Grounds Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Grounds: A Guide to Good Practice. Limited financial resources and increasing pressures of competing claims on school outdoor grounds have created the need for greater quality enhancement of these areas to ensure they are used... 09/17/1997
Schoolyard Habitat Sustainability: Discouraging Vandalism Discusses vandalism to schoolyard habitat site areas. Finds that instances of vandalism are few and the threat of vandalism can be kept to a minimum while students, teachers, and community members... 09/30/1999
Site Assessment and Soil Remediation Can Help Keep Schools Safe. Discusses remediation issues with ground contamination at school sites, including assessment, public interest, benefits of using brownfield sites, and the removal of contaminants from both existing... 12/31/2005
Six Steps to Grounds Maintenance Master Planning. Discusses six steps in integrating grounds maintenance into the master planning process which can lower maintenance costs while creating a beautiful campus. Areas addressed include quantifying... 03/31/2000
Smooth Operators. Examines specific steps in athletic field maintenance to assure a high-quality baseball playing field. Areas examined are the pitcher's mound, hitting areas, baselines and base areas, the... 12/31/1996
Snow and Ice Management: Cold Treatment. Describes changes in snow and ice management from exclusive use of granular materials to luquid anti-icing materials. 06/30/2011
Sports Field Management Guide, Volume 2. Traction on Turf. This guide presents three articles on athletic-field turf management. The articles explain how athletic-field managers can make a difference in playing surface quality, discusses the design and... 08/31/2000
Sports Field Management Guide. Volume 1. This journal presents three articles on athletic facility turf management practices. Articles are as follows: Turfgrass Choices for Athletic Fields, (Eric K. Nelson); Fertilization: Maximizing... 08/31/1999
Sports Fields: A Manual for Design Construction and Maintenance. Comprehensive technical reference information is provided for those responsible for the design, construction, renovation, or maintenance of sports grounds. Chapters illustrate specific design... 12/31/1998
Sports Turf and Amenity Grassland Management. Provides detailed advice on the care and maintenance of sports turfs, covering grass types, mowing, irrigation, fertilizing, aeration, pest control, turf establishment, and renovation. 12/31/2004
Staff Safety: Issues and Answers. Discusses safety issues for grounds workers, including identification of biological and machine hazards, typical injuries, protective gear and clothing, and maintaining a written safety handbook. 01/31/2009
Stormwater, Students, and Swamp. Discusses Villanova University's (Pennsylvania) development of a stormwater wetland area to help collect water from small storms, remove sediment and pollutants, and return the water into a... 08/31/2000
Strategies for Sustainable Landscapes. Discusses current high-efficiency irrigation systems, low-maintenance and regionally hardy plants, and integrated pest management for more environmentally conscious and affordable landscapes. 04/30/2011
Synthetic Turf Council The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) was formed to guide the selection and use of synthetic turf systems. The website includes guidelines with essential elements and minimums to consider for synthetic...
Taking Control of Bothersome Birds. Reviews the health threats posed by birds and their droppings, strategies to control bird infestations at the outset, bird deterring products, and laws protecting migratory, but not domestic, bird... 08/31/2007
Taking Root? Shows how advances in field-surface technology have resulted in natural grasses and synthetic turf systems that deliver durability and extended use. 08/31/2000
The Boston Schoolyard Initiative: An American City's Approach to Sustainable Schoolyard Development. This presentation describes the development process behind the Boston Schoolyard Initiative: a 5-year, inner city, community-driven initiative to transform neglected and unwelcome schoolyards into... 09/20/1997
The Challenge of the Urban School Site This guidebook provides information on improving urban school grounds to enhance children's lives. Chapters provide the experiences from other schools on the topics of greening the urban school... 12/31/1995
The Real Cost of Mowing Three part series looks at the cost of owning and operating a mower. Part 1: Focus on Life-Cycle Costs Can Deliver Big Benefits; Part 2: Components of a Mower's Life-Cycle Cost; Part 3:... 10/31/2011
The Value of First Impressions. Profiles two institutions that have learned the value of the campus itself as a recruiting tool. Campus improvement and beautification projects at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, and... 03/31/2006
Top Ten Tips for Good Practice and the Maintenance of School Landscapes. Grounds maintenance professionals are constantly at a crossroads as whether to provide a design for the future or maintain the status quo. Given the ever-increasing budget constraints, they are... 03/06/2006
Transforming School Grounds into Natural Learning Environments Discusses the benefits as well as the concerns of changing traditional asphalt and turf grass grounds into educational resources. Benefits include an opportunity for hands-on learning, a softer and... 07/31/1996
Turf Management Handbook. Good Turf for Lawns, Playing Fields, and Parks. Practical guidelines for turf management are provided that explain the natural processes involved, specific materials and equipment, and procedures that have been found to produce desirable results... 12/31/1995
Turf Wars: A New Synthetic-Grass Product Takes the Field. Article discusses educational facilites that have switched from traditional grass athletic fields to a synthetic-grass surface that requires much less maintenance and provides greater safety... 02/05/2002
Utility Vehicles: Driving Toward Sustainability. Reviews options for campus grounds maintenance vehicles, with particular attention to the limitations and opportunities with electric vehicles, opportunities for bio-diesel and propane vehicles, and... 11/30/2007