Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Synthesis of Studies Pertaining to Facilities, Student Achievement, and Student Behavior. This study examines the research on the extent school facilities influence student achievement and behavior. Fifty-three studies conducted since 1980 were synthesized that included the independent... 04/30/1997
A Tale of Two Institutions: Education and Environment. A Brief History of the Conflicting Values and Objectives of Schools and the Environmental Movement. This paper briefly highlights the past four decades of the relationship between school districts and the environmental movement. It reveals the public's increasing awareness of environmental... 12/31/1989
A Thoughtful Blend. Discusses three keys to the successful partnership of school curriculum and construction. These are: concepts that cross grade and subject boundaries, hands-on experiences, and relevant core values.... 07/31/2008
A Well Designed School Environment Facilitates Brain Learning Examines how school designs can facilitate learning by offering environments that complement the way students actually learn. Discusses mechanisms for learning and ways that learning can be supported... 12/31/1999
Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture K-6 Classroom Workshop Proceedings of a workshop aimed to identify the knowledge gap between the design of K-6 classrooms and research findings from neuroscience—creating testable hypotheses relating the development stages... 04/05/2005
Achievement by Design. Discusses some of the negative effects of poor classroom arrangement on learning, advising teachers on how to become better placemakers. Desirable features of schools that directly contribute to... 09/30/2007
Acoustics and Daylighting Clean, quiet, safe, comfortable and healthy environments are an important component of successful teaching and learning. 04/30/2012
Acoustics in Educational Settings. ASHA has provided a position statement, guidelines, and acoustical improvement strategies to be considered when adding to, remodeling, or building new schools. Acoustical interference caused by... 12/31/2004
Acoustics in Physical Education Settings: The Learning Roadblocks. Reports results of study measuring noise levels in elementary, middle, and high school physical education settings, and compare them to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)... 12/31/2009
Activity-Enhancing Arenas of Designs: A Case-Study of the Classroom Layout. Perceptions of how five different classroom spatial layouts differ in the way they influence teaching and learning activities were elicited from primary teachers and evaluated in terms of their... 12/31/2002
Advancing Concepts About Activity Settings Within Learning Environments. This paper considers the physical environment of the school setting as a transactional system. The concepts of interactionalism and probabalism is examined to support this perspective. The notions of... 11/30/2004
Aesthetic Code in Early Childhood Classrooms: What Art Educators Can Learn from Reggio Emilia. This article compares the messages contained in the physical environments of early childhood classrooms in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with typical early childhood settings in Canada and the United States... 09/30/2001
Affective and Social Benefits of Small-Scale Schooling. ERIC Digest. This digest summarizes research in the affective and social realms that overwhelmingly affirms the superiority of small schools. Findings on the affective and social effects of school size are... 11/30/1996
An Application of Broken-Windows and Related Theories to the Study of Disorder, Fear, and Collective Efficacy in Schools. This article considers school climate and perceptions of social disorder. When a school is characterized by disorder or physical risk, basic educational goals and processes are jeopardized. We use... 01/31/2009
An Assessment of the Impact of the Sensory Environment on Individuals' Behaviour in Special Needs Schools. Presents analysis of teaching layouts and the sequence of activities in ten selected special needs schools, using questionnaire research directed at caregivers and teachers. The effects of several... 12/31/2005
An Assessment of the Quality and Educational Adequacy of Educational Facilities and Their Perceived Impact on the Learning Environment as Reported by Middle School Administrators and Teachers in the Humble Independent School District, Humble, Texas Investigates the adequacy and quality of middle school facilities in Humble ISD middle schools as reported by the primary users of these facilities, the teachers and administrators. These middle... 11/30/2006
An Examination of the Classroom Physical Environment. This paper examines research on the effects of the physical environment of the classroom, noting that classrooms often are a web of interrelated and interdependent variables. The discussion includes... 12/31/1982
An Integrated Approach to Interior Master Planning: How Place Communicates and Affects Mission. Discusses the importance of the physical environment of colleges and universities in communicating the school's mission and promoting its academic reputation. Lists elements addressed and the... 02/28/1998
An Investigation of the Physical Environment and Its Effect on MR Youth. Reported are the findings of a research study to determine the effects of physical environment on the learning behavior of 13 institutionalized moderately and severely retarded individuals (14-18... 12/31/1975
An Investigative Study of the Relationship of the Physical Environment to Teacher Professionalism in the State of Mississippi Public Schools. Investigates 1994 State Teacher of the Year Nominees' perceptions of how school facilities enhance their ability to function as professionals. The study revealed that of the 21 identified... 04/30/1995
ANFA K-6 Classroom Workshop. Summarizes the presentations of the Academy for Neuroscience for Architecture's February 2005 conference on K-6 classroom design. The workshop focused on the affect of the learning environment... 01/31/2005
Another Brick in the Wall? Pursuing an Alternative Educational Environment for Halifax (Nova Scotia) Student body demographics, combined with curriculum, and set against a particular architectural backdrop are defining elements of any school; and therefore are the means with which the problems of... 12/31/2001
Architectural Concerns for Future Learning Environments. A research study examined the factors that will affect future educational programs and the resultant effect of these factors on future school facilities. Additionally, the study developed an... 03/31/1994
Architectural Design and the Learning Environment: A Framework for School Design Research. Develops a theoretical framework for studying how instructional space, teaching, and learning are related in practice. It is argued that a school's physical design can contribute to the quality... 12/31/2009
Architecture and Children: Learning Environments and Design Education. This issue of MASS Magazine, Journal of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, addresses growing international interest in learning environments and their effects on... 09/30/1998