Landscape Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Save Money on Site Design. Examples are provided on ways of saving money during school athletic site design, including plastic alternatives to concrete for site water drainage and cost efficient considerations when earth... 07/31/1999
School and Community Participation in the Design, Construction, and Stewardship of Green School Grounds. This is a list of resources providing information about increasing participation on green school ground projects. Many schools successfully involve students, teachers, school administrators,... 12/31/2003
School Gardens: Raising Environmental Awareness in Children. This paper explores the reasons for gardens and natural spaces on school campuses and the effects that such exposure to the natural world has on the students. Blending case studies, observational... 12/31/2000
School Ground Greening Guide. Guides in selection, funding, purchase, placement, and planting of trees to create school ground shade for health and energy conservation. Presented in curriculum format, the guide explains the... 03/31/2005
School Ground Greening Guide: Designing for Shade and Energy Conservation. Guides in selection, funding, purchase, placement, and planting of trees to create shade for health and energy conservation. Presented in curriculum format, the guide explains the scientific... 07/31/2004
School Grounds Describes the direct effect between the way school grounds are designed and managed, and the behavior and attitudes of the pupils. Discusses several countries' initiatives regarding school... 01/31/1998
School Grounds in Austria. Describes the work of the Austrian Institute for School and Sport Facilities, which provides the country's guidelines for schools and school grounds. The Institute's seven organizational... 09/30/2005
School Grounds: A Guide to Good Practice. Limited financial resources and increasing pressures of competing claims on school outdoor grounds have created the need for greater quality enhancement of these areas to ensure they are used... 09/17/1997
School Pilot Project Could Affect County Stormwater Rules. Describes the stomwater retention scheme at the Finn Hill Junior High School in Kirkland, Washington. Concerns from the county were addressed in this pilot project, which will likely lead to a... 07/21/2010
School's Out! New Initiatives for British School Grounds. Describes the thinking behind current initiatives in the United Kingdom to improve environmental quality and educational opportunity in school grounds. It explains the ideas underpin the research and... 12/31/1992
Schoolyard Habitats: A How-to Guide for K-12 School Communities. Three-ring binder that provides clear directions for those seeking to establish schoolyard habitats in new or renovated schools. Brief background and lists of further resources are provided on... 12/31/2000
Setting Your Sites. Discusses elements of sustainable site design, emphasizing management, retention, and reuse of stormwater, as well as construction of natural environments that improve water and air quality. 07/31/2006
Shade Planning for America's Schools. Assists schools in creating and maintaining a physical environment that supports sun safety by ensuring that school grounds have adequate shade. Information on planning and designing solid roof and... 12/31/2001
Sidwell Friends School (Middle School renovation and addition) Case study of the renovation and addition project at Sidwell Friends School (SFS) campus that transforms the Middle School's fifty-year-old facility into an exterior and interior teaching... 12/31/2007
Sights Unseen. Addresses design features that remove unattractive campus materials management functions from plain sight. Underground tunnels and creative landscaping are covered, as are thoughtful campus... 07/31/2008
Site Design for Greater Security. Describes how to use the school site and landscape plan to create a safer outdoor environment for students. Facility design concepts used by one school district to address its campus security issues... 06/30/1999
Smart Landscaping for Your Facility. Advises on replacing high-maintenance landscapes with those that use less water, heartier plants, sophisticated and properly zoned water delivery systems. Updating landscaping when buildings are... 06/30/2009
Special Planning for Special Spaces. Selected Articles from Planning for Higher Education. Presents articles from the journal Planning for Higher Education organized around four core spaces commonly found on a college or university campus: cultural spaces, instructional spaces, student... 12/31/1996
Sports Fields: A Manual for Design Construction and Maintenance. Comprehensive technical reference information is provided for those responsible for the design, construction, renovation, or maintenance of sports grounds. Chapters illustrate specific design... 12/31/1998
Stormwater, Students, and Swamp. Discusses Villanova University's (Pennsylvania) development of a stormwater wetland area to help collect water from small storms, remove sediment and pollutants, and return the water into a... 08/31/2000
Strategies for Stormwater. Discusses the difference between detention and retention of stormwater, design techniques for both, and potential uses for retained stormwater. 06/30/2010
Sustainable Landscapes: Blowin' in the Wind Broward College's South Campus picked up the pieces after Hurricane Wilma and rebuilt the landscapes with sustainability in mind. 06/30/2012
Sustainable Outdoor Lighting. Details elements of sustainable outdoor lighting, including efficient sources of light, energy-effective light application, and environmentally responsible suppliers. Types of bulbs, price... 05/31/2008
Take It Outside Describes how a college or university's outdoor spaces bring value to the institution in numerous ways. 12/31/2011
The American Society for Landscape Architecture 2010 Professional Awards. These awards for landscape architecture planning, design, execution, research, and communication include citations for four higher education institutions. 07/31/2010