Landscape Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Campus Cloister. Reviews a new and controversial landscape among landmark and infill modern dormitory buildings at the University of California, Berkeley. The new and more open design replaces a notable, but overly... 01/31/2007
Campus Configurations. Outlines steps in creating a landscape master plan (LMP) for expanding and renovating campuses. Consideration of campus location, transportation issues, and identity are critical. 10/31/2003
Campus Crossroads. Details the design, construction, and materials of Cornell University's Bailey Plaza, an admired space that replaced an obstacle course of automobile and pedestrian conflict. 12/31/2009
Campus Heritage. Offers ideas insights, and information about higher education campus architectural heritage. The contributions campus heritage can make to promote, strengthen, and support institutional goals and... 12/31/2004
Campus Landscape: Functions, Forms, Features. This guide provides information, instruction, and ideas on planning and designing every aspect of the campus landscape, from parking lots to playing fields. Using real-world examples of classic and... 12/31/1999
Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture. Profiles five campuses honored for their planning and landscape architecture, based on functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. Photographs... 10/31/2010
Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture. Profiles seven campus master planning and landscaping projects, awarded for their adherence to the stated goal of the facility, their ability to enhance learning, functionality, and sustainability.... 10/31/2009
Campus Master Planning/Landscape Architecture. Profiles five outstanding campus master plans and landscaping projects, selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and... 10/31/2008
Campus on the Hill. Details the University of Cincinnati's campus master plan, designed to overcome deans' fiefdoms and make the best use of the limited remaining open space. Three imperatives shaped the plan... 09/30/2002
Campus Orientation. Discusses one architect's success in college campus forest management through use of a pragmatic and cost-effective maintenance strategy. 01/31/2001
Centennial Biomedical Campus Development and Design Guidelines. Updates the 2007 North Carolina State University Physical Master Plan for the biomedical building and campus spaces and identifies findings and recommendations for design guidelines and standards,... 06/30/2010
Centennial Campus Precinct Development and Design Guidelines. Updates the 2007 North Carolina State University Physical Master Plan for exterior campus spaces and identifies findings and recommendations for design guidelines and standards, campus paths,... 08/31/2008
Children's Environmental Learning and the Use, Design and Management of Schoolgrounds. Examines school grounds as sites for play and environmental learning. It is based on a three-year project that involved 50 eight- to ten-year-old children at five Australian primary schools. Data... 12/31/2002
Children's Environments Research Group (CERG). CERG is part of the City University of New York (CUNY), and focuses upon environments which present special problems to designers and planners, such as juvenile facilities, hospitals, and schools....
Choosing Wisely. Discusses the skills and qualifications to look for when choosing a landscape architect for educational facilities. 10/31/2002
Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment. A Guide for Planning, Design, Construction, and Maintenance on New & Existing School Sites. [Maryland] Natural environments on school sites provide considerable multi-disciplinary educational opportunities, many of which are hands-on experiences that stimulate learning. This document presents... 12/31/1998
Courtyard Oases: Ecology at the Heart of the School. Explores ecologically planned school yards that provide students with places of wonder and exciting things to study, play with, and explore. The article describes three school courtyards that... 12/31/2001
Cover Ups: Selecting the Right Shade Structure for Your Needs. Discusses shade structures for athletic and recreational facilities, noting attention to climate, potential vandalism, aesthetics, self-installation, water resistance or porosity, and orientation... 09/30/2010
Creating Aesthetic Unity on the College Campus. This article discusses how landscape architecture and master planning can makeover the most eclectic of campuses. The benefits of creating a unified campus, developing a landscape master plan, and... 08/31/2002
Creating Sacred Space on Your Campus. Defines five types of higher education sacred spaces, with advice on how to create them, how to identify those that already exist, and how to maintain them. 08/31/2009
Curbside Critique: A Technique to Maintain a Positive School Yard Image. Describes use of a curbside critique, a weekly assessment by community volunteers and school leaders to maintain an appealing appearance of the schoolyard and building exterior. 04/30/2002
Declaring War on the Ivory Tower. Discusses how an historic military base, Ft. Ord in California, became future-oriented California State University- Monterey Bay. Campus planning and design are examined, including the preservation... 06/30/2001
Design for Learning. Describes how Richard Macias, a landscape architect and the university planner at San Jose State University, has learned to push the boundaries of how landscape architects coordinate the many... 06/30/2003
Design for Learning: Values, Qualities and Processes of Enriching School Landscapes. This paper presents learning values of school landscapes, as well as design qualities and processes that may enrich these landscapes for children and community. Concepts and issues are introduced... 12/31/1999
Design Intentions and Users Responses: Assessing Outdoor Spaces of Qatar University Campus. Explores the issue of design intentions versus users' reactions by conducting a post- occupancy evaluation study of Qatar University's outdoor spaces from the users' perspective, after... 02/28/2009