HVAC Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Ventilation Heat Recovery for Laboratories. Discusses energy recovery from laboratory air, which typically requires 100 percent outdoor air at high ventilation rates. Energy recovery can substantially reduce the cost of conditioning this air,... 02/28/2006
Ventilation of School Buildings (Building Bulletin 101). Provides the regulatory framework in support of the United Kingdom's building regulations for the adequate provision of ventilation in schools. These guidelines consider the design of school... 06/30/2006
Ventilation Rates and School Work Performance. Summarizes results of studies showing statistically significant student performance increases in classrooms where ventilation rates were increased. 12/31/2008
Ventilation Rates in Schools. Research shows that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in school buildings can cause a reduction in the students' performance assessed by short-term computer-based tests; whereas good air quality in... 02/29/2008
VFD: Basic Tool for Energy Savings. [VFDs in HVAC Systems.] Describes the features and virtues of variable frequency drives (VFDs) in HVAC systems. These energy-saving drives have evolved to the point that they can be installed on most existing HVAC systems,... 10/31/2009
Water and Air: The Right Mix Controlling humidity in building spaces once was limited to specific areas such as computer rooms, where air that was too moist could corrode electrical contacts and air that was too dry could result... 12/31/2000
Water Source Heat Pump for Modular Classrooms. Reports on an investigation of design improvement for a water source heat pump where the water was stored in flexible plastic bladders resting on the ground beneath modular classrooms. The design... 12/31/2004
Water, Water Everywhere. Discusses techniques for keeping water out of school buildings. Air spaces between exterior and interior walls, weep holes in the masonry, and waterproofing applications are described, as are new... 06/30/2007
What a Water-Cooled HVAC System Can Do for Your Building. Compares air- and water-cooled HVAC systems, noting that water-cooled systems are more energy-efficient. However, the widespread perception of water-cooled systems is that they are more difficult to... 02/29/2008
What Is Your IAQ? Profiles the Iowa State University maintenance department's attention to indoor air quality in its buildings. Automation systems, preventive maintenance, handling of complaints, and staff... 10/31/2007
Wrap It Up. Describes improvements in sound control, temperature regulation, energy consumption, and indoor air quality that can be realized by wrapping ductwork with fiberglass insulation. The insulation helps... 06/30/2004