Impact Fees

Title Abstract Publication Date
Model School Concurrency Management Ordinance. Offers a template document that can be used by local governments in establishing a school concurrency management ordinance. 09/07/2006
Model School Concurrency Proportionate Share Mitigation Development Agreement. Offers a template document that can be used to develop a public school concurrency agreement. 09/07/2006
NAHB General Impact Fee Resources Compilation by the National Association of Home Builders of resources that provide in-depth information on various legal and policy issues surrounding the use of impact fees. Resources include books...
National Impact Fee Survey: 2007. Summarizes the results of a detailed survey of impact fees that individual jurisdictions across the country are charging. Unlike in-kind developer exactions, impact fees are expressed in dollars and... 07/31/2007
National Impact Fee Survey: 2008. Summarizes the results of a detailed survey of impact fees that individual jurisdictions across the country are charging. Unlike in-kind developer exactions, impact fees are expressed in dollars and... 10/03/2008
Necessity of School Impact Fees to Create a Better Community For All Sectors of Society School impact fees are a tax that forces developers and new homeowners to pay an up front fee to benefit the public school system and promote construction of new schools within the community. In... 06/30/2005
Proportionate Share Mitigation for School Concurrency. Details the assessment of proportionate share costs in Florida, associated with the provision of adequate school facilities concurrent with new development. Proportionate share mitigation is intended... 05/14/2006
Reading, Writing, and Impact Fees. Impact fees to fund new schools have been used in the U.S. for about 15 years and courts have generally recognized a local government's authority to adopt one-time, up-front fees. State enabling... 08/31/1997
Rethinking School Impact Fees. This study assesses the merits of impact fees as a school finance mechanism, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the statutory framework within which they are imposed in Washington state.... 01/31/1995
School Facilities Needs Analysis. California school districts are allowed to charge a fee on new residential construction as an alternative to the traditional residential developer fee, if certain requirements are met. This analysis... 12/31/2000
School Impact Fees in Florida. Discusses the identified statewide need for constructing school facilities and outlines a brief legal history of school impact fees in Florida. The paper reports the results of a 1998 survey of... 11/19/1998
School Impact Fees on the Rise Faced with too many students in too few classrooms and not enough cash for construction, counties across Florida are adding school impact fees on new houses to pay for growth. The trend is driving up... 11/13/2005
School Impact Fees Ordinance. Pasco County, Florida. Impact fees are one-time payments from real estate developers to school districts used to build school improvements needed to accommodate new real estate development. Impact fees for the Pasco County... 04/11/2000
School Impact Mitigation Fees. Frequently Asked Questions [Renton, Washington] This describes why an impact fee is necessary, what are impact fees, what kinds of exemptions are available, what is concurrency and why it is necessary. 12/31/2005
Shades of Gray. 2000 & Beyond: The Changing Face of American Schools. This discusses how the aging of the population affects education. The first section, Shades of Gray, discusses how as the population ages, schools may face tougher competition for public resources,... 11/28/2000
Smart Partnerships Construct Smart Schools. Describes, with examples, public-private partnerships to build new schools in rapidly developing areas, particularly where the developer spends impact fees to build the school themselves. This also... 12/31/2004
Soaring School Fees Present New Test for Builders In Denver, the Home Builders Association and others have sued a county and a school district that are charging builders $2,000 per home in school impact fees. Builders can fight impact fees by... 07/31/1994
Some New Ideas Are Overcoming School Building Ills Examples of several school districts using innovative financing to build new schools, including a public private partnership arrangement in Greenville, South Carolina. Other methods discussed include... 02/28/2006
The Truth About Impact Fees. Taxation Without Representation in the New Millenium. The author believes that impact fees are not the answer to alternative funding mechanisms for school construction. Home owners, home builders, and school district representatives should join forces... 12/31/2004
Using Impact Fees for Public Schools: The Orange County Experiment Orange County, Calif., established a system of impact fees imposed on new housing developments to raise funds to finance new school construction. Reviews the events that led to the adoption of such a... 03/31/1994
What's the Impact? High-growth school districts can learn from Park City, Utah, about the adoption of school facility impact fees. These fees are levied against new residential units to offset the additional costs to a... 01/31/1996
Who Pays for Development Fees and Exactions? Exactions are payments made by a developer to local governments for the right to proceed with a project. Exactions can include development fees, the dedication of public land, the construction or... 05/31/1997