Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Every Community Needs a Healthy, High Performance School Summarizes the discussions at the 2008 Healthy Schools Summit, co-sponsored by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Indoor... 12/31/2008
Extreme Makeover: Green Schools Edition The Green Schoolhouse Series will make gifts of state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar green schools to underserved districts, all with the help of volunteers and corporate sponsors. 05/14/2012
Facilities of Environmental Distinction. Profiles three of the American Institute of Architects' 2010 Educational Facilities Design Awards recipients that stand out for the sustainability features. The Thurston Elementary School in... 02/28/2011
Facility Planning: Sustainable Strategies The payback for green school strategies is far-reaching. Discusses the LEED certification system and the Energy Star program. Looks at how school design has utilized some manner of sustainable... 12/31/2011
Fact Sheet: New Nationwide Independent Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Support Federal Investment in Green Schools Results from a nationwide survey exploring Americans' attitudes toward public school buildings and investments to modernize America's school infrastructure. 09/30/2011
Fads, Fancies and Fantasies: An Educator's Perspective on Current Educational Facility Issues. Explores educational facilities issues from the personal perspective of being both an educator and an owner. Topics discussed include aligning curriculum and instruction with facilities design, green... 05/31/2003
Financing Energy Efficiency Projects. Introduces energy performance contracts and the corresponding benefits of using tax-exempt lease-purchase agreements as the underlying financing vehicle for energy efficiency improvements in... 01/31/2003
Finding Funding. Identifies sources of funding to help build green schools, including federal and state programs, foundation grants, and partnerships with business. 02/28/2009
Finding the Measure of Green Interiors. Argues that interior green products must perform as well as non-green products for there to be any real sustainable benefit. In addition to other well-documented considerations for use of green... 05/31/2010
Finding the Next Best Opportunity for Green in Existing Schools. Proposes alternatives to High Performance Schools with the more prevalent High Improvement Schools, which addresses existing buildings. The Collaborative for High Performance Schools' Operations... 08/19/2010
Five Steps to a Higher LEED Certification. Advises on how to gain a higher level of LEED certification through Credit Interpretation Rulings (CIRs). These rulings may help accommodate atypical innovations not necessarily covered by the LEED... 08/31/2009
Five Steps to Improve Communication and Boost Green Achievements. Discusses steps for communicating goals on a green facilities checklist : identify team members, establish baseline metrics and processes to measure progress, develop specific objectives, define your... 04/30/2011
Five Successful Strategies for Greening Your School. Describes five strategies for creating a green school: 1) Start wherever you are. 2) Benchmark energy use with ENERGY STAR. 3) Change occupant behavior. 4) Use abundant signage. 5) Test with pilot... 12/31/2010
Five to Watch. [Green School Pioneers.] Profiles five school systems' endeavors in creating high performance green schools. 03/31/2009
Follow the Roadmap. Sets out a strategy and plan to involve all constituencies for planning green schools. A summary Top Tips for Developing an Energy Conservation Plan with Ease is included. The authors'priorities... 03/31/2010
Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Collins, Colorado. Explains how this high-performance school was constructed at no extra design or construction cost, the strategies and products used, and the energy savings realized in the completed project. 02/28/2009
From Good to Green. Advises school board members on greening their campuses. Passing green resolutions and articulating the vision, building team cooperation, and winning community support are addressed. 11/30/2009
From LEED For Schools: Tips On Green Design And Construction For Facility Managers LEED for Schools includes a range of suggested strategies that can be considered for projects that can help to ensure that a school building is designed right in the first place, as well as applying... 03/31/2012
Funding California's High Performance Schools Through Proposition 1D. State to Use CHPS Criteria for Prop 1D High Performance Incentives. New regulations were approved by the California State Allocation Board that determine how $100 million in high performance school incentives will be spent. The program will fund new construction and... 08/26/2007
Gaining Ground: The Power and Potential of School Ground Greening in the Toronto District School Board. Presents the findings of a 2003 study that investigated the influence and potential of green school grounds in the Toronto District School Board. The study explored the impacts of greening... 12/31/2004
Gentle Geometry. Portrays the Madelyn Chafin Learning Center in DeSoto, Texas, which has an architectural design that creates a facility with five finger-like projections that are intended to blend into the natural... 12/31/2001
Georgia Green & Healthy Schools Program Assists and supports schools in understanding and practicing environmentally sound principles. The program begins with a pledge to complete one of the six assessment areas, and is followed by up to...
Get Your Green On! In the span of five years, the staff and students at Council Rock School District in Pennsylvania won three Energy Star Awards, saved more than $7 million, and completely changed the culture of the... 07/31/2010
Getting a Grip on Green Products. Knowing what makes an interior product green is a key step toward environmentally sound facilities. This discusses some basic underpinnings of just what makes green green, including how a product is... 04/30/2003
Getting Started on Being Green: A Roundtable Discussion. Presents the opinions of five members of the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments on how to get started greening the campus, advantages of green approaches to K-12 environments, and potential... 04/30/2007