Impact of Facilities on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Facilities: Fairness and Effects. Evidence and Recommendations Concerning the Impact of School Facilities on Civil Rights and Student Achievement. Report to the U.S. Department of Education Excellence & Equity Commission on school facilities impact on educational equity. The report reviews court cases and studies and provides... 07/26/2011
Facility Condition as an Influence on School Climate: a Study of Two Separate Secondary School Settings. Examines school facility condition influences on the perceptions of students, parents, and teachers about the school climate. This study compared the condition of two secondary school settings and... 12/31/2002
Facility Conditions and Student Test Performance in the Milwaukee Public Schools. This study of 139 K-12 Milwaukee public schools examines the effect of building condition on student test scores compared to other influences such as family background, socioeconomic status, race/... 12/31/2000
Facility Design Enhances Learning. Describes spatial configurations that divide large schools into small and cohesive learning communities, glazing that allows small children to see around an out of the school, and corridor... 12/31/2004
Facility Impact on Learning. A student/teacher survey form is provided that addresses the question of what students' and staff's opinions are on the importance of school learning areas at the elementary school level.... 05/01/1996
Facility Planning: Pricing Aesthetics Aesthetics will enhance the teaching and learning environment. Aesthetics involves balance, order, integrity and meaning, which include scale, proportion, symmetry, asymmetry, light and shadow,... 08/31/2006
Fads, Fancies and Fantasies: An Educator's Perspective on Current Educational Facility Issues. Explores educational facilities issues from the personal perspective of being both an educator and an owner. Topics discussed include aligning curriculum and instruction with facilities design, green... 05/31/2003
Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise FICAN Position on Research into Effects of Aircraft Noise on Classroom Learning. Presents proceedings from a symposium session that examined the effects of external noise from aircraft on the classroom environment. The research focused on the cognitive and mental health effects... 08/31/2000
Fitting New Technologies into Traditional Classrooms: Two Case Studies in the Design of Improved Learning Facilities Examines research on the influence of classroom design on student learning attitudes and behavior and presents two case studies on the remodeling of five classrooms in two high schools to accommodate... 06/30/1996
Fix It and They Might Stay: School Facility Quality and Teacher Retention in Washington, D.C. The attrition of both new and experienced teachers is a challenge for schools and school administrators throughout the United States, particularly in large urban districts. Because of the importance... 04/30/2005
Flow--Optimal Experience Theory and the Built Environment. This article suggests that attributes of the built environment can significantly enhance or detract from the learner's ability to achieve flow. The term flow describes moments when a person is... 03/31/2002
Form Follows Engagement. Discusses how student engagement is on the increase, and how physical space supports it. 11/30/2009
Four Strong Schools: Developing a Sense of Place through School Architecture. The premise is that students should be schooled in built and natural environments that afford them ways of understanding how their daily physical actions and social choices affect the earth. Views of... 05/31/2007
Future School Facility Design: Clues from Emerging Definitions of Teaching and Learning Plus New Thoughts about Learning Organizations When looking at future school facility design, the lesson to be learned, according to the author, is that planners need to pay as much attention to the direction in which the educational organization... 04/30/1994
Going Green: Eco-Friendly Schools. You Can't Ignore the Benefits of Eco-friendly Schools. Discusses the benefits of going eco-friendly schools and features Great Seneca Creek Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland. The school's 296,000-square-foot building--which runs on wind and... 12/31/2006
Good Buildings, Better Schools: An Economic Stimulus Opportunity with Long-term Benefits. Advocates federal spending to improve the condition of school buildings, noting the respective short- and long-term economic benefits of construction industry promotion and an improved learning... 03/31/2008
Green Schools Initiative: A Summary of Studies related to Student Health and Productivity. Summarizes seven studies on the effect of green school initiatives on student health and productivity. For each study, the following characteristics are identified: study type, the research question/... 07/31/2003
Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning. Examines the potential of environmentally-conscious school design for improving education. This book provides an assessment of the potential human health and performance benefits of improvements in... 12/31/2006
Have You Heard? Noise Can Effect Learning! A handful of research studies confirm that noise has a negative effect on a child's ability to learn. Also, noise education should be part of the school curriculum; kids should know how to... 07/17/1997
Health, Energy and Productivity in Schools: Measures of Occupant Performance. Describes ongoing research with questionnaires designed to quantitatively link determine relationships between thermal, acoustic, lighting, and indoor air quality exposures to the performance of... 12/31/2001
Healthy Buildings: The Keystone of High Performance Schools. Describes effects of temperature, humidity, indoor air pollutants, and ventilation on learning. Also included is a lengthy checklist of design and maintenance considerations for good indoor air... 12/31/2003
Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance: The Case of Charles Young Elementary School, Washington, DC. This report presents a case study of the renovation of Charles Young Elementary School in Washington, DC, focusing on how an improved school environment contributed to higher levels of educational... 01/11/2002
Healthy Schools. [Germany] A survey of several hundred German students led to two theses on school environment and learning. First, students find school buildings attractive only if they conform to certain features of the... 09/30/1992
Heery Millennium School 2000. Presents results from focus groups and telephone surveys concerning the attitudes and opinions of public school educators on the issue of school design and its effect on student performance.... 12/31/1999
Here Come the Teenagers: A Back to School Report on the Baby Boom Echo. The increasing number of young people filling U.S. classrooms will be a defining feature of American education for years to come. This report, which includes a message from U.S. Secretary of... 08/20/1997