Impact of Facilities on Learning--Research Studies

Title Abstract Publication Date
Effects of School Safety and School Characteristics on Grade 8 Achievement: A Multilevel Analysis. Reports on a statewide study that examined the extent to which a safe school influences individual student achievement. The study used a two-level hierarchical model that included student... 03/31/1999
Effects of Student Population Density on Academic Achievement in Georgia Elementary Schools. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between school density and achievement test scores. Based on comparing test scores and student population density, it was concluded that... 12/31/1999
Experimental Investigation of the Effects of the Acoustical Conditions in a Simulated Classroom on Speech Recognition and Learning in Children The potential effects of acoustical environment on speech understanding are especially important as children enter school where students' ability to hear and understand complex verbal... 12/31/2011
Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and Their Relationship With Teacher Retention The purpose of this study was to examine how the eight items within the public school Facilities and Resources domain of the 2008 North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions survey predict teachers... 08/01/2010
Exploring the Relationship Between High School Facilities and Achievement of High School Students in Georgia. Reports on a study to determine any relationship between selected building design features and results on the Georgia High School Graduation Test. The population of the study included 27 public high... 11/30/1999
Facility Condition as an Influence on School Climate: a Study of Two Separate Secondary School Settings. Examines school facility condition influences on the perceptions of students, parents, and teachers about the school climate. This study compared the condition of two secondary school settings and... 12/31/2002
Factors Affecting Perception of and Responses to Crowded Classroom Environments. The effects of density and other situational factors on perceptions of and responses to crowding in classroom learning environments were examined in three separate and concurrent investigations. The... 07/31/1977
Four Strong Schools: Developing a Sense of Place through School Architecture. The premise is that students should be schooled in built and natural environments that afford them ways of understanding how their daily physical actions and social choices affect the earth. Views of... 05/31/2007
Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning. Examines the potential of environmentally-conscious school design for improving education. This book provides an assessment of the potential human health and performance benefits of improvements in... 12/31/2006
Health and Behavior of Children in Classrooms With and Without Windows The aims of the study were to assess the effects of light on the production of stress hormones, classroom performance, body growth, and sick leave, of school children. About 90 children were... 11/30/1992
Health Benefits to Children From Contact With the Outdoors and Nature Synthesis of selected research and studies on positive health benefits of children's play in nature. 12/31/2011
High School Landscapes and Student Performance. Reports on an investigation of 101 public high schools in southeastern Michigan to examine the role played by the availability of nearby natural environments in the academic achievement and behavior... 12/31/2007
Identifying Relevant Variables for Understanding How School Facilities Affect Educational Outcomes. Presents the results of research that solicited information from educators and other researchers to develop a set of priorities for guiding future work toward understanding how school facilities... 12/31/2003
Impact of a New School Facility on One District's Experience. Analyzes improvement in academic performance in Ohio's new Laurel High, a building that replaced an historic, but decrepit facility. Despite the extreme contrast of facility conditions between... 12/31/2009
Improved Academic Performance. Student Health and Academic Performance: Using Research to Make the Case for Comprehensive IAQ Management in Schools. Provides links to research reports that link key environmental factors to health outcomes and students' ability to perform. Includes the latest scientific data on indoor environmental quality,... 12/31/2011
Improving Student Achievement and School Facilities in a Time of Limited Funding. This paper will provide a plethora of data that research has provided regarding how the learning environment can improve student performance. Over a decade of research has consistently confirmed that... 12/31/2009
Improving the Physical and Social Environment of School: A Question of Equity. This study explored the interplay between quality facilities and school climate, charting the effects of facility conditions on student and teacher attitudes, behaviors, and performance within... 08/31/2010
Improving the Quality of School Facilities through Building Performance Assessment: Educational Reform and School Building Quality in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Describes the purpose of and strategies for conducting post-occupancy evaluations (POE?s) as a method for assessing school building performance. The authors describe research conducted within the... 12/31/2008
Influence of the School Facility on Student Achievement: Thermal Environment This is review of research that examines the hypothesis that the thermal environment affects academic achievement at various grade levels within the school. Some of the research dates back to the... 03/31/1999
Integration Patterns of Learning Technologies. This research proposes sets of design patterns of learning environments as an innovative approach towards an intelligent architectural design process. These patterns are based on teachers'... 09/09/2007
Interface between Educational Facilities and Learning Climate in Three Northern Alabama K-2 Elementary Schools. This study was designed to observe, record, and describe the interface between educational facilities and learning climate in three elementary schools, comparing the results with results from a 1990... 12/31/1992
Investigating Multimodal Interactions for the Design of Learning Environments: A Case Study in Science Learning. This thesis focuses on multimodal interactions for the design of a learning environment, analyzing the structure of the interactive space between the learner and the content to be learnt, and... 10/31/2004
Investigating the Behaviors of the Elementary School Students in Reference to Factors Associated with Daylight. There is no simple guide to human behavior which architects can use but recommendations rather an understanding of the principles of behavior and of man's interactions with buildings. To... 02/28/2011
Investment in School Infrastructure As a Critical Educational Capacity Issue: A National Study. Illustrates a research model that links human capital, social capital, and physical capital as elements that work together to enhance student achievement. Data for the study was gathered from the U.S... 12/31/2006
Lack of Short-Wavelength Light During the School Day Delays Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) in Middle School Students. Reports the results of a study investigating whether removal of short-wavelength light during the morning hours delayed the onset of melatonin in young adults. Dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) was... 12/31/2009