand how schools are currently planned, designed, built, and operated in New Hampshire, and to identify action intervention points at the local, state and/or... 11/19/2003
Building the Carbon Neutral School. Describes European efforts to create sustainable schools. Typical source of school carbon emissions are detailed, as are building techniques and government mandates for sustainability. 02/28/2007
Building Your Dream Team. Discusses building green expertise into current staff, and accessing the same from community volunteers. The team should have one person to lead the school greening process, all stakeholders should... 01/31/2010
Buildings that Teach. Discusses how incorporating the environment into school design can enhance the learning process. Describes characteristics of this sustainable design style, the energy efficiency and educational... 07/31/2002
Buildings that Teach. Discusses Roy Lee Walker Elementary School In McKinney, Texas as an example of a high performance, or green, school. The school blends the physical environment with the student learning process while... 12/31/2001
Business Brings Sustainable Lessons to School. Describes sustainability facility and curriculum practices as brought into the classroom by various lighting and school supply companies. 05/31/2009
Business Case for Green Design. In the past, one obstacle to sustainable design has been cost. That's no longer the case, as numerous facilities show: A building designed and built with a sustainable approach does not have to... 10/31/2002
Buying Furniture: Nine Ways to Go Green. Details environmental issues for school furnishings, detailing durability, modularity, reconfigurability, low VOC output, recycled content, recyclability after use, translucence, packaging, and... 03/31/2008
California Mission. Profiles the Audubon Center at Debs Park, a Los Angeles environmental education center that received the country's first LEED Platinum rating. Electricity is generated on site from photovoltaic... 06/30/2007
California's Green Schools. Profiles environmental sustainability efforts in the Los Angeles Unified School District. School gardens and photovoltaic panels are emphasized. 12/31/2009
Can a Building Make You Smarter? Discusses ways that high performance green schools enhance student health, and subsequently, achievement. The LEED rating system for schools is then outlined, including the categories of sustainable... 03/31/2007
Can Existing Schools Get to High Performance? An Update on School Modernization Strategies. Discusses signs that funding and community interests may be shifting toward modernizing existing schools instead of building new ones. Guidelines for deciding whether to renovate a school or build... 05/31/2010
Carbon Neutral Design Project Produces educational and resource materials for carbon neutral design. The website offers a project introduction, an explanation of carbon neutral design, as well as guidance on carbon neutral design... 12/31/2008
Carbon Neutral Schools: Lessons Learned in the United Kingdom. The UK government intends to deliver 200 carbon neutral “eco-schools” in the next three years, to help cut emissions. As part of Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and the Primary Programme, the... 04/30/2007
Case Studies of High Performance Schools (Oregon) The Oregon Office of Energy's web page on high performance schools features several detailed case studies, including Ash Creek Intermediate School, Dalles Middle School and Clackamas High School.
Case Study in Sustainable Design: Shivers Junior/Senior High School. Aberdeen School District in Mississippi. Design information, floor plan, photos, and energy use data are presented for a combined 45,000 square foot junior/senior high school in Mississippi's Aberdeen School District, built in 1956 and... 12/31/1999
Case Study: Manassas Park Elementary + Pre-K. Manassas Park, Virginia VMDO Architects uses sustainable buildings systems and natural cycles to demonstrate eco-conscious living to the next generation. With outdoor learning spaces, views of the forests, and building... 06/30/2010
Center for Architecture and Building Science Research. New Jersey Institute of Technology. CABSR, located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has been active in educational facilities research since 1991. The early emphasis was on the interaction between learning environments and...
Center for Green Schools The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council provides guidance, programming and resources for all members of the education community. The Center works directly with staff, teachers...
Center for Green Schools Blog
Center for Innovative School Facilities A project of Innovation Partnership in Portland, Oregon, The Center for Innovative School Facilities provides Oregon's school districts with facility and real estate services, asset management,...
Centre for Sustainable Design (UK) The Centre facilitates discussion and research on eco-design and broader sustainability considerations in product and service development. This is achieved through training, workshops, conferences,...
Certifiably Green. [Green Certifications Explained.] Discusses the relative credibility of manufacturer, association, and independent agency certifications of environmental friendliness for products. In addition to the certification of the product... 05/31/2009