HVAC Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Education, Indoor Environmental and HVAC Solutions in School Buildings - Consequences of Differences in Paradigm Shifts. Investigates educational methods, school architecture, and the choice of HVAC solutions in school buildings from different eras, to discern whether there is a connection with respect to paradigm... 12/31/2001
Efficient Cooling for California Campus. Describes how three separate wet-bulb conditions are used by three evaporative cooling air-handling units and a chiller with an evaporatively cooled condenser to reduce electrical costs for air... 04/30/2005
Efficient HVAC Strategies: An Emerging Technology Primer. Discusses the particular problems of laboratory HVAC systems, which typically condition a large amount of fresh air and only cycle it through the building once. Variable air volume (VAV) systems can... 07/31/2010
Elective Course: Boiler Replacement 2002. Comprehensive Energy Savings Earns A+ at Boise State University. Case study of the replacement of the boilers of the Student Union at Boise State University with newer, more efficient equipment. 10/31/2004
Eliminating Acoustical Barriers to Learning in Classrooms---Case Study of Window Ventilator Noise Room ventilation systems have long been a major cause of noise in classrooms. The recent drive for energy efficiency has motivated schools to partner with utility companies to replace aging central... 05/31/2000
Eliminating Humidity and Condensation Problems in University Dormitories: Case Study. Presents the investigation and follow-up efforts that identified reasons and corrective measures for high humidity levels in the living areas of two Texas A&M dormitories. The paper describes how... 12/31/2002
Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality in Relocatable Classrooms. Reports the preliminary results of a study of four energy-efficient relocatable classrooms, designed and constructed to demonstrate technologies that simultaneously attempt to improve energy... 12/31/2001
Energy Efficient Florida Educational Facilities: Phase VI. Progress Report: Phase I and II. This study examines differences in energy uses in two adjacent portable classrooms to determine if these types of facilities can be made more energy efficient through retrofitting. Retrofitting... 01/31/1999
Energy Guidelines For K-12 Public Schools. Advises on a variety of building features that impact energy consumption. The publication opens with a discussion of life cycle costing, building modeling, and performance verification. Subsequent... 02/28/2009
Energy Management: A Strategy for HVAC Savings. Describes retro-commissioning of buildings for energy efficiency. Typical elements for scrutiny include lighting controls, HVAC systems, and the building envelope. 03/31/2008
Energy Star for K-12 School Districts Energy Star for Schools is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help schools and school districts track and manage energy use, evaluate facility financial performance...
Evaluating an Ice-Storage System in a Deregulated Environment. Examines the difficulties the electric industry's deregulation created for St. Joseph's University's (Philadelphia) development of a thermal ice-storage system as part of its HVAC... 12/31/2000
FacilitiesNet FacilitiesNet, a comprehensive site for professionals who design, construct, manage and maintain buildings, features online editions of Building Operating Management, Maintenance Solutions, and...
Facility Monitoring Requirements for Optimal Energy Efficiency. Discusses the inadequacy of demand control ventilation (DCV) in maintaining optimal indoor environmental quality. The advantages of intelligent controls with the ability to sense a variety of indoor... 10/31/2010
Filter Facts: IAQ and Efficiency. Discusses types of HVAC air filters, their respective filtering efficiencies, and resistance to air flow. Advantages and disadvantages of newer electrostatic filtering are also addressed. 09/30/2009
Filter Facts: Improving IAQ, Lowering Energy Costs. Discusses characteristics and types of HVAC air filters, making recommendations on proper selection, maintenance, and replacement of filters. 01/31/2009
Filtration and Building Security. Summarizes the use of a building's HVAC system as a barrier to protect the occupants from airborne environmental hazards. HEPA filtration, HEGA air cleaning, prefiltration, monitoring, air... 03/31/2005
Find and Prevent Legionella in Your Building Water Systems. Reviews sources of Legionella bacteria, proper maintenance of cooling towers and plumbing to prevent its infestation, and treatment of the towers if the bacteria is found. 12/31/2007
Finding a Balance. Addresses current trends in the invisible components of building systems: foam duct insulation, greener energy systems, and water resource conservation. The article highlights Pennsylvania State... 02/28/2011
Fire Down Below. Explores some of the problems associated with coal burning boilers in educational facilities and the extent of their use in the New York City public school system. Also highlighted are some of the... 02/08/2000
First LEED Platinum Pool Features HVAC Natatorium Design. Case study of Philadelphia's Kappen Aquatic Center at the Overbrook School for the Blind. The energy efficient design saves an estimated 43 percent of the 25,000-square-foot facility's... 03/23/2011
Flexible HVAC System for Lab or Classroom. Discusses an effort to design a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system flexible enough to accommodate an easy conversion of classrooms to laboratories and dry labs to wet labs. The design... 10/31/2001
Four Alternative to Traditional HVAC. As cost-saving alternatives to traditional HVAC, this article describes chilled beam, geothermal, night-sky cooling, and thermal energy storage systems. 05/31/2008
Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Systems. 2nd Edition. This guide to the specification and application of a wide variety of commercial and residential air conditioning equipment covers topics such as heat load calculation factors; equipment sizing,... 12/31/1999
Geoexchange HVAC System Sets a New Standard for Energy Efficiency. Profiles a geothermal HVAC system at an Ottoville, Ohio, K-12 school. The energy saved paid for the elaborate system in less than the projected four years. 01/31/2007