Healthy School Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Building Ecology and School Design. Technical Bulletin. All aspects of construction have environmental consequences. To better understand construction's impact, an overview of building ecology as a concept and as a decision-making model for school... 10/31/1995
Building for Learning: School Facilities and School Reform This edition of SEDLetter looks at some of the challenges of matching school facilities design, construction, or renovation to the goals and values of people in schools and communities. Constructing... 08/31/1998
California Portable Classrooms Study Comprehensive study of the environmental health conditions in portable (relocatable) classrooms. This study investigated classrooms in kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and included a... 03/31/2010
California Portable Classrooms Study. The purpose of this study was to assess environmental conditions in California's portable classrooms. This report describes the sample design, the survey instruments, the data collection process... 10/31/2004
Capitol News Briefing on Proposed Legislation Concerning Cleaning Products That Are Used in School Buildings. This press conference video reviews Connecticut's Green Cleaning Products in Schools Law (CT Public Act 09-81). Advocates, legislators, and health professionals address the impact of the law,... 05/04/2009
CDC Guidance for State and Local Public Health Officials and School Administrators for School (K-12) Responses to Influenza during the 2009-2010 School Year. Provides guidance to help decrease the spread of flu among students and school staff during the 2009-2010 school year. It provides a menu of tools that school and health officials can choose from... 08/30/2009
Center for Children's Health and the Environment The mission of CCHE, an academic research and policy center, is to promote the health of children by conducting environmental health and policy research that examines the links between exposure to...
Center for Health, Environment and Justice Through organizing, leadership development, research, and technical assistance, CHEJ helps local citizens and organizations come together and take an organized, unified stand in order to hold...
Center for Safe and Healthy Schools Provides guidance and assistance to state and local education policymakers and practitioners to encourage safe, healthy, and nurturing school environments. The website includes publications/articles/...
Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administrators. Helps identify sources, sometimes obscure, of dangerous chemicals in schools and advises on steps to oversee chemical management activities including establishing a leadership team, implementing... 11/30/2006
Chemicals in Classrooms. Pesticides and Maintenance Chemicals in Vermont Schools. This report is the second in a series of studies on the serious threat toxic chemical use may pose to the health of Vermont's children, teachers, and school staff. Of the sources of toxic... 12/31/1998
Chemicals in Common Products: Risky Business for Children's Health. Reviews why children are at increased risk from industrial chemicals, how children are exposed, which chemicals are of concern, how these chemicals may impact children's health, which products... 12/31/2008
Child Health Champion Resource Guide. This resource guide was developed as part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Child Health Champion Campaign, a program designed to empower local citizens and communities to take steps... 12/31/1998
Children's Environmental Health Network CEHN is national multidisciplinary project that focuses on education, research, and policy promoting a healthy environment and to protecting the child from environmental hazards. This site includes a...
Children's Environmental Health Program This campaign is coordinated by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, a national environmental organization based in Falls Church, Virginia. The campaign is geared to protecting children...
Children's Environmental Health: 2006 Report. Highlights a variety of efforts that the Environmental Protection Agency has undertaken to improve the environments where children live, learn, and play. Nine EPA school environment programs are... 09/30/2006
Children's Health and Chemical Exposure: Beginning Risks Examines the implications of chemical exposure and indoor air quality (IAQ) on children's health, as well as the ways by which physical differences, socioeconomic status, and activity patterns... 12/31/2010
Children, Learning, and Poisons Don't Mix: Kick the Pesticide Habit. Examines basic information about pesticides and their use in and around schools, how children are exposed to pesticides and their health effects, and how a school can kick the habit of using... 12/31/2007
Choosing an Indoor Air Quality Specialist. Presents criteria for identifying and hiring environmental consultants when internal staff cannot resolve an indoor air problem. A list of certifcations that should be held by the professionals and... 11/30/2003
CHPS Best Practices Manual. Offers guidance on creating high performance schools in California. The manual consists of six volumes. Volume I describes why high performance schools are important, what components are involved in... 12/31/2005
Classroom Ecosystems: Is Educational Technology Safe? Discusses environmental implications of educational technology such as the impact of sustained exposure to video display terminals, recycling of computers, repetitive stress injuries, ergonomic... 12/31/1995
Clean Break. Discusses green cleaning in schools, citing cleaning product certification, improved mixing and dispensing equipment, and coordination of products and cleaning implements. 08/31/2010
Cleaning Chemicals and Their Impact on Indoor Environments and Health. Examines the health impacts associated with cleaning products and systems, especially chemical and particulate emissions that can be inhaled. It also discusses the importance of cleaning products in... 12/31/2007
Cleaning for Health: Products and Practices for a Safer Indoor Environment. This report is a guide to environmentally preferable cleaning products and methods that have been effectively used in office buildings, schools, hospitals and other facilities in the United States... 07/31/2002
Cleaning for Healthy Schools Toolkit. Offers learning modules designed to introduce all audiences to the concept of green cleaning and cleaning for healthy schools. The Toolkit is an open-source, industry-free, customizable,... 12/31/2010