Life Cycle Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings. Presents a detailed analysis of costs and financial benefits of environmentally sensitive building design and occupancy practices. The study concludes that an upfront investment of about two percent... 09/30/2003
The Facilities Management Imperative: Fix it Now or Pay More Later. The author discusses using life-cycle costs to evaluate facilities management decisions with James McMahon, deputy director for Wisconsin's Bureau of Engineering and Energy Management. 05/31/1997
The Process of Life Cycle Cost Analysis: Projecting Economic Consequences of Design Decisions Life-cycle cost analysis deals with both present and future costs and attempts to relate the two as a basis for making decisions. This article lays the groundwork for a better understanding of the... 10/31/1976
The Real Cost of Mowing Three part series looks at the cost of owning and operating a mower. Part 1: Focus on Life-Cycle Costs Can Deliver Big Benefits; Part 2: Components of a Mower's Life-Cycle Cost; Part 3:... 10/31/2011
To Build a Better School. This report presents findings and recommendations of the Little Hoover Commission regarding California's efforts to provide schools that are economically built, adequate, safe, and well-... 01/31/2000
Value Engineering : Practical Applications for Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operations Complete system for understanding and conducting Value Engineering and Life Cycle Costing Studies--for design, construction, and facilities operation. Along with step-by-step instructional chapters,... 12/31/1997
Value Engineering. A Working Tool for Cost Control in the Design of Educational Facilities. Value Engineering (VE) is a cost optimizing technique used to analyze design quality and cost-effectiveness. The application of VE procedures to the design and construction of school facilities has... 02/12/1981
Washington Schools Learn From Value Engineering Results of two value engineering studies have shown that a review early in the design process can help save costs in school construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement. The value... 04/30/1983
What's the Cost? Advocates more involvement by design professionals in helping educational clients to understand the importance of system life-cycle cost considerations when building new facilities. 06/30/2005
Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference 2009-2010. Provides information to assess the cost of operating a facility over its lifetime, the effect of inflation rates on operating costs, regional differences in operating costs, and the effect of varying... 09/30/2009
Why You Need Life Cycle Planning The past five years have seen a true paradigm shift in the way higher education plans for capital renewal. An estimated 10 percent now utilize some form of life cycle planning for capital renewal.... 02/28/2003