Library Facilities--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Association of College and Research Libraries ACRL,a division of the American Library Association,is a professional association of academic librarians and other interested individuals. The ACRL website includes standards and guidelines,...
Belgium, the Library of the ULB: After Five Years in Use. Describes the planning and construction process of a new university library in Brussels designed to increase student autonomy and stimulate critical thinking and individual research. The library... 05/31/2000
Berkeley School of Law Library / Ratcliff Description and photographs of the new 55,000 GSF South Addition to the University of California Berkeley School of Law and Library. Project includes relocation and expansion of the library... 11/08/2011
Bricks and Mortarboards. A Report on College Planning and Building. Presents discussions on the current status of the college classroom, laboratory, library, dormitory, and campus planning. Chapters by various authors emphasize that the new classroom buildings and... 12/31/1965
Building Blocks for Planning Functional Library Space. Provides detailed formulas to help calculate the square footage required for every conceivable element of a library building. Includes specifications for computer workstations, and visual... 12/31/2000
Building Blueprints: Pulling the Past Into the Future. Discusses the interior redesign features of Samford University's (Alabama) Davis Library that match the building's historical architecture while accommodating technology and room for future... 01/31/2000
Building Blueprints: The Transformation of a Traditional Library. Examines the renovation of a community college's traditional library into a combination library and technology center, including providing additional square footage, creating a new identity for... 11/30/1999
Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities. This book provides in depth information that is needed to initiate a variety of building projects on a diverse range of college and university campuses. Filled with project photographs, diagrams,... 12/31/2002
Campus Architecture: Building in the Groves of Academe. This book describes, defines, and documents campus architectural designs. The book's subjects include how computerized libraries, changing physical education and recreational needs, and new... 12/31/1995
Campus Centerpiece. Describes the new University of Utrecht Library, which reflects its semi-rural setting with an image of reeds etched into exterior glass and embossed into interior concrete surfaces. Bridges to... 07/31/2005
Case Study Revisit: Loyal University Information Commons. Offers a commissioning review of this notable building. The highly-glazed facility presented problems with automated operable window actuators and gaskets, and some of the 300 original desktop... 10/31/2010
Case Study: California State University Library. Profiles this higher education library in Monterrey, focusing on the sophisticated access control and fire protection system of a building that includes classrooms, library stacks, and social areas. 02/28/2011
Center for Integrated Learning and Information Technology, Michigan Technological University. Profiles this linked library addition and computer science hall that together provide an integrated learning environment, group study rooms, wireless networking, high-tech instructional spaces, and... 12/31/2005
Center for Library and Information Resources Emory University Discusses Emory University's (Georgia) library addition that was designed and constructed to bridge a ravine while connecting with its tall concrete neighbor. Examines a design that physically... 09/30/1998
Changes in Academic Library Space: A Case Study at the University of New South Wales As the digital environment continues to become more pervasive in our lives, academic libraries have had to adapt to ensure that services remain relevant to users' needs. Research was conducted... 11/30/2011
Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations. Provides librarians, architects, and other members of a building design team with an extensive list of questions to ask during the design phase of a new or remodeled library building project. The... 12/31/2008
Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations. Fourth Edition. This checklist is designed to provide librarians, architects, and other members of a building design team with a list of 1,500 questions to ask during the design phase of a new or remodeled library... 12/31/2000
Collaborate or Die: Designing Library Space. Collaboration might not pose a life-or-death choice, but it is required for designing the library of the future. This article discusses the impulse for collaboration, the social nature of design,... 05/31/2002
Colorado State's 24-hour Study Cube Opens on Campus Describes a 24/7 study space for students on the campus of Colorado State University, that is part of a $16.8 million library renovation project. The Study Cube has flexible furniture, solar panels,... 04/27/2012
Combined Libraries: A Bibliography. This is a selected list of articles, books, and web sites covering the subject of combined and joint-use libraries. It covers the two most common types of combined libraries: public libraries... 10/31/2003
Concrete Knowledge: Transforming the Ohio State University Library. Describes the demise of the 1913 Ohio State University Library's aesthetics and functionality through successive additions and renovations, and then details the 2009 renovation that removed... 12/31/2009
Connecting at the Library. Explores the many questions that arise regarding academic libraries in an age of electronic media; illustrate those qualities and attributes students perceive as most valuable in a collegiate library... 05/31/2008
Countdown to a New Library: Managing the Building Project. This book outlines information needed to embark on a library building project, serving as an overview of the entire process, not merely the librarian's traditional role. The book begins by... 12/31/1999
Creating Learning Spaces through Collaboration: How One Library Refined Its Approach. Describes how the Georgia Tech Library has undergone two learning space renovations in the past six years, with a third in 2009. The authors review how the three renovation projects were planned,... 12/31/2008
Current and Collegial. Profiles the renovation of William and Mary's Swem Library. The addition doubled its size and unified the exterior appearance of the original library and previous additions. The new facility... 12/31/2005