Lease Purchase Financing

Title Abstract Publication Date
Private Capital for Public Schools. While still in the early stages, public-private partnerships increasingly are providing a viable alternative to address the need for extensive renovation and development of public school facilities.... 07/31/2003
Public-Private Partnerships and the School Building Industry. Discusses capital lease financing of schools, highlighting systemic problems with traditional school project delivery methods, best practices of public-private partnerships, and citing North Carolina... 12/31/2006
Public-Private Partnerships for Schools. North Carolina Senate Bill 2009. This bill authorizes North Carolina's local boards of education to enter into capital leases of real or personal property for use as school facilities. A capital lease entered into under this... 06/30/2006
School Capital Leases in New Jersey Difficulty passing referenda to authorize school bonds necessary for important school capital purposes prompted New Jersey to enact legislation to authorize a school district to acquire a site and... 07/31/1987
School Construction: Building a Better Schoolhouse. This discusses several innovative ways to fund school construction using public-private partnerships, including municipal/capital lease plans, operating lease plans, a service contract structure, and... 12/31/2002
School Districts: Leases and Agreements. This California legislation authorizes a school district to enter into leases and agreements relating to real property and buildings to be used jointly by the district and a local governmental agency... 08/26/2009
Schools and Economic Development. Discusses schools' evolving relationships with private industry and local government entities, which are providing mutually beneficial results. Examples include the community services located in... 03/31/2003
Smart Partnerships Construct Smart Schools. Describes, with examples, public-private partnerships to build new schools in rapidly developing areas, particularly where the developer spends impact fees to build the school themselves. This also... 12/31/2004
State Requirements for Educational Facilities, 1999. [Florida] This updated, two-volume document provides guidance for those involved in the educational facilities procurement process, and includes recent legislative changes affecting the state of Florida's... 06/30/1999
State School Facility Programs Overview. [California] This overview examines California's various State Allocation Board's funding programs for the construction, modernization, and maintenance of local school facilities. Funding information is... 12/31/1997
Strapped School Boards Study Rent-to-Own Approach. North Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a change in state law that gives overcrowded school systems a new way to pay for schools. Called lease-purchase or leaseback, it allows school boards... 07/17/2006
Teacher Perceptions of the Use of a Public-Private Partnership for School Facility Provision. [United Kingdom] This article considers how the private finance initiative, a contract for infrastructure, affected teachers' perceptions of efficacy, job satisfaction, and morale at an urban secondary school in... 12/31/2007
The Basics: Public Private Partnership Information. Describes seven types of public/private partnerships used for school construction, provides examples of where they have been implemented, and lists pros and cons of these partnerships. Includes nine... 02/13/2006
The Lease Piece. Describes the many good effects, especially financial, of leasing network servers, SAN storage, core switches, and edge switch equipment. Leasing over five years avoid a one-time up-front cost, and... 01/31/2011
The Public-Private Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002. Procedures. [Virginia] Provides guidance for submission and completion of projects under Virginia's Public-Private Educationl Facilities and Infrastructure Act.The intent of this statute is to provide a vehicle for... 04/30/2006
The Viability of Lease Purchases as a Means for Funding School Facilities. Examines the use of the lease purchase of school facilities in Texas; provides background on the use of lease purchases by Texas school districts; describes factors influencing the use of lease... 03/31/2002
Thinking & Building Outside the Box. School Facilities Construction and Renovation Support for Public-Private Partnerships. Position paper in support of public-private partnerships, outlining recommendations, background, trends, advantages, and case studies. Discusses municipal/capital leases and operating leases. 04/30/2005
Too Many Kids, Not Enough Seats [Radio interview] School districts in fast-growing communities are having a hard time keeping up with the demand, so some districts are studying public-private partnerships — hiring businesses to build or lease them... 07/30/2006
Urban Innovation: Cypress Hills Community School, Brooklyn, NY Describes a community ownership non-profit lease model for purchasing and renovating an existing building for a 400-student school. This paper by the project manager, parent co-director, and... 12/31/2004
Urban School Construction: A Case Study of Alternative Financing Methods for St. Louis, Missouri. The authors, after discussing the St. Louis school system and its financial history, survey both traditional and innovative construction finance alternatives used across the country. The authors... 12/31/1970
[Missouri School Facility Lease Purchase Policy] from Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 166, Permanent Funds and Trusts, Section 166.300 This provides definitions, describes how the Missouri school building revolving fund will be created; eligibility for lease purchases for projects; ranking of projects; when a plan may be waived;... 08/24/2005