Indoor Air Quality

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Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of California K-12 Schools: D3.2c Microbial Sampling and Engineering Plans, D3.4b Site Survey, and D3.7b Teacher and Director of Facilities Survey. Presents the research plan to quantify the impact of ultraviolet C-band (UVC) light on coil disinfection and indoor air quality of California K-12 Schools. The plan includes research on biological... 06/20/2005
Improving Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of California K-12 Schools:D2.1b-TDV Research Coordination Final Report. Presents a report on the coordination of research for this study of thermal displacement ventilation (TDV) in California schools. The existing literature was reviewed to determine important design... 02/02/2004
Improving Ventilation and Saving Energy: Final Report on Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Monitoring in Sixteen Relocatable Classrooms. An improved HVAC system for portable classrooms was specified to address key problems in existing units. These included low energy efficiency, poor control of and provision for adequate ventilation,... 04/03/2008
In Focus: Clean Air, Efficient Energy Use. The American Association of School Administrators joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help school districts ensure that students and staff... 03/31/2000
Incidence of Asthma Diagnosis and Self-Reported Allergy in Relation to the School Environment—a Four-Year Follow-up Study in Schoolchildren In schools, the indoor air quality is often poor and there is growing concern about its impact on the pupils' health. The objective was to study the incidence of asthma diagnosis and self-... 10/31/2001
Increased Levels of Bacterial Markers and CO2 in Occupied School Rooms. Our group previously demonstrated that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in heavily occupied schools correlate with the levels of airborne bacterial markers. Since CO2 is derived from the room occupants,... 12/31/2002
Indoor Air Microbes and Respiratory Symptoms of Children in Moisture Damaged and Reference Schools. Microbial indoor air quality and respiratory symptoms of children were studied in 24 schools with visible moisture and mold problems, and in eight non-damaged schools. School buildings of concrete/... 08/31/2002
Indoor Air Pollutants, Limited Resource Households and Childcare Facilities. Presents findings from an indoor air quality study of homes and childcare facilities in nonmetropolitan counties of New York State. Specific pollutants examined were lead, radon, carbon monoxide,... 12/31/2001
Indoor Air Pollution by Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) Emitted from Flooring Material in a Technical University in Switzerland. Reports the results of a case study at a technical university where employees and students complained about deteriorated indoor air after the building had been renovated. Some employees even suffered... 12/31/2001
Indoor Air Pollution in California. Details the sources and health effects of poor indoor air quality in California's schools, homes, and public buildings. The estimated cost of indoor pollution to California's economy and... 06/30/2005
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Schools and Universities: Overview of Indoor Air Quality Issues and Preliminary Design Guide. This guide document is intended as an educational tool and reference manual for building design, engineering and maintenance staff of school buildings. Discusses environmental associated illnesses... 12/31/1998
Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in the Design of Building Services Systems for School Classrooms. Introduces Hong Kong's proposed Indoor Air Quality Management Programme, its achievements, and proposed target objectives. The design approaches taken to tackle the issues both from maintaining... 12/31/2001
Indoor Air Quality and Student Performance. This report examines how indoor air quality (IAQ) affects a child's ability to learn and provides several case studies of schools that have successfully addressed their indoor air problems, the... 07/31/2000
Indoor Air Quality Basics for Schools. This fact sheet details important information on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in school buildings, problems associated with IAQ, and various prevention and problem-solving strategies. Most people spend... 09/30/1996
Indoor Air Quality Checklists and Topic Backgrounders. Offers 11 checklists to engage school staff and key stakeholders in the process of school inspections and sustaining an indoor air quality management program. Each checklist is accompanied by a... 12/31/2008
Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Pennsylvania Schools. Offers practical guidance to prevent IAQ problems in schools and resolve or alleviate such problems when they do arise. It describes how to implement a practical plan of action using a minimal amount... 04/30/2002
Indoor Air Quality in a Middle School, Part II: Development of Emission Factors for Particulate Matter and Bioaerosols A middle school (grades 6 to 8) in a residential section of Springfield, Illinois, with no known air quality problems, was selected for a baseline indoor air quality survey. The study was designed to... 10/31/2000
Indoor Air Quality in Canadian Schools: Final Report. Presents data on IAQ perspectives and experiences from parents, students, teachers, staff, Teachers Federations/Unions, IAQ consultants, community-based advocacy groups, school boards/districts,... 10/31/2003
Indoor Air Quality in Chemistry Laboratories. This paper presents air quality and ventilation data from an existing chemical laboratory facility and discusses the work practice changes implemented in response to deficiencies in ventilation. The... 03/09/1999
Indoor Air Quality in Schools (IAQ): The Importance of Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Levels. This article highlights indoor air quality and exposure to pollutants at school. Inadequate ventilation, inefficient filtration, and poor hygiene of air handling units are the main reasons for poor... 12/31/2002
Indoor Air Quality in Schools. This explains the function of heating and ventilation systems and describes the range of chemicals, particles, and microorganisms found in schools -- and their health effects. The guide is designed... 12/31/1995
Indoor Air Quality in Schools. Asserting that the air quality inside schools is often worse than outdoor pollution, leading to various health complaints and loss of productivity, this paper details factors contributing to schools... 05/31/2000
Indoor Air Quality in Schools: Clean Air Is Good Business. Describes the effect of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) on student health, the cost of safeguarding good IAQ, the cause of poor IAQ in schools, how to tell whether a school has an IAQ problem, and how... 05/31/2003
Indoor Air Quality in Schools: the Impact of Ventilation Conditions and Indoor Activity. Documents the indoor air quality of two nursery schools and one primary school of Paris suburb regarding ventilation strategy and occupants behavior. Measurements were performed indoors in two... 12/31/2001
Indoor Air Quality in Schools: Understanding the Problem and Finding the Solution. Describes issues and solutions involving indoor air quality in school. Includes indoor air quality action plans, the role of the environmental consultant, and resources available to help school... 05/31/2002