Healthy School Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Who's in Charge of Protecting Children's Health at School? Addresses the lack of oversight concerning environmental hazards at schools and recommends remedies at the federal and New York State level, focusing on access to the same protections for children at... 12/31/2004
Who's Sick at School. Reports on evidence linking poor Boston school conditions with high rates of asthma. Using data from school environmental audits collected in 2004 - 2005, the report shows that those students... 03/05/2006
Who's Sick at School: Linking Poor School Conditions and Health Disparities for Boston's Children. A recent review of student asthma rates and environmental audits of school buildings suggests that schools with poor indoor air quality have higher-than-average rates of asthma. Many Boston Public... 12/31/2008
Why a Healthy School Matters. Describes how the Blue Valley School District of Overland Park, Kansas, uses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Tools for Schools program. Their exemplary effort is described with... 12/31/2007
Why Do Americans Still Neglect Hand Hygiene? Cites the poor quality of restrooms as a disincentive to hand washing. Attractive and well-maintained facilities, with universal access, hands-free accessories, and solid-surface countertops are... 10/31/2009
Why It's Worthwhile to Install Touchfree Plumbing. Contradicts three excuses generally given for not using touchfree bathroom fixtures, and lists a variety of water-saving and health considerations that support its installation. Results of research... 06/30/2008
Why Worry When You Send Your Children to School This brief was prepared to help the public hold officials accountable for improving school facilities. It includes the recommendations of the Healthy Schools Network in support of legislation;... 02/28/1999
Wi-Fi Poses School Health Risk, Suit Against Illinois District Argues. A group of parents and their children has sued a suburban Chicago school district over the use of Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, alleging that the technology's radio waves may pose serious health... 10/21/2003
Winning the War Against Moisture. Discusses typical moisture problems in modern buildings, often exacerbated by modern lightweight materials, and improperly specified or applied moisture barriers. Steps to be taken to prevent... 08/31/2008
Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools Program Assessment. These assessment forms are designed to help schools identify what types of healthy, safe, and environmentally sound activities are already in place and where the school can improve its efforts. The... 12/31/2007
Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools Program. Offers a web-based, self-paced, and voluntary program available for Wisconsin schools to support and encourage them in their quest for a healthy, safe, and environmentally-friendly learning...