LEED Certification

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green Lights. Reviews LEED recommendations for school lighting that encourages daylighting coordinated with the artificial lighting system. Brief examples of successful school daylighting programs are included, as... 09/30/2007
Green School Design. Uses the Michael J. Homer Science and Live Center at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton, Califonia, as an example of early and high attainment in the LEED certification scheme. The LEED Platinum-rated... 03/31/2010
Green Schools That Don't Cost Too Much. Describes the U.S. Green Building Council program, Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, that has helped school districts around the country apply comprehensive environmental techniques to... 04/30/2003
Green Today, Sustainable Tomorrow. Discusses LEED certification of schools, with emphasis on the Green Excellence in Existing School Toolkit (GreenEX2) that helps enable existing school to achieve certification. Federal, state, and... 12/31/2008
Greener Schools, Greater Learning, and the LEED Value. Discusses the various approaches used in green school designs and touches on research that shows the learning and health benefits of these techniques. Explores historical accounts of the learning... 12/31/2009
Healthy, High Performance School Facilities: Developments in State Policy. Brief summaries of state laws, executive orders and other formal policies that address healthy, high performance school design and construction. Most of these policies reference either the LEED... 06/30/2011
High Exposure. Describes the John R. Howard social sciences building at Oregon's Lewis & Clark College. The building was designed with exposed interior and exterior structural elements, offering natural... 04/30/2005
High Performance Building Initiatives In Maryland Public Schools: Energy Conservation, Alternative Energy Sources, And High Performance Building Practices. Reviews Maryland's progress in creating high performance schools, citing state legislative and administrative efforts, as well as county-by-county initiatives in design, construction, behavior... 12/31/2009
High Performance Guidelines: Triangle Region Public Facilities. These guidelines describe specific measures to save energy and water, reduce the use of materials, reduce the volume of solid waste being disposed of in communities, reduce indoor pollutants, and... 12/31/2000
High-Performance Schools Leading the Way. Describes the widespread advent and benefits of high performance schools, the LEED and CHPS sustainability standards programs, and the more recent focus of bringing these standards to bear on... 03/31/2010
How Green Is Green? Developing a Process for Determining Sustainability When Planning Campuses and Academic Buildings. Sustainable planning for academic institutions can reduce the ecological footprint and improve project performance. Structured workshops are proposed as the method to integrate green planning... 03/31/2003
How High Performance, Energy-Saving Glass and LEED Can Maximize the Potential of Green. Reviews major points of the LEED system that contribute to coordinated building design, including prioritizing decisions and accepting trade-offs. Options for improved energy performance of glass are... 04/30/2008
How is LEED Faring after Five Years in Use? Discusses the history of the the U.S. Green Building Council and its LEED rating system, and assesses the system's structure, strengths, and shortcomings. The enormous popularity of the system... 05/31/2005
How to Hire a LEED Consultant. Advises on engaging a LEED consultant, discussing the desirable communication skills, credentials, strategic thinking, empathies, scheduling deliverables, and compensation. 06/30/2009
Identifying LEED and Sustainable Design Processes in the State University System in Florida. Explores the processes the State University System of Florida follows to help design sustainable university buildings. The primary goal of the research was to identify the sustainable design... 12/31/2009
In California Farm Country, University Builds a Campus from Scratch. Describes the University of California's new Merced campus and the features that reflect a commitment to LEED standards in every building. 07/03/2004
Integrated Design Is Essential For LEED For Schools Describes the attributes and benefits of LEED for Schools rating system. 03/31/2012
Is Your Flooring Sustainable? Presents an interview with a floor company's marketing director discussing a seminar on LEED 2.0 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards offered by the firm. 02/28/2002
It's In the Green. Discusses involving all stakeholders in a systematic process for creating a high performance school building. Also discusses use of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green... 08/31/2003
It's Not Easy Building Green. Discusses green buildings, facilities designed, constructed, and operated in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way. Discusses reasons for campuses to go green, the shades of green or... 01/31/2003
Jackson LEED School Tour. Illustrates the challenge of LEED-certified construction in the face of extreme cold. Davy Jackson Elementary School, Jackson, Wyoming, is a K-2 school that aims to conserve heat loss. While upgraded... 03/31/2009
Knowing How to Measure a Green Building Can Help Sell Renewable Energy. Discusses rating systems that help verify energy savings and promote renewable energy. The LEED and ASHRAE systems are discussed, with respective attention to the versions of LEED for new and... 12/31/2009
Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria, Version 3.0 Provides a rating system for use with laboratory building projects to assess environmental performance. It builds on the LEED Green Building Rating System that was developed by the U.S. Green... 12/31/2009
Langston High School Continuation/Langston-Brown Community Center, Arlington, Virginia. The 2004 Learning by Design Grand Prize Winner, Langston High School and Langston-Brown Community Center includes a 135-student continuing education high school, community recreation department,... 03/31/2004
Lawyers LEED in a New Direction. Details the working of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, and its rapid expansion in the building community. The article also describes LEED-accredited attorneys who... 10/31/2009