Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Core Performance Guide. Advises on how to deliver best-in-class energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality in high-performance buildings. The book brings together over 30 criteria defining high performance in... 12/31/2006
Cost Analysis of LEED for K-12 Schools. Advises on cost controls for designers of high performance green schools. Processes for projects without a site selected, with a site already selected, with fixed budgets, or with LEED goals and no... 03/31/2007
Cost-Effective Design for Green Schools. An integrated approach to green school design is the best bet for education institutions. When budget and sustainability are a priority, architects should design a project with a comprehensive... 09/30/2011
Costing Green: A Comprehensive Cost Database and Budgeting Methodology. Uses data on building costs to compare the cost of constructing green buildings with buildings housing comparable programs, but do not have sustainable goals. Costs for different specific measures... 06/30/2004
Creating Good Schools--What If? Advocates the creation of green schools, noting typical objections to the endeavor, that green schools save money, the benefits to occupants, and suggestions for community involvement. 04/30/2010
Dano Secondary School. Draws on traditional construction techniques in Burkina Faso, West Africa, to create natural ventilation in 100+ degree temperatures. Materials from the local environment provide many solutions. 04/30/2010
Daylighting This article explains the benefits of daylighting and full spectrum lighting in classrooms as pertains to the health of students. It presents case studies that have been conducted in North Carolina... 01/01/2016
Defining Green and Sustainable Schools. Suggests uniformity of vocabulary and terminology used in discussing green and sustainable schools. 08/22/2010
Design Collabetition-Green Piece Awards. Presents the five U.S. and one Australian winner of this competition to select outstanding green schools. 03/31/2008
Design for Sustainable Learning. Asserts that the greatest benefit to the design of green sustainable schools is the opportunity to provide meaningful, ecological learning experiences for children. Offers examples of learning... 12/31/2001
Designing for Students' Needs. Emphasizes the importance of security and educational opportunity in the design of educational facilities. Offers checklists for intruder and environmental security, and discusses sustainability,... 12/31/2002
Designing Smarter Schools. [Videotape]. This videotape highlights the degree of school-building deterioration in America and the problems this causes for teaching and learning. It also describes the Energy Smart School campaign and details... 03/31/2000
Designing the Sustainable School. Profiles 45 K-12 Schools from around the world that combine good aesthetics, sustainability, and high performance design. The projects represent a wide range of design solutions, location, and scale... 12/31/2006
Detailed Analysis of the Construction, Operating, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Costs of Green Toronto Schools The lack of quantitative data relating initial investment to long-term costs has raised concerns about green buildings' long-term economic effectiveness. This study analyzed the operating,... 03/13/2012
Development of the First Sustainable Elementary School of the Netherlands. This paper deals with the concept of a sustainable educational facility. It presents examples of sustainable schools from around the world, including examples of sustainable elementary schools. Then... 12/31/1999
Digging Deep Through School Trash: A Waste Composition Analysis of Trash, Recycling and Organic Material Discarded at Public Schools in Minnesota. Presents an analysis of all garbage, recycling, and organic material discarded by six Minneapolis area schools over a two-day period. Two days'worth of refuse from six schools (two elementary,... 08/31/2010
Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Presents design features of the Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School (North Carolina) that incorporates daylighting in the majority of the classrooms, the gymnasium, dining room, and media... 12/31/2000
Dimensions of Green. Discusses how schools can benefit by establishing sustainable purchasing practices for furniture and furnishings. Describes the elements of sustainable purchasing (reduce, reuse, recycle; ingredients... 04/30/2003
Do Green Schools Improve a Student's Academic Performance? Concise information sheet summarizing the findings of several studies correlating the quality of school buildings with better student performance. 12/31/2004
Easy on the Earth. Cites the environmental benefits of geothermal systems, proper school site selection and design, and green roofs. 02/28/2007
Eco IT. Discusses green IT programs in schools, noting strategies that save energy, subdividing a single computer into four, selecting equipment with high sustainability ratings, and proper disposal and... 03/31/2010
Eco School. The Eco School information pack contains 10 sections outlining specific school areas that can be assessed by students for meeting the needs of all its users, the extent to which they use and abuse... 12/31/1998
Eco-Schools Eco-Schools is a European program for environmental education and management. There are nearly 6,000 Eco-Schools in 21 European countries at present. Among the benefits of the program is an improved...
Ecological Schoolyards. Presents design guidelines and organizational and site principles for creating schoolyards where students can learn about ecology. Principles for building schoolyard ecological systems are described. 10/31/2000
Ecoschools Certification Guide and Planner 2007-08. Provides guidance that a team of students, teachers, and staff can use to complete the Toronto District's application to be certified as an EcoSchool. The steps assessed cover energy... 12/31/2006