Libraries/Media Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
12 Major Trends in Library Design. Discusses recent trends in academic library design, noting increased, rather than decreased, use since the advent of the Internet. This is largely due to a desire for social and collaborative... 11/30/2009
2 in 1: Designing a Combined Library That Works for Everybody. Discusses the design of combined school/public libraries and includes the views of three high school librarians and two elementary school librarians who helped create combined libraries. Topics... 01/31/1996
21st Century Learning. Compares a 1990's concept of 21st century school improvements with the current reality of upgrades in an ailing economy. The biggest impact is on school libraries, since students no longer need... 04/30/2011
A Method for Measuring Collection Expansion Rates and Shelf Space Capacities Describes an effort to quantify annual collection expansion and shelf space capacities with a computer spreadsheet program. Methods used to quantify the space taken at the beginning of the project;... 06/30/1994
A Place To Read To integrate the library fully into the educational life of an elementary school, the following design principles are offered: (1) locate the library centrally within the school; (2) provide separate... 09/30/1998
A Survey of School and Public Children's Library Facilities: What Librarians Like, Dislike, and Most Want to Change about Their Libraries Discusses results of a national survey of school library media specialists and children's librarians in public libraries about reactions to their library facilities. Complaints are addressed,... 12/31/1993
A Tie for Third Place: Teens Need Physical Spaces as well as Virtual Places. Third places or public and informal gathering places have declined over the years. Third places, which are neutral ground where people gather to discuss, interact, and enjoy the company of those they... 06/30/2006
A Visit to Three Parisian School Libraries. Presents brief site-visit reports of three Paris (France) public schools to study the planning and use of each school's library. Observations from an elementary, middle, and high school include... 09/30/1998
Access to Libraries for Persons with Disabilities: Checklist. IFLA Professional Reports, No. 89 In many countries all over the world, access for patrons with disabilities to use libraries is not yet available or even expected. In order to provide equal opportunities for all library users, it is... 12/31/2004
Acoustical Considerations in Planning and Design of Library Facilities Discusses acoustical demands in libraries to consider during the design and construction process of new or renovated library space. Topics include intrusive noises; overly reverberant spaces; lack of... 12/31/1998
Acoustics for Libraries. The acoustical design issues for libraries involve the following principal issues discussed in this document: 1) site noise considerations; 2) establishing noise standards for each use space,... 12/31/2004
AIA's Best Libraries 2007. Describes projects chosen for the 2007 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards, including Killman Library for Lafayette College, the Fleet Library for the Rhode Island School of Design, Santa Monica College... 05/22/2007
American Association of School Librarians This association was founded in 1951 for elementary and secondary school library media specialists.
Architectural Follies An architect-turned-librarian shares a strategy for working with architects to create a great library/media center. Discusses how to be involved in the architectural process step-by-step, from the... 01/31/1999
Baltimore Firms Volunteer to Renovate School Libraries. The BELIEVE In Our Schools program, a Baltimore initiative, provides free library designs to Baltimore City Public Schools. Thirteen local architecture firms have teamed up with engineers and other... 10/31/2005
Best-Laid Plans: A Consultant's Constructive Advice Discusses the need for cooperative planning in the design of library facilities and describes the roles of the library director, library staff, architects, engineers, and consultants in the planning... 01/31/1990
Beyond Books: The Expanding Role of Media Centers. To become interactive, it is imperative media centers provide, in addition to traditional print resources, such things as on-line information services, Internet access, cable and closed circuit... 04/30/1998
Beyond LEGOs: Building Blocks of Broadcast Studios in Schools. Discusses the typical spaces found in a school communications department, such as a classroom/laboratory, and offline production, online production, and radio and TV broadcast studios. Briefly... 09/30/2002
Brick by Brick: Building a School Library from the Ground Up. This article is written by the Clark Middle School (Winchester, KY) school librarian on her experience in planning and designing a their new school library. 01/31/1995
Brooklyn Cinderella, or the True Story of Transforming P.S. 3 Discusses how, with support from Library Power, a national initiative that stresses collaboration between librarians and teachers, positive changes were brought about in an elementary school in a... 04/30/1997
Building Blocks for Planning Functional Library Space. Provides detailed formulas to help calculate the square footage required for every conceivable element of a library building. Includes specifications for computer workstations, and visual... 12/31/2000
Building Blueprints: Libraries and Media Centers. Describes a library/media center distributed across four small learning communities at Marysville Getchell High School Campus. The amenities for the students, staffing, and organization are addressed. 06/30/2011
Building Blueprints: Libraries and Media Centers. Reviews two Orlando high school library/media centers, describing their amenities and the input of the library staff in their design. 02/28/2006
Building Blueprints: Libraries and Media Centers. Advises on creating flexible libraries and media centers that are well-located within the school, respond to the learning program, provide good acoustical environments, and offer effective... 04/30/2009
Building Blueprints: Library/Media Centers Reviews the evolution of educational media from print, through computers, to open access, including the impact of this evolution on media center design. 05/31/2008