Grounds Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Fifteen Tips for Improving Your Grounds This Summer. Provides tips on how to improve a university's or college's campus grounds maintenance program that can enhance a school's appearance and improve the odds of increasing enrollment.... 04/30/1998
Fleet Management: Strategies for Success. Discusses specification, training, and maintenance for fleets groundskeeping equipment, emphasizing strong relationships with suppliers, cost-effective replacement, choosing the particular personnel... 03/31/2009
For a Desert Campus, More Than Rocks and Cactus. Describes the conversion of most of the University of Las Vegas' grounds from lawns to xeriscapes, citing the use of diverse native flora and subsidies from the county water authority. 02/22/2007
Fowl Play. Discusses ways some universities have dealt with eliminating insects and wildlife from their athletic fields. The types problems to look for, the damage pests can cause, the safety issues involved,... 12/31/1999
Grade Your Schools. Decries the lack of a principal's responsibility for school buildings and grounds and offers eight suggestions to principals that will help them assess the community's opinion of the school... 05/31/2006
Green Investment, Green Return: How Practical Conservation Projects Save Millions on America's Campuses. Highlights 23 cost-saving conservation initiatives at 15 public and private postsecondary institutions across the United States. Savings per project ranged from little more than $1,000 to $9 million... 12/31/1997
Green Machines. Reviews current options for environmentally preferable groundskeeping equipment, including biodiesel, electric, propane, and hybrid machines. Excessive optimism over ethanol is countered with a... 02/29/2008
Ground Control. Discusses how use of the right equipment can provide the best maintenance for athletic fields. Mowing, fertilizing, and irrigating equipment for turf management are discussed. 03/31/2001
Grounded in Service. Profiles Michigan State University's Landscape Services department, which operates like an on-campus contractor. Examples of large and small projects executed by the department, how they work... 10/31/2009
Grounds Asset Management: Bigger Equipment, Better Results. Advises on the selection of light construction equipment for use in grounds management. Selecting the correct equipment for the job and the users, choosing attachments, renting versus buying, and... 01/31/2009
Grounds Attachments: The Tools of Productivity. Reviews attachments for mowing equipment and tractors that are useful in grounds maintenance. Snow-removal equipment, leaf vacuums, aerators, brooms, trailers, seeders, sprayers, spreaders, buckets,... 07/31/2007
Grounds Care Goes Green. Reviews groundskeeping equipment and operations choices that save energy and reduce pollution. 12/31/2007
Grounds Care: A Case Study in Sustainability. Profiles Illinois State University's use of pervious concrete, resurfacing of asphalt with cooler and longer-lasting concrete, recycling of wood waste into mulch, modification of landscaping... 11/30/2008
Grounds Department Updates Operations for Green, Financial Benefits Explores how the grounds managers of the 126-acre campus of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California ensure landscaped and turf areas look their best, protect the environment,... 09/30/2011
Grounds Maintenance Estimating Guidelines Collection of costs and calculation worksheets for estimating grounds program costs. This guide contains sample worksheets, task charts, and personnel, overhead, labor, capital, and machine costs... 12/31/1999
Grounds Maintenance Evaluation. The Grounds Shop of the Chesapeake Public School Division (Virginia) Department of School Plants was evaluated in 1995-96. The goals of the grounds maintenance program are to provide safe and... 12/31/1995
Grounds Maintenance is More Than Just Mowing the Lawn. Quality grounds result from a well-rounded program involving knowledge of plants, implementation and management of a fertilization and pest management program, and implementation and management of an... 06/30/2002
Grounds Maintenance Magazine Grounds Maintenance is the technical magazine of landscape construction, design and maintenance, serving landscape contractors and superintendents of golf courses, parks, institutions and...
Grounds Maintenance Management Guidelines Provides specific information in all of the key areas of running a typical grounds operation. Includes a maintenance program guideline, landscape materials, safety regulations and procedures,... 12/31/1999
Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side? Describes how Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California opted for artificial turf for its athletic field to avoid the complications associated with maintaining live turf in a low-water... 05/31/2002
Keeping School Grounds Green. Discusses how athletic field school irrigation systems are being transformed by shrinking budgets, environmental concerns, and industry-inspired advances. The costs involved, the new devices that... 08/31/1997
Landscape Practices and Procedures. Advises school administrators and custodians on the care and maintenance of school grounds, as well as community groups whenever beautification projects are undertaken. Sections of the document... 02/28/1994
Landscapes for Learners: School Ground Guidelines. School grounds can and should support curriculum, protect children from health risks, and provide high-quality space in the community for educational and recreation. School community-based... 12/31/2000
Landscaping for Less. Describes the replacement of landscaping turf with drought-resistant ornamental plants. These landscapes are typically no more expensive to install than turf and cost far less in maintenance. 10/31/2009
Landscaping With Maintenance in Mind. Examines school ground landscape design that enhances attractive of the school and provides for easier maintenance. Landscape design issues discussed include choice of grass, trees, and shrubs;... 01/31/2000