Title Abstract Publication Date
A Brighter Future for LED's. Describes progres in LED (light-emitting diode) illumination. These fixtures consume far less energy and last longer, but are still relatively expensive to produce and produce mixed results in... 10/31/2006
A New Daylighting Strategy for a Middle School in North Carolina. Investigates the findings of daylighting studies being conducted at the Northern Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina. This daylighting design at this school utilizes a unique curved... 12/31/2006
A Reintroduction to Induction Lighting. Explains how induction lighting works, its advantageous long bulb life and natural spectrum, and its high initial cost. Areas in schools for which it is particularly recommended, as well as predicted... 06/30/2008
A Study into the Effects of Light on Children of Elementary School-Age--A Case of Daylight Robbery. This report describes a 2-year study of the effects of various lighting systems on elementary school students' dental health, attendance, growth and development, vision, and academic achievement... 12/31/1991
A Worthy Investment. Discusses the benefits of a new approach to school and campus lighting, in which lighting is considered its own maintenance category and is often outsourced to companies that can handle planning,... 03/31/2003
Advanced Lighting Guidelines Authoritative all-in-one information resource covering energy-efficient lighting design, technologies, and applications for lighting designers, engineers, federal energy managers, contractors and... 12/31/2010
An Analysis of Energy-efficient Light Fittings and Lighting Controls. This paper presents a study on the energy and lighting performances for energy-efficient fluorescent lamps associated with electronic ballasts and high frequency photoelectric dimming controls... 01/31/2010
An Enlightening Experience. Discusses the lighting demands of today's advancements in educational technology and how wireless lighting controls are being designed to meet these demands. 04/30/2001
An Evaluation Method for School Building Design at the Preliminary Phase with Optimisation of Aspects of Environmental Comfort for the School System of the State São Paulo in Brazil This study presents a method for evaluating and optimising environmental comfort parameters of school buildings during the preliminary stages of design. In order to test the method, 39 existing... 01/31/2007
An Insider's Guide To Saving Money on Lighting. Discusses tips from the Energize America Educational Institute on cost reductions and improved operations in lighting for colleges and universities. 11/30/2002
Be Prepared With Lighting: An Online Reading Room. Lighting is a tool that, used wisely, can increase security and safety. This is a compilation of articles, published in various trade magazines, that collectively emphasize that where, when and how... 12/31/2002
Best Practice Solutions for School Lighting WattStopper has published a free set of best practice solutions for classrooms to help specifiers and facility managers quickly identify and implement energy-saving lighting control solutions for... 07/27/2011
Best Practices for Metal Halide Lighting Systems, Plus Questions and Answers about Lamp Ruptures in Metal Halide Lighting Systems. Provides information for the selection, operation, and maintenance of metal halide lighting systesm, with specific emphasis on items pertinent to risks associated with lamp rupture. Bulbs in these... 12/09/2004
Best Practices Lighting Control Systems. Offers design, specification, and installation guidance for lighting control appropriate for K-12 educational facilities. It features applications that illustrate the best control practices for a... 12/31/2010
Better Lighting for Healthier Students. This brief highlights the problem that poor or inappropriate lighting in schools can adversely affect children's health and their ability to learn. It discusses the benefits of using daylight or... 08/31/2001
Bright Ideas. Discusses how to upgrade lighting technology in schools to reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs. It explores fixture efficiency using ballast and lamp upgrades and compact fluorescent... 01/31/1999
Bright Ideas. Describes trends in indoor sports lighting, including new technology that is coupling familiar looks with new energy and cost efficiencies. Offers examples of their use at various schools. 04/30/2003
Bright Prospects. Explains lighting quality, techniques, and structural considerations that will properly support football field illumination needs. Luminary assembly, pole strength and burial requirements, and the... 11/30/1994
Bring It In. Identifies six principles to follow when developing a school daylighting design. These principles involve building orientation, windows, assessment of tasks to be performed in particular areas, and... 03/31/2006
Bring on the Night. Discusses proper night lighting that illuminates the intended campus area without excessive spill or glare, thus saving energy and avoiding the adverse environmental impact of a loss of night sky. 10/31/2006
Bringing Learning to Light Outlines findings from the Integrated Classroom Lighting System Project (ICLS) that describes the role of lighting in school energy consumption and learning. 10/31/2006
Budget-Minded Renovation Lights Up Students' Learning. Provides considerations for educational facility lighting designs that support student learning while controlling costs. Lighting design decision factors include the types of classroom activities... 03/31/1998
Case Study: An Elementary School that Saves Energy and is Visually Comfortable Discusses lighting solutions at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School in Rochester, New York. The design aimed to give the school an intimate scale. The lighting designers used energy-efficient... 07/31/1998
Center Stage. The Latest in Scoreboards and Sports Lighting. Discusses wireless and LED technology taking the scoreboard industry by storm, and the latest trends in sports lighting. Includes key steps to selecting a scoreboard. 09/30/2011
Changing of the Bulbs. Explains how a school's use of compact fluorescents can reduce operating costs and maintain performance. It indicates that energy cost savings can repay the initial costs of buying incandescent... 04/30/1995