Landscape Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Going Green by Thinking Blue. Discusses the use of rainwater as a teaching tool, by creating rain gardens bioswales, permeable pavers, and green roofs at school facilities. Explanations of these four features and advice on how to... 03/31/2009
Going Green. Describes the early planning required to achieve LEED certification points for site selection and landscaping. The way this process was undertaken in a higher education science facility and also a... 04/30/2005
Graduating to Green. Discusses the prevalence of lawns on higher education campuses, and the complicated environmental and aesthetic issues they present. Many lawns are part of historic campus landscapes, more and more... 04/30/2010
Green School Grounds: A Collaborative Development and Research Project in Malmö, Sweden School ground greening projects may result in a multitude of benefits for pupils, schools and entire communities. This field report describes a project called “Green school grounds” in Malmö, Sweden... 03/31/2012
Greenscapes The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's GreenScapes program seeks to provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for large-scale landscaping. The program encourages companies,...
Grounded in Service. Profiles Michigan State University's Landscape Services department, which operates like an on-campus contractor. Examples of large and small projects executed by the department, how they work... 10/31/2009
Grounds Care: A Case Study in Sustainability. Profiles Illinois State University's use of pervious concrete, resurfacing of asphalt with cooler and longer-lasting concrete, recycling of wood waste into mulch, modification of landscaping... 11/30/2008
High School Landscapes and Student Performance. Reports on an investigation of 101 public high schools in southeastern Michigan to examine the role played by the availability of nearby natural environments in the academic achievement and behavior... 12/31/2007
How Green Can You Go? Discusses site planning that can enhance campus environmental sensitivity, including care in street configuration, parking, stormwater and graywater reuse, indigenous plantings, geo-exchange systems... 02/28/2006
Inspired Landscapes. Advises on improving campus landscapes by creating agreeable outdoor social spaces, well-planned circulation, separation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and clear access to buildings. 10/31/2008
Interstitial Practices. Describes McGill University's transformation of a service lane into Tomlinson Square, an interstitial courtyard that physically and symbolically links science, medicine, engineering, and... 09/30/2004
Into the Wild: Campus Site Furnishings. Discusses selection of outdoor campus furniture, emphasizing durability, low-maintenance, immobility, ADA compliance, standardizing furnishings across a campus, and warranties. 09/30/2009
King David High School. Profiles this Vancouver private Jewish high school, citing its open plan and natural interior finishes. Referencing various plantings found in the Bible, the overall landscape strategy is designed to... 05/31/2006
Landscape Architecture. Describes the award-winning design of three school landscapes. Includes construction details and photographs. 10/31/2002
Landscape as Playscape: The Effects of Natural Environments on Children's Play and Motor Development. Reports on an investigation of the impacts of playing in a natural environment on motor development in children. Methods from landscape ecology were applied for landscape analysis and entered into a... 12/31/2003
Landscape Design: Education Facilities Landscape fulfils two essential roles in children's lives and education; as a place of play and as a place to experience nature. In today's society, both roles are diminishing or being... 04/11/2012
Landscape Solutions to School Problems. Discusses key lessons in school landscape design. Landscapes should: (1) include trees and plants that themselves provide hands-on teaching opportunities; (2) enhance health and safety in a number of... 03/31/2002
Landscape to Educate. Reviews opportunities for community use and outdoor learning through thoughtful design of the school facility landscape. Examples of how three Maine schools provide outdoor learning and community... 09/30/2007
Landscaping for Safety and Security. Advises incorporation of landscaping design for safety within campus master plans. Discusses plantings that preserve sight lines and enhance safety, as well as ways to separate pedestrians and... 11/30/2003
Landscaping Schools. Describes several outdoor school spaces that are thoughtfully connected to the school as outdoor learning and social spaces. Examples are typically urban schools where protected, but not fortified... 04/30/2005
Landscaping With Maintenance in Mind. Examines school ground landscape design that enhances attractive of the school and provides for easier maintenance. Landscape design issues discussed include choice of grass, trees, and shrubs;... 01/31/2000
Learning Landscapes. Profiles the work of the Getty Foundation's Campus Heritage Initiative in documenting, preserving, and revitilizing higher education campus landscapes. Elements and challenges of a landscape... 06/30/2007
Let It Rain. Reviews the value of quality campus grounds to student recruitment and retention, with attention to sustainable landscape design and maintenance, including use of native plants, organic practices,... 03/31/2007
Living Willow Structures Enhance Children's Play Environments Many landscape architects and restoration ecologists in the United States are familiar with the use of living willow whips for creek restoration, bank stabilization, and related environmental... 05/31/2002
Look to the Landscape. Reviews landscaping considerations that can improve campus sustainability. These include creating a master plan, using native plants, encouraging walkability, compact development, stormwater... 03/31/2008