Interactive Whiteboards

Title Abstract Publication Date
A New Teacher Tool, Interactive White Boards: A Meta Analysis. Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are touch-sensitive new generation boards controlled by a computer that is connected to a digital projector. This review examines the published findings from... 12/31/2008
A Study of Teachers' Integration of Interactive Whiteboards into Four Australian Primary School Classrooms. This paper reports on a study of the introduction of IWBs into an Australian public primary school. The study found that participants used IWBs to a varying extent over the course of a teaching week... 11/30/2008
Accommodating Students' Learning Styles. Describes some learning tools that are being used in college classrooms to accommodate various learning styles. They include amplification systems, video systems, and whiteboards. 02/28/2003
AV Is Cool Again. Reviews current educational audio-visual technology, including all-in-one media projectors, short-throw projectors, interactive whiteboards, amplification, and lecture capture. 12/31/2009
Beyond PowerPoint: Building a New Classroom Presenter The idea behind Classroom Presenter is simple: support writing on top of slides by using the Tablet PC as the instructor device. When lecturing using Classroom Presenter the instructor writes on top... 12/31/2006
Board With Teaching. Website helps teachers get access to all they need to know about interactive whiteboards. Includes facts, information, research, applications, resources, and web links.
Chalkboards Bite the Dust. This looks at how the new display technologies are helping teachers and students. Chalkboards are being replaced by white boards and dry erase markers, and electronic whiteboards capable of operating... 03/31/2000
Control Freak. Reviews current classroom technology, including multi-window and multi-input whiteboards, advanced control podiums that allow a variety of input and mark-ups from the controller, and advanced remote... 05/31/2007
Creating a Rich Learning Environment. The convergence of the Internet, classroom projectors, and peripherals such as interactive whiteboards and document cameras provides possibly the greatest opportunity in a decade for the integration... 12/31/2005
Creating Classrooms for Everyone: How Interactive Whiteboards Support Universal Design for Learning. This paper examines Universal Design for Learning (UDL) standards and how they can help guide the evaluation and use of interactive whiteboards in classrooms. The opportunity to present information... 12/31/2008
Delivering E-Learning Using Interactive Whiteboards. List of resources on interactive whiteboards and how to use them. 12/31/2003
Display Technology: Picture This! From interactive whiteboards to handheld tablets, from digital projectors to newfangled video-editing systems, these products are grabbing student attention. Statistics indicate that kids prefer to... 10/31/2006
Effects of Technology on Student Achievement and Motivation in Mathematics. (Dissertation) Classrooms worldwide show increased evidence of various forms of technology such as the interactive whiteboard (IWB). New technology and improved computer programs allow students to work on a variety... 12/31/2008
Electronic Whiteboards Bring Computing's Flexibility to the Front of the Classroom Several companies have created what they call electronic whiteboards that bring computing power to one of the oldest and most ubiquitous teaching tools, and a growing number of colleges are trying... 12/17/2001
Electronic Whiteboards for Schools: An Effective Instructional Tool or Just Another Trend? Provides an overview of various types of interactive whiteboards and their construction. Claimed benefits of whiteboards are enumerated, along with comments on the their validity. Includes six... 09/30/2005
Engaging, Technology-Rich Classrooms on a Budget. Recommends inexpensive software alternatives to interactive whiteboards, utilizing televisions, projectors, and screens that schools typically already own. 11/30/2006
Fostering Classroom Engagement with Electronic Whiteboards, Tablet PCs, and DyKnow This describes a pilot project at DePauw University that incorporates pen-based computers and supporting software. According to the author, in an ideal scenario, the instructor uses the electronic... 12/31/2003
Georgia School District Puts Electronic Whiteboards in Every Classroom - Thomaston, GA. The Thomaston-Upson County School District in rural Georgia is the first public school system in the state to install an interactive whiteboard system in every classroom in the district. The system... 08/31/2003
Getting in Touch. Discusses applications of touchscreen technology in schools, including interactive whiteboards, personal computing for special education, and laptops whose screens serve as a tablet for writing and... 10/31/2008
Getting the Most From Your Interactive Whiteboard. A Guide for Primary Schools. [United Kingdom] This booklet provides practical information about interactive whiteboards; advice on strategic management of the boards; descriptions of how the use of the boards can benefit learning and teaching;... 12/31/2003
Getting to the Top of the Class. Story of how Smart Technologies aims to change how kids learn. Sales of wall screens, which cost between $700 to $4,500, have zoomed from 170,000 units in 2004 to 700,000 worldwide this year, mostly... 09/15/2009
Guidance for the Interactive Whiteboards Funding 2004-2005 [United Kingdom] As part of the British Schools for the Future program, U.K.'s Department for Education and Skills has allocated central funding for implementing an initiative to provide interactive whiteboards... 12/31/2003
How is the Interactive Whiteboard Being Used in the Primary School and How Does This Affect Teachers and Teaching The two main research questions of the study are: what is happening in the whiteboard classroom, and what is the pedagogical approach of teachers using an interactive whiteboard. The results found... 12/31/2001
Impact of Classroom Design on Interactive Whiteboard Use in a Special Needs Classroom. The physical environment of a classroom---how space is organized and controlled---impacts the use of technology within that setting. This paper presents the initial rationale for choosing an... 12/31/2008
Incubating Next-Gen.Edu. Describes two newly launched initiatives, one at a large public university and the other at a smaller private institution, that demonstrate the journey incubator spaces take from conception to setup... 05/31/2008