Impact of Green Schools on Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Life-cycle Cost-benefit Analysis of Green Roofing Systems: the Economic and Environmental Impact of Installing Green Roofs on All Atlanta Public Schools This study examines the relationship between environmental sustainability and green schools, seeking to highlight the benefits and determine the Net Present Value (NPV) installing vegetative roofs on... 04/04/2011
Linking Curriculum and Learning to Facilities: Arizona State University's GK-12 Sustainable Schools Program. Reviews this university's sustainability curriculum that brings together graduate students, sustainability experts, and high school teachers and students. The involvement with the community,... 12/31/2010
Little Green Schoolhouse. Reviews typical features and benefits of high performance schools, advises on how to get one built, and highlights the benefits gained in return for slightly higher construction costs. A list of... 12/31/2006
Making the Change to Sustainability: Building Green Builds a Better Education. In addition to healthier students and staff, this describes significant long-term cost savings among the benefits that the recipients of an environmentally friendly educational facility enjoy.... 03/31/2009
Manassas Park Elementary School. This video tour of the new Manassas Park Elementary School details the facility's abundant sustainable features. The lead architect on the project details the rainwater harvesting system,... 12/31/2009
New Reasons to Hope. [A New Green Generation.] Reviews efforts to create sustainability natives among the digital native students currently enrolled. High performance buildings that also serve as a learning tool are emphasized. 03/31/2009
Overlapping Issues. Discusses the incorporation of green design into facilities for special needs students. Daylighting has been shown to be affective against seasonal affective disorder (SAD), good acoustics are... 03/31/2009
Plants in the Classroom Can Improve Student Performance. The aims of this project was to investigate the effects of indoor plants on classroom performance in years 6 and 7 students. The trials were conducted in three independent schools in the Brisbane... 10/28/2010
Portraiture of a Green Schoolyard: A Natural History of Children's Experiences Children in the United States are losing access to nature, yet previous research suggests that time in nature provides benefits for children's healthy development. Youth withdrawal from the... 12/31/2011
Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report: Washington Middle School. Presents energy and water use data, indoor environmental quality results, and occupant feedback for this school, which was built in 2004 as part of the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol pilot... 07/31/2009
Reading, Writing, and Retrofits. [School Retrofits Go Green.] Profiles existing schools that are seeking to be more environmentally friendly through retrofitting. Illinois' Bloom High School is featured. The prudence of incremental improvements to existing... 11/30/2009
Relationship Between Green School Design and Student Achievement, Attendance, and Student Behaviors Literature is replete with the harmful effects of poorly maintained facilities on building occupants. District officials are charged with constructing schools of quality while also serving as... 03/31/2009
Schools of the Future and Sustainable Design. This thesis examines what practices schools and school districts need to adopt if they want to apply sustainable design principles to their new schools and the benefits these design practices offer... 01/05/2000
Schools Seek Formula for High Performance. Discusses the benefits to education and community of better ventilation, acoustics, sustainable design, and energy savings. Building features from Missouri's Hazelwood School District are... 08/31/2005
Student Performance in Daylit Schools. This study investigates the relationships between elementary and middle school student performance and natural daylighting. The performance of students attending three daylit schools designed by... 12/31/1995
Student-Centered Sustainable Design. Discusses the prioritization of school sustainable design features that most directly impact occupant health and morale. These include indoor air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort, daylighting,... 12/31/2007
Sustainable Design and Student Performance. Discusses research that demonstrates that the quality of a building, the materials used, indoor air quality, interest-grabbing design features, use of daylighting, acoustic designs and more, impact... 12/31/2003
Sustainable Education Campus in Spain: Nature and Architecture for Training. Profiles a Spanish campus for education in sustainability, with campus design and landscaping as participants in the educational program. 06/30/2008
Sustainable School Architecture: Design for Primary and Secondary Schools. Offers guidance on the planning, architecture, and design of schools that are healthy, stimulating, and will conserve energy and resources. The book emphasizes how eco-friendly practices for school... 12/31/2009
Teaching Green. (Green Schools Teach Green Lessons.) Discusses how school building features are being used to teach sustainability within the curriculum. Examples include photovoltaic systems, collection and re-use of stormwater, retention ponds... 09/30/2008
The Building as the Teacher. Profiles Pioneer Middle School in DuPont, Washington. Through collaboration with administration and teachers, the building became a learning tool stressing environmental stewardship. Signage... 12/31/2008
The Economics of Biophilia: Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Financial Sense Recent research in neuroscience and endocrinology clearly demonstrates that experiencing nature has significant benefits, both psychological and physiological. Bringing nature and references to... 04/30/2012
The Future of Evidence-Based Design. Discusses how the pairing of data on building performance and on occupant behavior has gained traction in the school building industry. 04/30/2011
The Green Hire. Discusses how to use the school facility to teach sustainability. Special emphasis is placed on how to adapt and change behaviors within existing schools, versus those that were built green from the... 03/31/2010
The Healthy and High-Performance School: A Two-Part Report Regarding the Scientific Findings and Policy Implications of School Environmental Health. Part one presents results of a literature review related to school indoor environmental quality and, in the context of limited resources facing American schools, practical science-based... 12/31/2003