Health Services Facilities

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National Association of School Nurses, Inc Web site includes position statements and issue briefs on key issues facing school nurses and children's health; information on upcoming conferences and the annual meeting; and the Table of...
National School Boards Association School Health Programs To assist policymakers and others in the school community to make informed decisions, NSBA has developed the School Health Resource Database, an ever-expanding source of up-to-date information and...
New Construction, Renovation and Remodeling: What School Nurses Have Learned From Planning New Health Office Facilities. Many school nurses across the nation have had the opportunity to be involved with school renovation and new construction projects in their districts. Renovation and new construction projects allow... 05/31/2005
Nurse's Office, Health Office, or Clinic? The Importance of a Name and a Piece of Real Estate 07/31/1997
Oregon School-Based Health Center Program. Standards for Certification. A SBHC facility is defined as permanent space located within a school building or on the campus used exclusively for the purpose of providing health care. Facility requirements are described on pages... 12/31/1999
Promoting the Construction of an Optimal Nurse's Office Facility: One School District's Experience. Details recommendations for updating or constructing nurses' offices based upon a descriptive study done in one midwestern school district. Suggestions are provided on size, location, and... 03/31/1997
Putting Health First. Describes the successful public-private partnership between the Austin Independent School District and the Children's Hospital of Austin to provide student health services. 05/31/2003
Recommendations for Constructing School Nurses' Offices Designed to Support School Health Services. When attempting to locate guidelines for designing school nurses' offices, one finds there are minimal resources that address this need. In an effort to solve this concern, the authors were... 05/31/2005
Recommended Minimal Emergency Equipment and Resources for Schools: National Consensus Group Report. Providing an environment that is responsive to emergency health needs of students is essential to creating a safe setting for children in schools. The question of what minimal essential emergency... 05/31/2005
Rethinking the Health Center: Assessing Your Health Center and Setting Goals. Camp health center management begins with assessing the population served, camp areas impacted, and the contract of care with parents. That information is used to plan the size of the center; its... 02/28/2001
Ritalin Reaction Discusses the high incidence of stolen drugs from school nurse's offices, and suggests security measures such as adding locks and limiting keys, and installing safety devices, cameras or motion... 04/30/2001
School Health Centers. Addresses the key elements for designing school health centers, the emergence of school-based health clinics, the minimum requirements these facilities should have, and the basic principles to... 09/30/2010
School Health Clinics. Describes the 1,200-sq.-ft. health clinic at Maine's Noble High School, which was designed to serve both the students and the community. The facility was thoughtfully placed close to the gymn,... 03/31/2005
School Health Office Facilities: School Nurses Have Learned the Importance of Providing Input During the Planning Stages of New Construction, Renovations and Remodeling Projects. Discusses the participation of school nurses in the design process for new and renovated school facilities. Practitioner suggestions for what should be included in a well-equipped school clinic are... 02/28/2006
School Health Services: A Facility Planning and Design Guide for School Systems. This guide for Maryland schools outlines the role of school health services and proper facility design for these services. Chapter 1 provides an overview, describing coordinated school health... 05/31/2002
School Nurse Work Environment: Ingredients for Safe and Effective Practice. School nurse work environments (referred to as the ‘school clinic', ‘nurse's office', ‘health room', and ‘health office') are an essential component of a school's... 05/31/2005
School-Based Health Care and the District of Columbia Safety Net This report provides the results of research into the variety of health care services currently offered in the public schools in the District of Columbia, with a particular focus on school-based... 12/31/2003
School-Based Health Centers Operations Tool Kit. Section A4: Facilities Management. In this extensive health center operations tool kit of reference materials, Section A4 includes information on the following: 1) ADA Accessibility; 2) Biohazard Waste; 3) Key Control Guidelines; 4)... 12/31/2004
School-Located Influenza Vaccination Clinics: Local Health Department Perspectives. Community stakeholders need to develop and sustain new partnerships to achieve the goals of universal childhood immunization recommendations, including expanding the points of access to influenza... 12/31/2008
Schools and the Health of Children: Protecting Our Future This book defines key issues in the debate over the role of schools in the health of children, outlining the history of school health programs and discussing the contemporary issue of school health... 12/31/1999
Software Improves Student Health Services. Describes how electronic medical records help the staff at University of Texas Health Services to serve students efficiently and collect data on the patient population. 07/31/2002
Student Health Clinics. Discusses important issues concerning the design of student health clinics, including convenient access, privacy and security, showers and sinks, durability and safety, and special considerations. 12/31/2001
The Answer is at School: Bringing Health Care to Our Students. Chapter 12 of this primer on school-based health centers briefly describes the design of a health center facility, listing the essential areas, space, and locale. The recommendations of space... 12/31/1992
The Health Clinic. School of the Future: Houston The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health created the School of the Future (SoF) project to enable selected Texas schools to coordinate and implement school-based social and health services on their... 12/31/1994
The Relationship between School-Based Health Centers and the Learning Environment. This study investigates the relationship between SBHCs and the learning environment utilizing a retrospective quasi-experimental design. The findings demonstrate that the presence of a SBHC is... 02/28/2010