Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Windows: The Benefits Are Clear. Discusses the importance of specifying windows in a school renovation or building project to energize a campus. It explains how windows are psychologically uplifting, how glass accentuates excitement... 12/31/1998
Working in Urban Schools. This document on the working conditions of urban teachers reports data from a survey of 31 elementary, middle, and secondary schools in five urban school districts. More than 400 interviews were... 12/31/1987
Young Children's Preferences for School-Related Physical-Environmental Setting Characteristics. The hypothesis of this research study is that children are influenced by such environmental characteristics as color, shapes, light, and the complexity of their surroundings. The study reports that... 10/31/1990
‘This Place Could Help you Learn': Student Participation in Creating Better School Environments. This paper examines the role of student consultation and participation in the process of improving the physical environment in schools. Although quantitative studies suggest that there are some links... 04/30/2006