Grounds Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Let It Rain. Reviews the value of quality campus grounds to student recruitment and retention, with attention to sustainable landscape design and maintenance, including use of native plants, organic practices,... 03/31/2007
Let it Snow. Discusses snow removal at schools, highlighting the practices of Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools. Types of equipment, salt and brining practices, staffing, plowing and piling advice,... 12/31/2008
Maintenance Sourcebook: Landscaping and Grounds. Asserts that facility managers need continual education in many subjects to keep their campuses in excellent condition, highlighting four areas related to landscaping and maintenance: landscaping... 07/31/2003
Major Challenge: Big-Ticket Equipment. [Grounds Management: Buying Big-Ticket Equipment.] Advises on the selection of big-ticket equipment for university grounds maintenance. Involving the users in the selection, presenting the case to financial staff, negotiating the price, and... 08/31/2010
Make the Most of Your Schoolyard With the greening of the schoolyard gathering momentum, it is important to build an understanding between educators and facilities managers. Principals are advised to avoid surprises, consider costs... 10/31/1999
Making the Most of Mowers. Describes Michigan State University's use of multi-purpose equipment for mowers and other landscaping needs, such as sweeping and plowing. 07/31/2011
Maximize Your Water Use, Minimize Your Chemical Applications. Outlines components and scheduling for a turf irrigation system and program, emphasizing precision irrigation to safe water and reduce chemical use. 03/31/2006
Moving Toward Better Ant and Weed Management in Schools. Discusses non-aerosol control of ants and weeds, sanitation to control ants, and turf management practices that strengthen grass and reduce weeds. 02/28/2007
Mowers: Choice Cuts. Grounds care managers have more options than ever when it comes to specifying mowing equipment. The choices are almost overwhelming. To make the decision easier, this lists important criteria to help... 02/28/2003
Mowers: The Sustainability Connection. Discusses advances in environmental considerations for mowers, including those that run on alternative fuels or electricity, and produce less noise. 12/31/2008
Natural and Artificial Playing Fields: Characteristics and Safety Features. Papers are presented on the subjects of playing field standards, surface traction, testing and correlation to actual field experience, and state-of-the-art natural and artificial surfaces. The papers... 12/31/1989
Nature's Classroom. Describes the advantages of natural landscaping on school grounds, including lower maintenance costs, environmental friendliness, and opportunities for outdoor learning. Advice on site selection and... 06/30/2008
Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Grounds, second edition A comprehensive guide to maintaining and managing a grounds and landscaping operation. Topics covered include: sustainable grounds operations; green fuels, vehicles, and equipment; and landscape... 12/31/2011
Operational Guidelines for Grounds Management. This book offers guidelines intended to help both new and experienced grounds managers create operational and staffing-level plans that can be the basis of discussion with all grounds management... 05/31/2001
Pest Prevention: Outdoor Maintenance Practices. Outlines outdoor maintenance practices to deter pests. These include sealing the building, clearing plants away from the building; moisture, food, and garbage management; and turf and landscape... 02/28/2006
PGMS Salutes Nation's Top University and College Grounds PGMS has recognized six universities and colleges as Grand Award winners in its 2006 Green Star Awards competition. Four others have been announced as Honor Award winners. The Green Star Awards... 10/31/2006
Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities. The planning guide was developed to help readers better understand why and how to develop, implement, and evaluate a school facilities maintenance plan. The guide is designed for staff at the local... 01/31/2003
Playing the Infield. Sports fields are some of the most challenging areas in turfgrass management. New baseball and softball infields require different care and management than fields that have been established for a... 01/31/2002
Professional Grounds Management Society PGMS is an individual membership society of grounds professionals. This site features conference information and publications.
Professional Grounds Management Society Green Star Awards 2011. This program brings national recognition to grounds maintained with a high degree of excellence. Includes award winning school grounds, university and college grounds, and urban university grounds.... 10/31/2011
Professional Grounds Management Society Green Star Awards. This program brings national recognition to grounds maintained with a high degree of excellence. PGMS recognized several winners in both the Urban University Grounds category and the University and... 10/31/2008
Project Planning: Building Collaboration. Describes decision-making process for purchasing equipment for landscape services. Light construction equipment and attachments can improve worker productivity and safety. Equipment should have... 05/31/2010
Pursuing the CGM: The PGMs Certified Grounds Manager Program. Discusses what it means to be a Certified Grounds Manager (CGM) and provides the steps towards preparation for becoming a CGM. Ten reasons for becoming a CGM are listed. 06/30/2000
Restorative School Landscaping. Describes how to restore a school landscape through consultation with a design professional, collection of data on existing conditions and vegetation, analysis of traffic patterns, and use of space.... 04/30/2009
Roofing: A Growth Opportunity. Describes challenges and benefits of vegetative roofs and summarizes the challenges and considerations for installation and maintenance. 12/31/2010