Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Architecture as a Quality in the Learning and Teaching Process Using an outline format accompanied by numerous photographs and sketches, this brochure explores the relationship of school to people's conceptions, actions, and physical surroundings,... 10/31/1986
Architecture as Determining the Child's Place in Its School. This paper analyzes the implications of a school's physical environment for children's development. Its purpose is to draw the attention of educators to the implications of the physical... 10/31/1986
Architecture Can Teach Since 1972 Taylor and Vlastos have been studying the effects of learning environments on the behavior and learning of children. This discusses the contention that school environments have a largely... 12/31/1997
Architecture for the Whole Child: Celebrating Change! Argues well-designed middle schools support the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional changes students experience. Promotes a design that is a hybrid of the home-based, child-centered elementary... 10/31/1997
Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments. This guide focuses on the architecture of primary and pre- school sector in the United Kingdom and broadly considers the subtle spatial and psychological requirements of growing children up to, and... 12/31/1999
Architecture's Impact on Learning Recent studies show that built environment is a key element in a school's overall success. Since today's educators promote a thinking-based, integrated curriculum, the learning environment... 05/31/1994
Assessing School Facilities for Learning/Assessing the Impact of the Physical Environment on the Educational Process: Intergrating Theoretical Issues with Practical Concerns. This presentation explores a theoretical framework and a practical procedure for assessing the physical environment of urban schools to identify its perceived impacts on the educational process.... 09/16/1999
Association between Physical Environment of Secondary Schools and Student Problem Behavior: A National Study, 2000-2003. This article examines various aspects of school physical characteristics relating to problem behavior among students. We hypothesize that an attractive physical environment will be associated with... 12/31/2007
Associations Between Classroom Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Student Attendance in Elementary Schools in Washington and Idaho. This article is based on a Lawrence Berkeley National Lab report. The study involves CO2 measurements inside and outside the 436 classrooms of 22 schools in Washington and Idaho. According to the... 09/30/2003
Best Practice in Classroom Design. Presents detailed results of surveys of New Zealand teachers, students, principals, board members, and design agencies, regarding the effect of good school design on learning outcomes. Survey results... 01/30/2004
Better Buildings Better Design Better Education. Presents a survey of all 150 English local educational authorities, revealing the results of capital investment over the last 10 years. The booklet shows that schools are off to a positive start, and... 12/31/2006
Better Lighting for Healthier Students. This brief highlights the problem that poor or inappropriate lighting in schools can adversely affect children's health and their ability to learn. It discusses the benefits of using daylight or... 08/31/2001
Bibliography of Empirical Research Investigating the Relationship between the Physical Environment of Educational Settings and Educational Outcomes. A bibliography of research reviews and empirical research citations that address the effects of the educational facility's physical environment on educational outcomes. A total of 123 references... 06/30/1999
Bibliography of Empirical Research Investigating the Relationship between the Physical Environment of Educational Settings and Educational Outcomes. Cites 1955-1998 research, reports, and journal articles on the effect of school facilities on educational outcomes. 12/31/2000
Breaking New Ground. Community School's ambitious study aims to measure how the building environment affects learning and behavior. 08/31/1994
Bricks and Mortarboards. Research shows that student achievement lags in shabby school buildings-those with no science labs, inadequate ventilation, and faulty heating systems. But it does not show that student performance... 12/05/2000
Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour. School Issues Digest. This digest reviews a range of research studies that examine the possible causal linkages between school buildings and student outcomes and behavior. It presents findings in support of the theory... 12/31/2000
Building Blocks; How Schools are Designed and Constructed Affects How Students Learn. Studies show that deteriorating school facilities take their toll on students' and teachers' health and morale. Classrooms should be accessible to the outdoors; clustered around a commons;... 09/30/2001
Building Condition and Student Achievement and Behavior. This study examines the relationship between the condition of school facilities, and student achievement and student behavior, using selected high schools in urban areas of Virginia. The study found... 06/30/1996
Building Conditions, Parental Involvement and Student Achievement in the D.C. Public School System. This paper examines the impact of parental involvement on the overall condition of the Washington (District of Columbia) public school buildings, and then looks at the impact of various variables on... 12/31/1990
Building Conditions, Parental Involvement, and Student Achievement in the District of Columbia Public School System. Little research has been done on the need to repair and refurbish school buildings because of the impact that the condition of buildings has on the students, rather than just the need to maintain... 03/31/1993
Building Education: The Role of the Physical Environment in Enhancing Teaching and Research. This British publication provides an overview of some of the current themes relevant to school building design. It looks at the relationship between school buildings, attainment, and behavior and... 12/31/2001
Building Schools That Enhance Learning. It is a daunting task to determine how learning is affected by physical factors such as building age, visual factors and lighting. To make the task more manageable, identify elements that affect the... 10/31/1998
But Are They Learning? School Buildings-The Important Unasked Questions This paper asserts that school buildings have been and continue to be places to warehouse children, and that new schools just do it in more comfortable settings. It suggests that an examination of... 01/31/2002
Can Research Findings Help School Systems Obtain the Most Bang from the Construction Bucks? Research on educational facilities is important to help industry and school districts make decisions on funding and maintaining good educational environments for their students. This paper presents... 09/25/1997