Impact of Green Schools on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green Schools as High Performance Learning Facilities. Defines a “green” school and its benefits to operational savings, health, pedagogy, and the environment. Planning, design, and operations considerations are detailed, while addressing site selection... 08/31/2010
Green Schools Cost a Little More...But Return Much More. Briefly reviews the threat that non-green school buildings might pose to occupants, the cost of green construction versus the savings, green cleaning, and benefits to learning that green buildings... 08/31/2007
Green Schools Create Learning Tools. Illustrates design for passive seasonal heating, cooling, and daylighting that students can monitor as part of the learning program. 12/31/2004
Green Schools Initiative: A Summary of Studies related to Student Health and Productivity. Summarizes seven studies on the effect of green school initiatives on student health and productivity. For each study, the following characteristics are identified: study type, the research question/... 07/31/2003
Green Schools Pay Dividends Beyond the Bottom Line. Describes the benefits of a healthy school environment to occupant health and academic achievement, as well as the reduced operational costs of a high performance school. 06/30/2007
Green Schools Program (Alliance to Save Energy) The Green Schools program helps schools use energy efficiently through building retrofits, changes in operational and maintenance routines, and changes in the behavior of building users. Students,...
Green Schools That Teach: Identifying Attributes of Whole-School Sustainability. The combination of green school design, green organizational behavior, and aligned educational goals sets the stage for the attributes of green schools to become teaching tools. School facilities,... 06/30/2011
Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning. Examines the potential of environmentally-conscious school design for improving education. This book provides an assessment of the potential human health and performance benefits of improvements in... 12/31/2006
Green Schools: Information Resources For Facility Managers Describes new research showing that greener school buildings can have an impact. 03/31/2012
Green, High Performance Schools. Provides an overview of the positive impacts these schools have on student learning, comprehension and test scores, improved student health, greater productivity, and improved cost-efficiency. The... 12/31/2008
Greener Schools Mean Better Health. Discusses how green schools, in addition to saving energy and generating less pollution, improve occupant health. Reduced absenteeism and improved student performance in green schools are addressed. 09/30/2009
Greener Schools, Greater Learning, and the LEED Value. Discusses the various approaches used in green school designs and touches on research that shows the learning and health benefits of these techniques. Explores historical accounts of the learning... 12/31/2009
Greening America's Schools: Costs and Benefits. Based on a study of 30 green schools, this reports reveals that building green would save an average school $100,000 each year - enough to hire two new additional full-time teachers. The report... 09/30/2006
Greening Dimension of Learning in Secondary Schools. This paper outlines the energy challenge and presents the role of education as a vector in changing behaviors related to energy consumption by adopting a sustainable attitude aimed at environmental... 12/31/2010
Grounds for Health: The Intersection of Green School Grounds and Health-Promoting Schools. Despite the growing body of research on green school grounds, relatively little has been written about their relationship with health promotion, particularly from a holistic health perspective. This... 01/31/2008
Growing Green Schools. Reviews the benefits of green schools in terms of indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, cleanability, and energy savings. The nominal costs of building green and the significant increase in... 11/30/2009
High Performance Schools: How Do They Really Perform? Explores measured performance rates for absenteeism, learning outcomes, staff satisfaction and comfort, energy usage, and building operations at the 2006 AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects Award-winning... 12/31/2006
High Tech Designs Offer Integrated Educational Opportunities for Students. Recommends configuring school HVAC, solar hot water, photovoltaics, and daylighting systems so that they can be integrated into the curriculum. 12/31/2004
High-Performance School Buildings: Resource and Strategy Guide. Third Edition. Provides information on how to create schools that provide better learning environments for students and teachers, cost less to operate, and help protect the environment. The guide is organized into... 12/31/2007
High-Performance Schools Improve Learning. Discusses the attributes and benefits of high performance schools, with particular attention to energy-efficient HVAC systems that deliver comfort, high indoor air quality, and quiet operation at an... 04/30/2006
High-Performance Schools: Affordable Green Design for K-12 Schools. Describes high performance schools from each of the nine climate zones associated with the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools. The nine case studies... 07/31/2004
How Parents and Teachers Are Helping To Create Better Environments for Learning. Energy-Smart Building Choices. This brochure shows parents and teachers how smart energy choices reduce school operating costs and create better learning environments. The brochure reveals how schools have turned energy... 01/31/2002
How to Go Green: Creating a Conservation Culture in a Public High School through Education, Modeling, and Communication This case study examines how energy conservation efforts in one public high school contributed to both sustainability education and the adoption of sustainable behavior within educational and... 12/31/2011
Impact of Sustainable Buildings on Educational Achievements in K-12 Schools. Defines sustainable schools and its accompanying qualities of good site planning, lighting, indoor air quality, healthy building materials, acoustics, and use of renewable energy. Benefits to student... 11/24/2003
Investigating the Behaviors of the Elementary School Students in Reference to Factors Associated with Daylight. There is no simple guide to human behavior which architects can use but recommendations rather an understanding of the principles of behavior and of man's interactions with buildings. To... 02/28/2011