Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Effects of Color and Light on Selected Elementary Students. This study compared children's off-task behavior and physiological response in a normal elementary classroom setting with those in a prescribed classroom environment. In the prescribed... 12/31/1992
Effects of Noise on Academic Achievement and Classroom Behavior This study evaluated student achievement in 15 school in Los Angeles located at different distances from freeways with corresponding different traffic-noise-generated background noise levels in the... 08/31/1981
Effects of Noise, Heat, and Indoor Lighting on Cognitive Performance and Self-Reported Affect. Reports the result of experiments that tested the effect of temperature, lighting, and noise on cognition and sense well-being in high school students. Students remembered fewer words at 27 degrees... 08/31/2001
Effects of Physical and School Environment on Students and Faculty This article reports on a research study to determine if the physical environment of the school was related to student achievement, attendance, behavior, and self-concept. Two schools, one modern and... 12/31/1988
Effects of Preschool Environments on Nonverbal Social Behavior Toddler's interpersonal distances to teachers and classmates change with environmental density, classroom design, and parent-child interactions. 12/31/1988
Effects of School Architectural Design on Student and Teacher Anxiety. Reports on junior high school student and teacher anxiety, which was higher in open-plan schools than in conventional plan schools. In the open plan schools, transition to new activities were more... 06/30/1984
Effects of School Design on Student Outcomes. The purpose of this study is to compare student achievement with three school design classifications: movement and circulation, day lighting, and views. Significant effects are found for Reading... 12/31/2008
Effects of School Design on Student Outcomes. Compares student achievement with three school design classifications: movement and circulation, day lighting, and views. From a sample of 71 schools, measures of these three school designs, taken... 12/31/2008
Effects of School Lighting on Physical Development and School Performance This study collected data on the physical development, attendance, and school performance effects of four types of school lighting on elementary students over a two-year period. Results indicated... 02/28/1995
Effects of School Safety and School Characteristics on Grade 8 Achievement: A Multilevel Analysis. Reports on a statewide study that examined the extent to which a safe school influences individual student achievement. The study used a two-level hierarchical model that included student... 03/31/1999
Effects of Student Population Density on Academic Achievement in Georgia Elementary Schools. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between school density and achievement test scores. Based on comparing test scores and student population density, it was concluded that... 12/31/1999
EIS Survey of New and Refurbished Schools. [Scotland] Presents the results of a survey of Scottish school teachers working in new or renovated schools. Only 27 percent of teachers believed that their comments had had any impact on the final plans, and... 12/31/2003
Elementary School Student Capacity: What Size Is the Right Size? Discusses and analyzes the relationship between school size and student achievement in South Carolina elementary schools. Schools with high student achievement were determined by the winners of the... 12/31/1995
Emergent Educational Facility Planning Issues. What Are They? How Are They Dealt With? The planning and design of educational facilities is impacted by developments in information technology and telecommunications. Potentials for improving education, the realities facing educational... 12/31/1993
Energy Smart Schools: Opportunities to Save Money, Save Energy and Improve Student Performance. An expert panel at a Congressional briefing chaired by Rep. Mark Udall discusses the benefits of energy smart schools and prospects for their further development. This describes the whole building... 11/30/1999
Engineering Sustainable Schools. Linking Design Quality and Education Reports on how design quality can be fostered to achieve educational transformation. The majority of the reports target the architectural aspects of the building design and prescribe an architectural... 04/09/2011
Environment and Children: Passive Lessons from the Everyday Environment. Explores how the built environment affects children - their health, their behaviour, education and development. Based on the authors' experiences designing schools and early childhood centers in... 12/31/2006
Environment for Learning: The Application of Selected Research to Classroom Design and Utilization. Various factors of the classroom environment that can contribute to a more complete learning atmosphere are explored. The author presents a review of certain research findings that may serve as... 12/31/1968
Environments for Learning. Examines aspects of the learning environment the way the student experiences it - through the senses. Maintaining that there is no such thing as a neutral environment, this book guides users towards... 12/31/2002
Essential Aspects of Designing a School Research on school design variables that influence student achievement. Samples are in the State of Georgia and may not necessarily generalize to other areas. 29 design patterns were found that... 03/31/2000
Evaluating the Effect of Image on the Success of a Facility Both the design and image have an effect upon the success of an educational facility in that they affect motivation for both teaching and learning. The components of image include nondeceptive... 04/30/1985
Explaining Relationships among Student Outcomes and the School's Physical Environment. Investigated the possible effects of selected school design patterns on third-grade students' academic achievement. A reduced regression analysis revealed the effects of school design components... 03/31/2008
Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and Their Relationship With Teacher Retention The purpose of this study was to examine how the eight items within the public school Facilities and Resources domain of the 2008 North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions survey predict teachers... 08/01/2010
Exploring School and Classroom Environments in Irish Primary Schools A growing number of international studies document the importance of well- designed school facilities for children's educational outcomes. However, less attention has been given to the... 03/31/2012
Exploring the Relationship Between High School Facilities and Achievement of High School Students in Georgia. Reports on a study to determine any relationship between selected building design features and results on the Georgia High School Graduation Test. The population of the study included 27 public high... 11/30/1999