Lease Purchase Financing

Title Abstract Publication Date
Financing Alternatives Call for Flexibility, Creativity One page discussion of methods that can be used alone or in combination to fund school facilities: lease or lease-purchase plans; establishing business/community partnerships; imposing school impact... 08/31/1998
Financing Energy Efficiency Projects. Introduces energy performance contracts and the corresponding benefits of using tax-exempt lease-purchase agreements as the underlying financing vehicle for energy efficiency improvements in... 01/31/2003
Financing Energy-Efficient Projects. Briefly describes tax-exempt lease/purchase agreements as a means to finance improvements in school facility energy consumption. 12/31/2005
Financing Solutions for Fiscal Stress: Public-Private Partnerships. Discusses public-private partnerships in university construction, including Virginia's Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002, and tax-exempt leasing. 08/31/2002
Fiscal Tracking For a New School [California] This user guide was developed to assist school districts, step-by-step, through the log on and retrieval of New Construction and Modernization project information for the Lease-Purchase Program. By... 12/31/1999
Fiscally Responsible Leasing of School Buildings and Facilities This describes the leasing of school buildings, whereby districts sign contracts with private developers or other entities that own land and/or multipurpose buildings that could be used for schools.... 11/30/2002
Found Money. Discusses the alternative funding avenues school districts have used to support facility construction and improvements when tax levies and state aid are not enough. Acquiring donations, creating... 05/31/2000
Funding Our Future: Creative Financing Boosts School Construction Public-private partnerships (P3s) are emerging as a promising way to tap the resources needed to address schools' capital needs. Discusses public-private partnerships that are focused on... 05/08/2012
Go for the Green. Funding School District Solar Projects. Discusses how solar projects can be financed by: (1) negotiating a lease-purchase; (2) entering into a power purchase agreement with a solar provider; and (3)long-term financing of a school... 09/30/2007
Innovative Methods to Fund Public School Construction. Describes three non-traditional methods of funding school construction: 1) construction/leaseback, where developers build schools and lease them to the school system, but retain ownership; 2) local... 09/30/2002
Instruction Guide for Lease Approval and Building Aid: Public School Districts Outside of New York City. Leased School Buildings and Facilities Located Off School Property. (Pursuant to CR 155.12). State regulations allow public school districts outside of New York City to apply for Building Aid on leasing costs involving instructional facilities for grades Pre-K through 12 located off school... 04/30/2002
Lease Purchase Financing: The Processes and Impact on New School Construction in Texas. The purpose of this study was to review and explore the concept of lease purchase financing for the construction of new facilities in Texas. It sought to determine the impact of lease purchase... 12/31/2004
Lease-Leaseback Construction. The Sudden School. Recognizing that drafty classrooms and crumbling ceilings don't exactly inspire students to learn, school districts are constantly looking to upgrade or construct new facilities. But inadequate... 04/30/2006
Lease-leaseback Opens New Avenues for School Projects. Discusses lease-leaseback arrangements to allow districts flexibility as a project-delivery method, so districts can identify contractors through an RFQ, RFP or notice sent to interested companies. 06/05/2011
Lease-Purchase Program Applicant Handbook. This manual guides applicants through the process of acquiring and managing California state funds for public school facility construction projects. Section 1 focuses on determining eligibility and... 03/31/1998
Lease/Purchase: A Viable Alternative for Financing Schools Lease-purchase finance is a viable alternative for school districts that cannot or do not want to employ traditional financing techniques. Outlines the advantages and disadvantages of lease-purchase... 12/31/1988
Lease–Leaseback Construction Delivery Method for School Districts. This is based upon California's Education Code Section 17250.10-17250.50 and Education Code Section 17406 and describes the lease-leaseback design build approach. Covered are site lease,... 04/30/2003
Letter of Intent Forms. New York State school districts wishing to build, add to, or lease additional facilities have administrative forms to use as supplied by the state's Department of Education, Office of Facilities... 12/31/1997
Magnet Schools To Be on Rent-to-Own Plan To control skyrocketing construction costs, the California's Vista school district will use a rent-to-own strategy to build two magnet high schools at a cost of $79 million. Vista Unified joined... 11/15/2005
Maryland Public Education Facilities Act. Senate Bill 736 This bill establishes the Maryland Public Education Facilities Act to: 1) encourage the use of alternative financing mechanisms, private capital, and other funding sources for the construction and... 12/31/2003
Natomas Superintendent Seizes Opportunity Thinks outside the Box. Describes how the superintendent of Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, California, along with three other educators and local government officials, teamed to create a joint-use campus... 05/31/2003
New Jersey State Department of Education, Administrative Code, Chapter 26: Educational Facilities. Lists the states rules for educational facilities. Seventeen subchapters detail requirements for long-range facilities plans, capital project review, management of capital projects, educational... 12/31/2000
New Tax Law Boosts School Construction with Public-Private Partnerships. The Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 1463. This report describes a provision in a tax bill implemented in June 2001 that allows towns and cities to build public school facilities faster, better, and less expensively by forming public-private... 07/31/2001
Niagara Falls Project May be a Watershed in Privatization Privatization is being used to help fund the building of a single, $60 million structure to replace 2 high schools in Niagara Falls, New York. The plan involves selling the 2 schools and $15 million... 05/11/1997
Overview of Alternative Funding. Presents an outline of alternative school funding, including a description, pros, and cons for each. The methods described are impact fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, proffers, grants and donations,... 10/01/2003