Grounds Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Water Conservation Focus of Grounds Department's Efforts Describes how the California Institute of Technology grounds department installed a weather station and a computerized irrigation system. The control system applies the least amount of water... 09/30/2011
Water Systems on School Grounds This is a list of resources providing information about water systems on school grounds, including watershed projects, water recycling, constructed wetlands, storm drains, etc. There is also a list... 12/31/2005
Waterworks. Discusses how proper irrigation and drainage design can enhance athletic field maintenance operations. It explores the factors influencing irrigation and drainage design decisions and offers design... 12/31/1997
WeedAlert This is the turf professional's online source for weed control options. Includes details about more than 50 species of weeds, links to regional weed societies, a glossary of common spraying...
What Should Stay Put? Campus Landscape Planning for the Long Term. Discusses campus landscape long-term planning and design decision making during campus alterations and upgrades. Those campus landscape elements that tend to remain in place and planning for their... 08/31/2000
When Is It Time To Contract Out Your Landscape Operations? Discusses the option of privatizing school grounds operations and points to consider when trying to decide whether it is the best option for a school to use. Outsourcing contract writing and contract... 08/31/2000
Your School Grounds Handbook. This handbook discusses the process of planning school grounds. It presents ideas for creating good educational landscapes and provides step-by-step procedures to achieve this goal. The steps include... 12/31/2000