Healthy School Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools: Final Memo on the Alternative Technology and Literature Review. Presents the research plan to quantify the impact of UVC Light on coil disinfection and indoor air quality of California K-12 Schools, including a technology assessment, literature review, and study... 12/31/2004
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools:Combined Document for Product Engineering Efforts Report, Research Summary Report, and Production Readiness Plan. Documents the development of a unit that can tightly control supply air temperature in a classroom thermal displacement ventilation (TDV) cooling system, in response to varying load and outdoor... 05/31/2006
Advanced HVAC Systems for Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance Of California K-12 Schools:Project 3 Final Report: UVC Technology. Summarizes a study quantifying the impact of ultraviolet irradiation in the C band (UVC) on evaporator coil disinfection of California K-12 Schools, with the goal to determine if UVC is effective in... 04/30/2006
Aircraft and Road Traffic Noise and Children's Cognition and Health: a Cross-National Study. Presents the results of a study that assessed 2844 children aged 9 10 years attending European schools near three major airports. Subjects were selected according to extent of exposure to external... 06/04/2005
Allergens in School Settings: Results of Environmental Assessments in 3 City School Systems Environmental allergens are major triggers for pediatric asthma. While children's greatest exposure to indoor allergens is in the home, other public places where children spend a large amount of... 07/31/2006
Alternatives to Green Cleaners. Discusses the typical ingredients in green cleaning products, their costs and performance relative to traditional cleaners, and the lack of certification enforcement for products making claims of... 10/31/2008
America's Children and the Environment: A First View of Available Measures. This is EPA's first report on trends in measures reflecting environmental factors that may affect the health and well-being of children in the United States. This report represents an initial... 12/31/2002
American School Health Association The ASHA is a multidisciplinary organization of administrators, counselors, dentists, health educators, physical educators, school nurses and school physicians involved in school health instruction,...
Antimicrobial Products Registered or Use Against Influenza A Virus on Hard Surfaces. Lists antimicrobial products that are registered by EPA to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces that may be contaminated with the 2009-H1N1 flu. As part of the registration process, EPA evaluates the... 04/27/2009
Are Schools Making Kids sick? Reports on how school air is sickening students in schools. Describes a New York study that finds correlation between building maintenance and illness. Refers to studies that estimate one-third of U.... 01/15/2012
Are Schools Making the Grade? School Districts Nationwide Adopt Safer Pest Management Policies. This report documents school districts that have adopted safer pest management policies, such as integrated pest management (IPM), in response to state requirements or as a voluntary measure that... 12/31/2001
Are You Providing Safe Drinking Water at Your School? This helpful brochure discusses the following issues: preventing contamination near drinking water sources; lead in drinking water; cross-contamination; water conservation; securing your drinking... 04/30/2003
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Children's Environmental Health: Green Schools Provides explanations of what constitutes a green school, the benefits of a green school, the governor's executive order concerning LEED certified construction, a list of green educational...
Artificial Turf: Exposures to Ground-Up Rubber Tires Presents research revealing that tire crumbs used in athletic fields typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOC's) with carcinogenic potential that are released into the air and... 12/31/2006
Assessing Risk of Legionella. Presents considerations for assessing risk of Legionella exposure in situations where water dischargers, such as those from HVAC systems, operate in close proximity to humans. 03/31/2004
Associations between the School Environment and Adolescent Girls' Physical Activity This paper explores school sports facility provision, physical education allocation and opportunities for physical activity and their association with the number of days adolescent girls participate... 12/31/2011
Asthma Hospitalization Rates among Children, and School Building Conditions, by New York State School Districts, 1991-2001 School-age children spend a significant portion of their day at school where they can be exposed to asthma triggers, but little information exists regarding potential relationships between childhood... 12/31/2005
Back to School Environmental Checklist. Presents ten items concerning the school environment that parents should check to ensure that students are not exposed to polluted indoor air, toxic chemicals, allergens, and other environmental... 12/31/2002
Better Lighting for Healthier Students. This brief highlights the problem that poor or inappropriate lighting in schools can adversely affect children's health and their ability to learn. It discusses the benefits of using daylight or... 08/31/2001
Birds, Bats and Rodents, Oh My! Cites examples of bird and bat infestations at educational institutions, the health hazards they present, and typical ways to repel them. 02/28/2009
Blueprint for a Green School. The 20 chapters in this book focus on the creation of environmentally safe and healthy school buildings and grounds and on what school administrators, teachers, maintenance staff, students, community... 12/31/1994
Boston Public Schools Green Cleaners Project Pilot Program Assessment. In the fall of 2003, the Boston Urban Asthma Coalition (BUAC) and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH) launched the Healthy Boston Schools Project to test... 04/05/2005
Breathing in Comfort. Reviews health problems that can be attributed to poor indoor air, and suggests ways to control mold, increase fresh air, and construct buildings to improve indoor air quality. 03/31/2007
Bug Off. Reviews seven components of a school integrated pest management program: inspection, preventive action, proper identification of pests, analysis of how pests gain access, treatment, monitoring, and... 04/30/2007
Building a Healthy Environment. Describes how school districts, with the help of a good architect, can construct or renovate schools and avoid most environmental hazards. Issues concerning indoor air quality, asbestos, lead... 02/28/1997