Impact of Facilities on Learning--Research Studies

Title Abstract Publication Date
Public School Principals Report on Their School Facilities: Fall 2005. Reports on principals' satisfaction with environmental factors in their schools, and the extent to which they perceive those factors as interfering with the ability of the school to deliver... 12/31/2006
Quality In School Environments: A Multiple Case Study of the Diagnosis, Design and Management of Environment Quality in Five Elementary Schools in the Baltimore City Public Schools from an Action Research Perspective. Environmental factors are being increasingly recognized as playing a role in school effectiveness and educational outcomes. Volume 1 examines what is known concerning the diagnosis, design, and... 11/30/1996
Relating Building and Classroom Conditions to Student Achievement in Virginia's Elementary Schools. The relationship between student achievement and a number of variables relating to building and classroom conditions in Virginia elementary schools were examined. A systematic random sample of 300... 12/31/1998
Relationship between Educational Resources and School Achievement: A Mixed Method Intra-District Analysis. This study examines the relationship between educational resources (fiscal, personnel and facilities) and school achievement within a large urban/suburban elementary school district. A sequential... 10/31/2010
Relationship Between School Facility Conditions and the Delivery of Instruction: Evidence From a National Survey of School Principals. Investigates the effects of school facility conditions on the delivery of instruction from the perspective of school principals in the USA. The paper empirically investigated whether the quality of... 12/31/2009
Relationship Between the Physical Characteristics of Higher Educational Facilities and Student Attitudes About Their Graduate School Programs This research investigates how the following factors of the physical environment: lighting, acoustics, temperature, and color influence perceptions of their classrooms and thus influence student... 03/31/2010
Research Into the Connection Between Built Learning Spaces and Student Outcomes This literature review asked the question of the current literature on built environments: To what extent does the literature show connections between learning spaces and student learning outcomes in... 05/31/2011
Research on the Impact of School Facilities on Students and Teachers. Reviews the literature on school facilities and academic outcomes, school building systems, and school facility condition and community factors. It includes a bibliography of research since 2002 and... 12/31/2009
Research on the Impact of School Facilities on Students and Teachers: A Summary of Studies Published since 2000. Recent research continues to point to a small but steadily positive relationship between the quality of a public school facility and a range of academic and community outcomes. This study reviews the... 12/31/2009
School Building Condition, School Attendance, and Academic Achievement in New York City Public Schools: A Mediation Model. Examines the role of school attendance as a mediator in the relationship between facilities in disrepair and student grades in city and state tests. Data on building condition and results from... 08/31/2008
School Building Design: Its Relationship to Professional Community, Quality Teaching Practice, and the Pursuit of Higher Standards. Tests the hypothesis that an open-space school building design is positively related to professional community, quality teaching practice, and pursuit of higher standards. A comparative study of two... 12/31/1997
School Design and Planning Laboratory (SDPL), University of Georgia SDPL's mission is to advance the design and planning of safe, comfortable, developmentally appropriate learning environments for primary, elementary, middle, and high schools. This site contains...
School Design and Students' Relationships with the Natural World This qualitative study is an exploration of intermediate students' experience of the natural world as mediated by indoor/outdoor elements. The fieldwork for this project was conducted in the... 03/31/2012
School Disrepair and Substance Use among Regular and Alternative High School Students. The physical environment influences adolescent health behavior and personal development. This article examines the relationship between level of school disrepair and substance use among students... 07/31/2010
School Facilities and Student Achievement: Student Perspectives on the Connection Between the Urban Learning Environment and Student Motivation and Performance. This study examined the ways in which students in an urban school district responded to being educated in substandard facilities. The purpose of this study was to arrive at an understanding with... 12/31/2005
School Facilities: The Relationship of the Physical Environment to Teacher Professionalism. This study determined the perceptions of 38 state Teachers of the Year (1988) had about how school facilities affected their ability to function as professionals. Data from a 105-item questionnaire... 12/31/1989
School Facility Conditions and Learning Environments: Canadian Evidence. Presents evidence from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study that connects Canadian school principals' ratings of their facility condition to a variety of learning... 02/28/2007
School Facility Conditions and Student Academic Achievement. Explains how the condition of school facilities has an important impact on student performance and teacher effectiveness, particularly where classroom temperature and noise level are concerned. Older... 09/30/2002
School Infrastructure and Resources Do Matter: Analysis of the Incidence of School Resources on the Performance of Latin American Students. A 4-level multilevel model was applied to the data of the Second Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study (SERCE) conducted by UNESCO, which researched 180,000 students in the 3rd and 6th grades of... 02/28/2011
School Size and Student Outcomes. Reviews literature examining the relationship between secondary school size and student achievement. A variety of sources spanning thirty years are summarized, and their findings on the effect of... 12/31/1994
School Size as a Factor in Elementary School Achievement. The relationship between elementary school enrollment and fifth-grade achievement was explored using data from a large urban Missouri school district. The district's 39 elementary schools... 04/27/2003
Schools of the Future and Sustainable Design. This thesis examines what practices schools and school districts need to adopt if they want to apply sustainable design principles to their new schools and the benefits these design practices offer... 01/05/2000
Schools of the Future. Provides a brief overview of the historical development of school buildings in different countries, followed by contributions from authors discussing how school buildings can work together with users... 12/31/2008
Societal Values and Policies May Curtail Preschool Children's Physical Activity in Child Care Centers Nine focus groups with 49 child care providers (55% African American) were assembled from 34 centers (inner-city, suburban, Head Start, and Montessori) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three main barriers to... 01/03/2012
Some Effects of School Buildings Renovation on Pupil Attitudes and Behavior in Selected Junior High Schools. A study of 2300 junior high school students from three schools were tested to determine the effect of a newly renovated school, a new school environment, and an old dilapidated school environment on... 12/31/1975