Landscape Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Water Conservation for Your Landscaping. Discusses incorporation of landscape management into building operation plans, illustrated by examples of conservation techniques using low-water plantings, turf area reduction, mulching in place,... 11/30/2009
Water Systems on School Grounds This is a list of resources providing information about water systems on school grounds, including watershed projects, water recycling, constructed wetlands, storm drains, etc. There is also a list... 12/31/2005
Water, Water Everywhere. Describes the underground water retention system at Georgia's LaGrange High School+, necessitated by the lack of available space for an above-ground system. Careful detailing by the producer of... 03/31/2011
Welcome Mat. Profiles a courtyard at Toronto's Trinity College that emulates the gothic detailing of the surrounding buildings. 05/31/2008
What Should Stay Put? Campus Landscape Planning for the Long Term. Discusses campus landscape long-term planning and design decision making during campus alterations and upgrades. Those campus landscape elements that tend to remain in place and planning for their... 08/31/2000
Where Do Our Children Play? The Importance and Design of Schoolyards. The construction of new school facilities throughout New Jersey creates an enormous opportunity to address the need for outdoor facilities in New Jersey's poorest districts. This document... 12/31/2002
Why Outdoor Spaces for Children Matter So Much. Describes principles learned by a team of landscape architects and educators working together to provide outdoor settings for child care centers and schools. Case study of a demonstration outdoor... 08/31/2006
Working Together. Describes landscape and lighting features that both conserve energy and offer increased security for a school facility. 08/31/2007
Your School Grounds Handbook. This handbook discusses the process of planning school grounds. It presents ideas for creating good educational landscapes and provides step-by-step procedures to achieve this goal. The steps include... 12/31/2000