Impact of Facilities on Learning--Research Studies

Title Abstract Publication Date
Leadership and Learning Landscapes: The Struggle for the Idea of the University This paper focuses on the academic involvement in the design and delivery of new teaching and learning spaces in higher education. The findings are based on research conducted at 12 universities... 09/30/2011
Learning and The Physical Environment-A Research Overview from Scandinavia. Presents a review of research done in Scandinavia on the relationship between learning and the physical environment. The paper discusses the interaction between children's learning and the... 12/31/2009
Learning Environments Designed for the Occupants: Three Case Studies of Innovative Elementary School Design. This research project examined how educational facilities are perceived and used by the occupants. It sought to inform the design of effective learning environments in elementary schools through a... 12/31/2001
Learning Environments: Redefining the Discourse on School Architecture. Investigates the physical environment of the school as only one component, although an important one, of learning environments suitable for learner-centered, consiructivist approaches to learning.... 04/30/2007
Learning Landscapes in Higher Education: Final Report. Learning Landscapes is a research project looking at the ways in which academics work with colleagues in campuses and other key stakeholders to develop and manage innovation in the design of teaching... 03/31/2010
Light, Vision and Learning. Addresses the role of light and sight in learning, explaining aspects of visual development in children, anatomy and physiology of the eye, eye care and protection, the physics of light, light and... 12/31/1962
Lighting and Discomfort in the Classroom. Examines aspects of classroom lighting and decor that can promote discomfort and impair task performance through glare, and imperceptible 100 Hz flicker from fluorescent lighting. In 90 United... 12/31/2008
Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning Environments. Presents a holistic, sustainable philosophy of learning environment design based on the study of how schools, classrooms, playgrounds, homes, museums, and parks affect children and how they learn.... 12/31/2008
Making the Case for Space: Three Years of Empirical Research on Learning Environments. Research project shows that students in new, technology-enhanced learning spaces exceeded final grade expectations relative to their ACT scores, suggesting strongly that features of the spaces... 12/31/2009
Measuring School Facility Conditions: An Illustration of the Importance of Purpose. Argues that taking the educational purposes of schools into account is central to understanding the place and importance of facilities to learning outcomes. The paper begins by observing that the... 12/31/2008
National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse at San Diego State University The National Center for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse supports the planning, design, and construction of school facilities from a learner-centered perspective through communication, research,...
New Designs for Learning New Designs for Learning, a program at the School of Education, Oregon State University, is a comprehensive approach to educational reform and revitalization. Its design recommendations equip...
New High Schools in Ohio: Relationships between School Facilities and Staff Behavior and Attitudes. Investigates the relationships between moving from old to new high school facilities and student behavior and staff attitudes in selected Ohio schools. This study comprised 13 rural, small cities,... 12/31/2001
New Learning Environments: A Study of How Architecture Can Respond to Interdisciplinary and Mobile Learning. By evaluating designs based on the evolution of the American school as a building typology and predicting the future of higher learning based on the progressing pedagogical shift, this thesis... 04/30/2010
New Schools, Overcrowding Relief, and Achievement Gains in Los Angeles – Strong Returns from a $19.5 Billion Investment By tracking thousands of students who moved from overcrowded to new facilities over the 2002-2008 period, Berkeley researchers discovered gains equivalent on average to about 35 additional days of... 07/31/2012
New York State School Facilities and Student Health, Achievement, and Attendance: A Data Analysis Report. Presents results of a study of two New York counties indicating that school facility condition does affect student achievement. Data regarding school condition, student complaints, and academic... 12/31/2004
Optimal Learning Spaces: Design Implications for Primary Schools. Frames the multitude of opportunities within just a few major design principles derived from the basics of how people experience spaces in response to the environmental data they gain through their... 09/30/2009
Perceptions About the Role of Architecture in Education. This dissertation was conducted to examine perceptions held by those who influence schoolhouse design about the role of architecture in education. Eleven informants--regionally and/or nationally... 12/31/1995
Performance Evaluation of Indoor Environment towards Sustainability for Higher Educational Buildings The indoor environmental factors considered in higher educational building must be determined in order to meet the user's requirement. Disruption of indoor environment may reduce occupants... 12/31/2010
Physical Environment and Student Safety in South Georgia Schools. The preservation of school safety should be a primary commitment of all educators. This paper presents findings of a study that examined school facility safety in 27 Georgia schools. Data were... 10/31/1996
Plants in the Classroom Can Improve Student Performance. The aims of this project was to investigate the effects of indoor plants on classroom performance in years 6 and 7 students. The trials were conducted in three independent schools in the Brisbane... 10/28/2010
Portraiture of a Green Schoolyard: A Natural History of Children's Experiences Children in the United States are losing access to nature, yet previous research suggests that time in nature provides benefits for children's healthy development. Youth withdrawal from the... 12/31/2011
Principals' Perceptions of the Impact of Building Condition on Student Achievement. The issue of the condition of the schools children attend has been resistant to inclusion in the culture of educational reform. This study was undertaken to probe this resistance by examining the... 12/31/2009
Proximity of Public Elementary Schools to Major Roads in Canadian Urban Areas Epidemiologic studies have linked exposure to traffic-generated air and noise pollution with a wide range of adverse health effects in children. Children spend a large portion of time at school, and... 12/20/2011
Public School Facilities and Teacher Job Satisfaction. A growing body of research suggests the physical condition of public school facilities and the availability of resources, including technology, impact teachers' job satisfaction. The purpose of... 07/31/2008