Life Cycle Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
First Cost vs. Life-Cycle Costs. Urges accommodation of small increases in building costs that can obtain life cycle cost savings of 10-25 percent. Typical ways that school systems are realizing these savings are highlighted. 12/31/2005
Funding of Facility Repairs and Renovation Compares the life cycle approach for campus building repair and renovation to the University of California's comprehensive building maintenance formula and advises that formulas be used... 12/31/1983
Furnishing for Acoustics Discusses the system components and designs that should be considered for a classroom amplification system, where they should be installed, price considerations, how to integrate these into existing... 09/30/2011
Handling Rapid Growth; Renovate, Repair, or Rebuild? Nevada's Clark County, the fastest growing school district in the nation, uses a life-cycle facilities management approach that monitors the individual components of each building on a database... 09/30/2001
High Performance Green Schools? Why? Addresses doubts about the merits of paying more to construct high performance schools to realize life cycle, environmental, and social cost savings. The perception that such an investment provides... 12/31/2003
High Performance School Buildings in Portugal: A Life Cycle Perspective In 2007 the Portuguese government launched a major school modernization program, and has taken steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of facilities. Projects now anticipate use by the broader... 11/30/2011
Improving Performance. Energy Modeling for Facilities Reaps Significant Savings Examines how school districts can reap benefits if they include energy modeling in their efforts for new and renovated buildings. As energy costs continue to rise, the ability to predict and correct... 11/30/2011
Initial Costs vs. Operational Costs. A Study of Building Improvement Projects in Fourteen Schools in the School District of Greenville County, South Carolina. To determine whether initial facility improvement costs were paid back by the reduced operational costs resulting from the improvement projects, this study examined the relationship between initial... 12/31/1979
Innovation & Risk Management Result in Energy and Life-Cycle Savings Examines a Pennsylvania school's successful planning, design, and bidding process for acquiring a geothermal heat pump(GHP)system whose subsequent efficiency became award-winning for... 07/31/1999
Innovations for Educational Facility Design Describes the main issues affecting high-performance school design. Discusses strategies for enhancing learning environments using retrofit or renovation strategies to improve daylighting,... 12/31/2011
Invest Now Or Pay Later. Discusses how architects and school districts can learn from the past to avoid repeating costly mistakes. Addressed are architectural fees and the importance of not severely reducing time and cost... 03/31/2000
Investments for Life(Cycle). Suggests ways to help determine a building's total cost of ownership through building condition assessment and life-cycle cost analysis. Points to be considered in each process and publications... 06/30/2005
Lasting Impression. Discusses life-cycle costing in the context of renewed public interest in creating durable schools that are efficient to operate and maintain. The continuing difficulty of convincing officials and... 01/31/2006
Lean, Mean and Green: An Affordable Net Zero School. Discusses the design of Richardsville Elementary in Kentucky, to be an affordable net zero facility. By reducing energy use to 19.31 kBtus annually, the net zero goal could be realized through the... 12/31/2009
Lesson Learned in School Design and Construction. Presents the lessons learned when facility use and abuse and proper planning are not adequately done in the school design and construction process. Eleven steps for building durability into schools... 04/30/1999
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist architects and engineers in completing life cycle cost analysis reports required by the Code of Iowa for publicly owned facilities. Life cycle cost... 12/31/2001
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Handbook. First Edition. The guidelines incorporated in this handbook have been developed to assist Alaskan school districts, their consultants, and communities in evaluating the life cycle cost of school construction... 12/31/1998
Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Advises on using a life cycle cost analysis when purchasing school HVAC equipment, rather than just accepting the lowest initial cost bid. Sections of the article describe the variables to be... 10/31/2008
Life Cycle Cost Guidelines for Materials and Building Systems for Florida's Public Educational Facilities, 2010. Provides an evaluation of current and emerging materials, products, and systems for application to the construction of educational facilities in Florida, based on a wide range of cost and performance... 06/29/2010
Life Cycle Cost Modeling: Replacement or Supplement? Contends that life cycle modeling should be considered as an addition to a facility condition analysis, but not a replacement for it. A facilities condition analysis will document short-term needs... 08/31/2004
Life Cycle Costing for Design Professionals Includes step-by-step methods for selecting the best designs for peak energy efficiency, low materials and construction costs, and cost-effective maintenance. Covers applying economic models for... 12/31/1994
Life Cycle Costing of Interior Materials for Florida's Schools. The tight schedule of developing, designing, and managing educational facilities limits the time and resources needed to correctly assess the full cost of building materials. As a result, the... 09/30/2001
Life Cycle Costing. Life cycle costing establishes a realistic comparison of the cost of owning and operating products. The formula of initial cost plus maintenance plus operation divided by useful life identifies the... 09/30/1985
Life Cycle Costing. Examples show that operation and maintenance costs often mean that the cheaper model costs more per hour of use than a more expensive, but longer lasting, model. 07/31/1977
Life Cycle Costing. Controlling Total Flooring Costs Means Considering All Angles. This article covers life cycle comparison and more accurate budgeting through life cycle analysis of flooring materials. Key points include: comparison of the performance characteristics of rubber,... 04/30/2003