Hazardous Materials

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Healthy and High-Performance School: A Two-Part Report Regarding the Scientific Findings and Policy Implications of School Environmental Health. Part one presents results of a literature review related to school indoor environmental quality and, in the context of limited resources facing American schools, practical science-based... 12/31/2003
The Healthy School Environmental Action Guide. Informs parents, advocates, and school personnel about existing laws and resources available to ensure that every school in New York is an environmentally safe and healthy school. The guide reveals... 12/31/2004
The Healthy School Handbook. Conquering the Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Hazards In and Around Your School. This book compiles 22 articles concerning sick building syndrome in educational facilities in the following three areas: determining whether a school is sick; assessing causes and initiating... 12/31/1994
The High Cost of Cleanup. Reviews the threat of asbestos, lead, and mercury in schools. Sources of these toxins and options for their removal or containment are covered. 11/30/2006
The Right to Know. School Custodial Maintenance Workers. This fact sheet describes the standards and some of the hazards and health effects of chemicals that school maintenance workers may be exposed to. It details important protective measures that should... 12/31/2005
The Safe Playgrounds Project Children may be exposed to arsenic through arsenic-treated wood structures such as those that might be found in school playgrounds, backyard decks, and picnic tables. This website provides...
Think Tank. Examines the options for upgrading, replacing, and removal or closure of underground storage tanks (UST). It reveals the diverse regulatory control involving USTs, the Environmental Protection Agency... 06/30/1998
Time to Heal. (School Hazardous Materials Accidents Are Preventable.) Reviews the 1937 London School natural gas explosion that destroyed a school and killed an estimated 319 students, and draws attention to continuing chemical hazards in schools. 03/31/2008
Toward High School Stockroom Safety. This paper will attempt to address both practical and legal issues that confront science educators, in general, and chemistry teachers, in particular. Liabilities of teaching science, collection of... 09/30/2002
Toxic Chemical Pollution Releases and Schools. This website enables users to investigate facilities listed in the EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), number of schools within 1 mile within 5 miles of the facility, plus link to a database about the... 12/31/2008
Toxic Playgrounds: Arsenic Treated Wood and Artificial Turf. Advises on the potential presence of the pesticide/fungicide Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) in wood used to construct playgrounds. The chemical can leach from the wood and be absorbed through the... 12/31/2007
Toxic School Sites in Los Angeles: Weaknesses in the Site Acquisition Process This report addresses the school site acquisition process to attempt to discern how the system has allowed a minimum of nine Los Angeles public schools to be built on toxic lands. It examines two... 07/31/1998
Training Spotlight: Hazardous Materials. Emphasizes hazardous materials training and awareness for facilities personnel. A training program should include assessing workers' present skills and competencies, implementing an... 08/31/2007
Underground Fuel Storage Tanks. Owners of underground storage tanks often fail to realize the legal requirements—federal, state, and local—associated with their ownership as well as the liability associated with leaking tanks.... 04/30/1996
Watch Your Waste. College and university science programs generate hazardous waste that must be dealt with and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations. During a recent renovation and addition... 12/31/2010
What Lies beneath. Discusses why schools and universities must be diligent as they build new facilities to make sure construction sites are not contaminated with toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials. Addresses... 04/30/2003
What's in the Caulking? Outlines a strategy for building renovation and demolition when the potential for caulk containing PCBs is present. PCBs were used in caulking compounds from the 1950's through the 1970's.... 10/31/2010
Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools Program Assessment. These assessment forms are designed to help schools identify what types of healthy, safe, and environmentally sound activities are already in place and where the school can improve its efforts. The... 12/31/2007
Working in a Lead-Safe School. Facts for School Maintenance Workers. This booklet is intended for school custodians and maintenance staff who may work around lead while doing their day-to-day tasks. The discussion includes facts about where lead is found, exposure... 12/31/1999
Working with Environmental Consultants. Offers guidance to school districts in selecting, hiring, and working with an environmental consultant. Environmental consultants are recommended to help guide projects through regulatory... 01/31/2005