Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Getting the Most from Your Energy Dollar: The High-Performance School. Discusses the lowering costs of building energy-efficient schools, which now can cost no more to build than traditional schools. The key is coordinated design, with all members of the design and... 06/30/2008
Go for the LEED. [LEED Certification for Schools.] Advocates creation of high performance green schools that can serve as a center for the community and as a participant in the curriculum. 03/31/2009
Go Green Initiative Supports a comprehensive environmental action plans for schools, businesses, organizations and homes. By promoting environmental stewardship on campuses from preschools through universities, the GGI...
Go Green. Discusses ten significant reason to embrace sustainable design in school design and construction: to save energy, water, and money; reduce pollution; improve health; provide educational opportunities... 11/30/2007
Go Home With a Green Classroom: High Performance Prefab Classrooms. Describes the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) new Prefab Classroom program that expands the CHPS Verified program to provide a certification for high performance modular and... 07/31/2011
Go Modular: Go Green. Summarizes potential sustainable features of modular construction, highlighting opportunities in the LEED categories of Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and... 06/30/2008
Going Green by Thinking Blue. Discusses the use of rainwater as a teaching tool, by creating rain gardens bioswales, permeable pavers, and green roofs at school facilities. Explanations of these four features and advice on how to... 03/31/2009
Going Green Can Mean Savings for Schools, Districts. Outlines typical building features that contribute to sustainability. These include cool roofs, daylighting, energy-efficient artificial lighting, displacement ventilation, low-VOC carpet and... 03/31/2009
Going Green for Sustainability's Sake. Narrates the experience of the Whitmore Lake, Michigan, community in building a LEED-certified high school that included preservation and moving of an historic farmhouse on the site and construction... 12/31/2006
Going Green. A National Research Council Canada study evaluates green roof systems' thermal performances. Green and modified bitumen roof systems are compared. 08/31/2002
Going Green. Discusses the benefits that schools and universities can gain by adopting environmentally sensitive practices in their design and operations. Includes resources for locating additional information... 06/30/2001
Going Green: Eco-Friendly Schools. You Can't Ignore the Benefits of Eco-friendly Schools. Discusses the benefits of going eco-friendly schools and features Great Seneca Creek Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland. The school's 296,000-square-foot building--which runs on wind and... 12/31/2006
Going Green: Environmentally Friendly Schools Pay Off. Describes California's Inderkum High School, its geothermal HVAC system, and the savings anticipated from the system. The rapid spread of high performance schools in California and the role of... 04/09/2008
Going Solar in Green Schools. Outlines the top considerations for education facilities looking to bring solar power to campus, including financing options and partnerships. 03/31/2011
Going Solar. Describes cost savings to a school by using solar power. The article also addresses financing options and available rebates. 04/30/2011
Going?Going?Green. Discusses how the mandated phasing out of the most common refrigerant, HCFC R-22, will affect future cooling-system decisions for schools. Address the relevant legislation, environmental implications... 08/31/2002
GoinGreen. Briefly profiles sustainability efforts in schools, including recycling computers, centralized hibernation commands to computers, sophisticated HVAC systems that adjust to outdoor temperature and... 10/15/2008
Good Stewards. Discusses ways to achieve high peformance schools through integrated design, energy benchmarking, site selection and orientation, envelope design and materials, and innovative HVAC systems. 08/31/2008
Grading Green Results. Discusses three universities' experience with sustainable design. Despite minor issues, all three institutions are saving energy and are pleased as well with the ability to use the building as a... 08/31/2010
Great Green Schools. Green Guide's description of award-winning green schools: Case Middle School at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii; Clackamas High School, Clackamas, Oregon; Clearview Elementary School, Hanover,... 04/30/2006
Green (Sustainable) Urban Educational Facilities. Sustainable green schools are places where it is obvious that there is a concern for a sustainable future. This is shown in the practical decisions in the design of the facilities and school sites,... 03/31/2000
Green 2.0. Reviews the current state of green school construction in the United States, noting the ongoing revelation that a slightly higher construction cost can use 30 percent less water and energy, yielding... 03/31/2009
Green Acres. Profiles some higher education and K-12 efforts at creating sustainable schools, either by following the guidelines of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) or of the Green Building... 09/30/2006
Green and Healthy Schools, Cincinnati. This video narrates Cincinnati Public Schools' early successes in creating green and healthy schools, including explanations of how the program got started, the stakeholders involved, community... 12/31/2007
Green as the New Norm. Reviews the advent of sustainable school design from a cult topic to a standard in the last five years. While only 120 K-12 facilities have received LEED certification so far, more than 1,000 schools... 01/31/2009