Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Does High School Facility Quality Affect Student Achievement? A 2-Level Hierarchical Linear Model. The purpose of this study is to isolate the independent effects of high school facility quality on student achievement using a large, nationally representative U.S. database of student achievement... 06/30/2011
Does it Matter Where Our Children Learn? Modern demands in education include student safety, the integration of technology, and rising expectations for performance. The quality of learning facilities is one of several complex components... 02/17/1998
Does the Classroom Assist or Impede the Learning Process? Even moderate levels of noise and poor room acoustics can impair children's ability to understand clearly spoken words. In many everyday classroom situations, children will only understand a... 12/31/2004
Does the Indoor Air Quality in Schools Impact Student Performance? Describes the effects of common indoor pollutants on human performance and suggests programs that can improve indoor air quality in schools. 03/31/2004
Does Your Facility Promote Educational Success? Explains that schools must be maintained to ensure children have a good environment in which to learn and explores the following three components affecting a learning environment: site improvements;... 04/30/2000
Dollars and Sense: the Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools. This publication summarizes research on the educational and social benefits of small schools and the negative effects of large schools on students, teachers, and members of the community, as well as... 12/31/2001
Dropping Out of High School: The Role of School Organization and Structure. Explores how high schools, through their size, structures and organizations, may influence their students' decisions about whether to stay in school until graduation or drop out. Findings center... 12/31/2000
Early Implementation of the Class Size Reduction Initiative. [California] A survey of school districts was conducted to determine the initial progress and problems associated with the 1997 Class Size Reduction (CSR) Initiative. Data reveal that most school districts had... 03/31/1997
Early Nineteenth Century School Space and Ideology Articulates the ideological and social relationships reinforced by the spatial design of urban children's schools in the early 19th century. Describes the purpose and function of the four types... 12/31/1995
Educating by Design: Creating Campus Learning Environments that Work. This book is organized into two parts. Part One, Type and Impacts of Campus Environments, offers an overview of models and concepts of human environments, focusing on their manifestations in the... 12/31/2000
Educational Design Institute at Mississippi State University An initiative between the College of Education and the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University dedicated to the design of innovative learner-centered environments. This website...
Educational Equity and School Structure: School Size, Overcrowding, and Schools- Within-Schools. Discusses educational equity in relation to school size, school overcrowding, and schools-within-schools. The article is an interpretive summary of existing studies of these topics, concentrating on... 09/30/2004
Educational Facilities for the Twenty-First Century: Research Analysis and Design Patterns. Examines the relationship between school buildings and educational performance. Research has demonstrated that the physical setting has both direct and mediated effects on prosocial and achievement... 12/31/1993
Educational Facilities: Discipline, Surveillance and Democracy. Discusses the redesign and renovation of an open-plan middle school that is incompatible with the instructional policies practiced. TEAMS (Technology Enhancing Achievement in Middle School), an... 12/31/2005
Educational Facilities: The Impact and Role of the Physical Environment of the School on Teaching, Learning and Educational Outcomes. This study examines the degree to which frail physical school infrastructures have affected education over the past 10 years and the impact and role of the school building in achieving outcome-based... 12/31/1993
Educational Facility Age and the Academic Achievement and Attendance of Upper Elementary School Students. Reports on a study to determine the relationship of the age of the learning facility to the academic achievement of upper elementary school students taught within those facilities. A significant... 06/30/1997
Educational Facility Design and Project Based Learning: The Real Connection. Discusses the relationship of project-based learning to school facilities, abandoning the familiar double-loaded corridor design and seeking flexible learning spaces that are part of the curriculum.... 12/31/2008
Educational Landscapes: Developing School Grounds as Learning Places In response to today's concern for the environment and growing curricular demands to teach about the natural world, educators are discovering the power of a school's surrounding outdoors... 12/31/1998
Educational Performance, Environmental Management, and Cleaning Effectiveness in School Environments. This paper briefly discusses research on the negative impact of indoor air environments within educational facilities and the positive impact of a scientifically based cleaning process. Included is a... 12/31/2000
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design: 2007. Examines 12 educational trends influencing the planning and design of school facilities. The trends were identified by reviewing the latest research on school facilities and student outcomes; current... 12/31/2006
Effect of Architecture on Education Christopher explores the effect of school buildings on education. Although a quality building cannot make up for a poor curriculum, an exceptional environment can improve a program's... 12/31/1990
Effect of Education Buildings' Spatial Quality on Child's Academic Achievement. Education buildings are the most important factor after the home in development of children. Teaching resources, teachers' skill and curriculum play a vital role in a child's education. In... 12/31/2010
Effect of Indoor Environmental Quality on Occupant's Perception of Performance: a Comparative Study. Reports on a study to documents the difference between the occupant's perception of performance in a LEED-certified higher education building with a higher education building that is not LEED... 12/31/2004
Effective Educational Environments. The existing knowledge of the school environment is reviewed in this book, with a focus on its impact on educational effectiveness and student achievement. Chapter 1 examines how the composition of... 12/31/1991
Effects of Classroom Lighting on the Behavior of Exceptional Children The effects of classroom lighting methods on activity level, achievement, visual acuity/fatigue, and health of nonhandicapped and handicapped students are reviewed. Effects of different levels of... 06/30/1983