Landscape Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Design Workbook. Provides ideas, guidance and tools for making decisions on potential elements in schoolyards and outdoor classrooms. The workbook has been created with consideration for safety, budget,... 12/31/2010
Designing a Unified Campus. Discusses elements that contribute to a unified campus, including architecture, landscaping, signage, paving, circulation systems, outdoor furnishings and accessories, fencing, and lighting.... 04/30/2007
Designing Campus Landscapes for Preventive Maintenance. Shows how properly planned campus landscapes can generate long-term savings and help create rich natural settings. How important good landscaping is to a college campus's image is reviewed. 02/28/2001
Designing Clay Brick Pavements. Advises on specification, installation, and maintenance of walkways made with brick pavers. Rigid and flexible systems are described, and advice on section design, design flexibility, durability,... 05/31/2008
Designing for Security: Controlling Access with Barriers and Plants. Examines the use of streetscape elements, barriers, and plantings for building access control. Types of barriers and their relative costs, strengths, weaknesses, and aesthetic properties are covered... 03/31/2006
Designing Landscapes for Learning: Transforming School Grounds Into Special Places. Research on playground design in Japan and England offers challenges to the logic behind how playgrounds in the United States are designed. This paper presents observations of outdoor environments... 12/31/1996
Designing Outdoor Environments for Children: Landscaping School Yards, Gardens and Playgrounds. Details the history, design process, installation, and maintenance of sustainable children's landscapes and play yards. Numerous case studies cover projects including storybook courtyards, music... 12/31/2005
Developing an Earth-bound Culture Through Design of Childhood Habitats. A small but growing body of research indicates that daily experience of nature, spending time outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight, in touch with plants and animals, has a measurable impact on... 08/31/2000
DFES School Grounds of the Future: Final Evaluation Report. Evaluates the United Kingdom Dept. for Education and Skills' three-year School Grounds of the Future program, which encouraged schools to improve their school grounds. Evidence of best practices... 12/31/2006
Drowning in the Desert. Profiles the University of Arizona's Underwood Garden, a lush plaza that uses collected rainwater and water reclaimed from HVAC systems. After the budget for the project was eliminated, non-... 12/31/2009
Ecological Schoolyards. Presents design guidelines and organizational and site principles for creating schoolyards where students can learn about ecology. Principles for building schoolyard ecological systems are described. 10/31/2000
Economics/Environment/Educational Outcomes of Site Planning. Few school leaders and school architects have recognized or comprehended the potential symbiosis between school site resources and the enrichment of the instructional program, the urgency of... 12/31/1978
EcoSchool Design EcoSchool Design seeks to assist schools, and those who care about them, in transforming paved schoolyards into vibrant ecosystems for outdoor learning. The website includes schoolyard design ideas...
Educational Landscapes: Developing School Grounds as Learning Places In response to today's concern for the environment and growing curricular demands to teach about the natural world, educators are discovering the power of a school's surrounding outdoors... 12/31/1998
Enticing Prospective Students through Landscaping. Offers landscaping strategies that help create an inviting sense of place for prospective students. These include the creation of edges and boundaries, large- and small-scale spaces, and interesting... 10/31/2004
Environment 101: Green Site Development Practices that Make the Grade. Explains a variety of environmentally beneficial landscaping design and maintenance practices. Emphasizes native plants and natural beauty over high maintenance, decorative plantings and vast green... 03/31/2004
Facility Focus: Outdoor Areas. Describes biomimicry landscaping at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's new Stata Center, conversion of a road and open area into a pedestrian mall at Pennsylvania State University, and... 05/31/2006
Facility Focus: Outdoor Areas. Profiles higher education landscapes at the University of Oregon, Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus, Western Technical College, and Sam Houston State College. They emphasize native plants,... 03/31/2011
Facility Focus: Outdoor Areas. Reviews landscape projects at Kent State University, The University of Virginia, and Arizona State University. These projects were selected for their handling of pedestrian and vehicular traffic,... 05/31/2007
For a Desert Campus, More Than Rocks and Cactus. Describes the conversion of most of the University of Las Vegas' grounds from lawns to xeriscapes, citing the use of diverse native flora and subsidies from the county water authority. 02/22/2007
From Gray to Green at Angelo State University The campus master plan called for demolishing utilitarian parking and an ugly roadway to make room for an eco-friendly, multifaceted recreational hub, now the vibrant heart of the campus. 04/30/2012
Fundamentals of a Low Maintenance, Integrated Pest Management Approach to Landscape Design Published on the Integrated Pest Management Practitioners Association Web site, this article discusses the design/maintenance interface, key considerations for low maintenance IPM-based landscape... 12/31/1998
Gaining Ground: The Power and Potential of School Ground Greening in the Toronto District School Board. Presents the findings of a 2003 study that investigated the influence and potential of green school grounds in the Toronto District School Board. The study explored the impacts of greening... 12/31/2004
Generic School Grounds Design Brief. The Dorset County Education and Planning Department created this document to provide architects with a tool to work with school teachers and staff in determining the requirements for new school... 12/31/1994
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Brick. Discusses higher education students' expectations of convenience on campus, along with the facility managers need to direct traffic and maintain aesthetics. The University of Florida's use... 04/30/2009